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paolasainz  asked:

Could you please make a playlist of the song you listen to when you are heartbroken or feeling alone? I'm dying to know what music you listen to

omg!!! ok mami i got u,

ed sheeran- give me love

halsey- colors

ed sheeran- kiss me 

timeflies- monster cover (this song makes my heart ache bc it makes me think of my ex the most)

timeflies- Ride (acoustic)

Mayday Parade- Black Cat

Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like (I know its not a heartbroken song but like when im feeling sad i blast this shit and sing it in front of my friends n it cheers me up)

Te Extrano- Xtreme (4 my latina peeps, or anyone who likes to dance to spanish music)

Timeflies Tuesday- I choose U

Paramore- Still into you (acoustic)

Paramore- Ignorance

A Day to Remember- Sometimes youre the hammer sometimes youre the nail

The Weeknd- The hills (this song makes me wanna give lap dances idk y tho omg)

anonymous asked:

I'm surprised no one has pointed out that Bruno Mars' "That's what I like" is basically Smooth!Sidon's theme song. Like. HE GONNA TREAT LINK RIGHT.

While I agree Sidon would most definitely treat Link right, don’t think I could really see the song being something that reminds me of Sidon. Love the song though, heard it like at least 8 times yesterday while driving.


Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like (Official Video)


Bruno performing ‘That’s What I Like’ at the 2017 Brit Awards!