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Dancing with Bruno Mars! Featuring THE WILLIAMS FAMILY

“That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars | Choreography by David Moore & Williams Family


That’s What I Like (Bruno Mars) - Mom Parody (via youtube)


“24k Magic” by Bruno Mars | Choreography by The Williams Family


I like it when Licht is being nice to Leonhard instead of being mean or teasing him also look so short Leonhard is compared to his brothers he’s so adorable

My Italian-American Pidge Headcanons

Being Italian-American myself I couldnt help but make some headcanons of my own. Most of them are completely based on my own family as well as stories from other Italian-American friends!!

  • Pidge has 3-5 members in her family named after her great grandfather including her father. Samuel, her cousins Samuel, Samuel III, and Samantha. Also Matthews middle name is Samuel.They’re all nicknamed Sam so when they get together and you say Sam four heads pop to attention.
  • Pidge and Matt have that one Italian Stallion cousin. He was thinking of changing his middle name to Bruno, but the entire family laughed it off cause it was so stereotypically Italian.
  • Her aunt has a cross collection in the house though none of them are perfect Catholics.
  • Most of her family smokes a cigar on special occasions. Smoke is annoying so she sits inside and watches the adults cook.
  • Her grandmother still has the stereotypical women do the dishes rule and every holiday she questions authority. Matt helps her by doing the dishes with her even though he should be “socializing”
  • Her grandmother has a living room then a living room. One you can chill in and the other is one you don’t dare step foot in. One time her father threw a party with his siblings at the house when they were in college and the only way his mother found out was because there was a water ring on the glass table in the living room.
  • The Holts were planning a trip to Italy when Matthew and Samuel came back. When the crash was announced they completely canceled it
  • When Katie’s grandmother met Lance she was APPALLED. How could Katie let her friend get so small. She fed him his fill while he visited and it reminded him of his family a bit.
  • Yes thin crust pizza is life, but pizza is pizza. Any pizza is good if you can appreciate the way it’s made. Though nothing will live up to the pizza you make at home with the family. Pidge hates admitting it but her secret pleasure are those “deep dish” microwavable pizzas. They are convenient when you’re up all night.
  • Carbs. What else exists except carbs.
  • Every occasion is a big occasion even when she just brings Lance and Hunk over to play games on the big tv.
  • Every day is cleaning day, dust is a constant, nothing is ever clean for long.
  • Were having pasta for dinner for like the 2 day in a row.
  • Christmas Baking!!!
  • Pidge wears red undies on New Year’s Eve and eats an even number of grapes.
  • There are hundreds of recipes from their great grandmother.
  • Getting the special fresh parmesan on holidays and just plain eating it. So good
  • She had one sip of limoncello once and she noped the fuck out of there
  • Prefers a bit of dessert wine with biscotti when her mom allows. Along with the special occasion red wine.
  • Pampered being the youngest female child

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could i get headcanons for the vento aureo boys with an s/o whose family hates/ doesn't approve of them dating a member of passione and s/o is SUPER sad about it though willing to choose their bf over their family?

- Bruno absolutely doesn’t want his s/o to abandon their family just for him. It’s not because he doesn’t have any sense of self-worth or anything, he just thinks that family is deeply important, at his heart he’s a pretty traditional guy. He’s not going to argue with s/o’s feelings - at the end of the day, it’s their decision and not his, but he’s definitely going to encourage them to think about who’s going to suffer more if they go ahead and cut all ties. Bruno, too, might make an attempt to actually speak to his s/o’s family and try and convince them of his nature - people tend to like Bruno, and he hopes that perhaps actually meeting him might change s/o’s family’s mind. 
- Abbacchio, on the other hand, does not have any sense of self-worth and the idea of isolating his s/o from their family is just going to be added to his ‘long list of reasons Leone Abbacchio is a failure of a human being’. He’s already tried to discourage s/o from being with him, though - he doesn’t think anyone should be tied down to anyone who’s as much of a drain as he is - and he knows first-hand that s/o is formidable when they put their mind to something. Abbacchio does not try and speak to his s/o’s family and both of them just probably wallow in their misery together. 
- Narancia makes things worse, regrettably. He’s hot-headed enough that he thinks that things might be solved if he goes and speaks to his s/o’s family, but his anger is quick and explosive and he’s not really the best person to send to show that this relationship is a good idea. He’ll be the first to say ‘aww, amore, don’t worry about them! They’re dicks anyway!” and think it will help, which of course it doesn’t. He tries to distract s/o from their sadness with humour, but it only works for so long. 
- Fugo is another member with a quick temper who’s going to be pissed off that s/o’s family are making them sad - but unlike Narancia, his anger is a lot more cold fire than hot bursts. He may try and work around s/o’s family at first - he at least comes from good stock and is obviously not some low-life scum who fucked up so badly that he had no choice but to enter the mafia - but when that doesn’t work, he might get violent. This, predictably, isn’t good for anyone. S/O tries to at least be grateful he tried.
- Mista’s in general pretty laid back and cool with most things, and at first he won’t understand what it is that s/o’s family disapproves of. Sure, working for Passione is dangerous, but he’s the one that’s doing it and not s/o - his attitude of trying to get them not to worry too much about their family’s opinion isn’t exactly the best way to get them to … not worry about their family’s opinion. Thankfully, he’s not quite as hot-headed as Fugo or Narancia, and he might try and get Bruno to be the one to visit s/o’s family once he sees that it’s really getting to them. 
- Giorno believes in found family, and not born family. He understands his s/o’s concerns, but he’s quick to point out that even if s/o is disowned and ignored by their original family, they have Passione now. He doesn’t concentrate on the fact that s/o’s losing their connections, merely on the fact that they’re making new ones - he’s probably the most understanding of all of the members, along with Bruno.