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Nat ilu so pls. Poly bruabba with an s/o who doesn't actually know they're in a gang. At all.

this is a plot to a romcom

- Both of them are pretending that they work in a totally normal, not at all strange, absolutely ordinary office. They are just two normal guys who leave their s/o in the morning with a kiss on the cheek and get the subway to their job - which is to say, they leave early and get to Bruno’s office early enough to get changed into their Gangster Clothes before anyone else is made any the wiser. 
- After all, it’s a lot harder for anyone to see Bruno and Leone on the streets dressed like civilians and acquaint them with Buccellati and Abbacchio, the gangsters. Abbacchio has surely never worn a shirt and jeans in his life. They might share a passing resemblance to the two gangsters, but that’s all it could be, right? 
- This serves well to make sure that their s/o is separated from their activities, too. Neither of them would forgive themselves if s/o got hurt in an attempt on their dignities - their s/o doesn’t deserve that. 
- Abbacchio hates himself and doesn’t want his s/o to be disappointed in him, and he feels like telling them that he’s part of an organized crime syndicate would be a very good way to disappoint. He’s ashamed of himself - Passione is his way of self-destructing, but when he’s with his s/o he doesn’t really want to self-destruct, so it makes sense for him to keep the two as separate as possible. 
- Bruno is ashamed of what he’s doing, but not because he’s ashamed of working for the Mafia - no, he’s ashamed of being publicly attached to Passione, known to sell drugs to children. They’ve all talked about how awful it is several times, his s/o’s head in his lap whilst he toys with their hair and Abbacchio cooks dinner for them all. He couldn’t bear his s/o knowing the truth. 
- So they go to great lengths to hide their real lives from their s/o. Long, rambling stories are made up and corroborated upon to explain injuries sustained by working - the two have various phone numbers so they can send ‘texts from work’ to one another. It’s a very complicated procedure, made all the more complicated by the fact that nobody else in Passione is aware of their double life. 
- They’ve made several mistakes; Abbacchio forgetting to slick on his lipstick in the subway car, Bruno only remembering one of his little gold hairpins, a love bite from their s/o left in a conspicuous place on Abbacchio’s collarbone … So far, all is well. But their workmates are growing suspicious of why Abbacchio never leaves the hideout before Bruno does, and of why they both always smell like the same fabric conditioner. It’s only a matter of time. 


I wanted to draw some of my favorite Jojo supporting characters and have them just hang out and have a good time. I’m nowhere near caught up with the manga, so there’s no Hermes or Gyro in here sadly, though I’ll probably start drawing them too once I get there. 

It’s not perfect by any means, but it was a fun challenge and a difficult perspective to work in. I hope you like it!

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Group chat between Dio and his kids

sadfasd i’m not taking requests now But i’ll make an exception with yours bc i like the fact that If you line all the group chat things i’ve made (zeppelis - joestars - villains - sbr) you can see how dio has slowly taken over and i think that’s beautiful

i love the idea of the joestars having to escape from their fans in the same way that Dio has to escape from his illegitimate children

–and to add a contribution to part 5 and the collective desire to have it confirmed