BRUNO MARS: Super Bowl’s Greatest Halftime Shows (full interview)


Beyoncè has dropped a new single ahead of her much-hyped Super Bowl performance with Coldplay and just-announced performer Bruno Mars.

“Formation” is a victory lap of a track for the singer, who’s amassed a legendary status that will undoubtedly continue with both this track and whatever plans she has for 2016. The music video is above via YouTube and you can download a free copy of the single here via TIDAL.

We are simply not worthy.


Beyoncé - Formation

In preparation of Yoncé restoring world peace with Coldplay (and Bruno Mars, lol) during tomorrow’s half-time show, she has dropped a new single, “Formation,” and bruh, my knees are weak. Come get some.

- MatTheUU


Real life disney 2 

part 1

Jane - Willa holland
Kristoff - Aaron taylor johnson
Kida - Halle berry
Wendy- Lyndsy fonseca
Eugene- Dylan obrein
Naveen- Bruno mars
Aladdin- Tyler posey
Merida- Sophie turner

If there was ever a definition for funky smooth then I think that this new track by Pretty Sister is that, I mean some on its so freaking good. The track called DRIVE is the bands first in over 9 months but it was easily worth the wait as its filled with these infectious snappy synths, funky guitar riffs that get your head bopping with ease and those smooth and luscious vocals that just give this song the extra flair that makes it just pop. The track is funk and R&B melded perfectly together to create a track that is near darn irresistible, Uptown Funk may’ve just been dethroned as the modern killer funk track - Jakk


At 9:28, Chris Martin mentions “Taylor, you know the one I mean” after saying Adele and Beyonce (already confirmed super bowl half time quest)


50shadesofhella asked:

Tell us a true crazy story!

Thank you so much! :3 Hmm, so many to choose from…

Once I got out of a ticket because of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. I was driving down the highway when Uptown Funk first came out. It was the wee hours of the morning, so I was in my pajamas and there weren’t many cars on the road. It got to a part that was more bouncy and fun than the rest, so I put on a quick burst of speed to match, and then I was going to slow down as soon as that part ended.

Of course when I sped up, that’s when I passed a cop. I had two seconds of oh shit and then the lights went on behind me. I pulled over and the cop came to the window and as he’s taking my license and such, he asked if I had an excuse for speeding worth hearing.

I grinned sheepishly and said, “It’s not a good reason in the slightest, but I was listening to Uptown Funk and it got really groovy and I wanted to speed up to match the pace of the song. It’s stupid, I know. I used to do the same thing with Danger Zone until my family banned me from listening to it while driving.”

He just stared at me for a second and then cracked up! “The Bruno Mars one? I love that song! I know what you mean, it’s just a stupid pop song, but it’s happy and hard to resist.”

He let me go with a warning and the actual written citation says “Minor speeding due to good taste in music.” I kind of want it signed by the folks from Welcome to Night Vale because that just….yeah, that would make a lot of sense.