Bruno Mars vs David Guetta - Versace on The Floor 


mtv: @Zendaya channels her inner @BrunoMars during a new episode of @spikeLSB before the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday at 7:30p EST. ✨


brunomars: If no ones gonna say it, then I’m gonna say it! Hooligans we out here killin the charts! #1 Billboard Hot 100 #ThatsWhatILike #Charts 🍓 🍾💥💥

No no no!! I will NOT have you slander bruno’s name when yall stay SILENT when uglies like p*st m*lone, fr*nch hannah montana, dj kh*led ETC!!! perform at this show every year!!!! bruno mars is the ONLY nonblack artist to credit black music and he’s always respectful and also?? his music is actually good which I can’t say for the other nonblacks yall stan 👀. and hell half of yall go crazy for chr*s the clown brown’s rat ass!!!!!!! the ppl on twitter who are upset bruno won are upset bc they wanted the demon to win??? the very same man who is violating one of his MANY restraining orders while performing at the same venue of yet another ex he abused….but yall wanna come for BRUNO MARS????