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‘Baby’ choreography syncing with any kpop song plus bruno mars


Bruno Munari: children’s workshops (plus libri illeggibili, futurismo, macchine inutili, design, bonsai, alberi, plus la curiosità di conoscere il piacere di capire e la voglia di comunicare)

Sweet Pol Rubio. That kid has some strong displaced feelings going on. Tánia too, but I feel like she’s not in love or even likes Pol intimately. I think Tánia’s arc is that she wants to feel wanted. When he’s actually being a decent friend, Pol gives her the attention and validation she’s seeking. Marc however, seems to actually like her, but the writers seem to only use that when they want to, so.

But yeah, I think Bruno coming back is gonna stir up a ton of confusion on Pol’s part. If they don’t save it for the end finale scene, I think we’ll see him realize he’s using Tània as a placeholder. She’s a lovely girl, very beautiful, and vulnerable, all traits that Bruno has as well. Plus, with Tània being Bruno’s best friend, it’s easy for Pol to turn to her, since she knows how he feels about Bruno.