bruno mars update

1D Hiatus: Day 531

* Exclusive ‘Strip That Down’ video premiere events will take place in New York and London on June 2 and you can now enter a competition to win tickets

* The boys win Best International Band at the Italian MTV Awards

* Previously unseen picture of Harry and Kendall Jenner from her birthday party last year is released

* Louis leaves a comment on Steve Aoki’s Instagram livestream

* More quotes from Harry’s interview for the Little White Lies Magazine are released

It’s May 27th, 2017.

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1D Hiatus: Day 530

* Harry is in LA, meets two fans

* Pictures of Harry and Christopher Nolan on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ for Total Film Magazine are released

* Niall’s interview and performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is available to watch on the show’s YouTube channel

* Louis is no longer tagged in Briana’s Instagram posts he was tagged in before, for some reason (*** ** just sayin’)

* An interview with Jeff Bhasker for Hits Daily Double is published, he talks about working with Harry and making the album

* Louis’ sister Daisy posts a picture of some of the boys’ awards on her Snapchat story

* Matt Richardson mentions Harry in one of his recent interviews

* Harry’s debut album is certified silver in the UK

* Liam’s interview and performance on The Graham Norton Show airs tonight

It’s May 26th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #165

(Justin) One Shot

(Y/N pov)

“Thanks for coming."I smiled. "Your welcome."Alfredo said before walking out the door. I closed the door and sighed looking at the mess of the party.

I walked to the closet before seeing a letter folded nicely onto the valcum cleaner. I picked it up seeing a lip sticker at the opening of the letter. I turned it over seeing ‘Open me’ in black cursive letters.

I opened it seeing a note. “Hey babe, it’s my birthday but that doesn’t mean you have to clean up this mess. I have a scavenger hunt for you, babe. Follow the petals and where the petals end, you will find a surprise. xxx”.

I laughed a little putting the letter down before turning around seeing red rose petals leading to up the stairs. I followed them and seen it turn left going to the bedroom.

I opened the door seeing the petals leave to our bed which held roses spread onto the bed a big box laying into he middle. I walked over to it and seen another note.

"I love you with all my heart and never want us to be apart. Here is some clothes and others things. I want you to put it on right now and follow the white roses. xxx”.

I smiled and opened the box seeing a beautiful strapless light purple dress along with black pumps. I seen accessories that matched my outfit as well. I changed into it quickly and went to the bathroom for my hair and makeup.

I kept my hair down and applied light make up. I sprayed The key and walked out seeing white rose petals along with the red.

I smiled walking back down the stairs and now going into the kitchen towards the patio. I opened the patio door and smiled big seeing Justin standing into the back yard with a table and music playing.

He smiled as well. “Surprise, princess.”He said as I stepped onto the grass. “You made me wear heels and we are on the grass.”I smiled.

“Maybe its just because I want to dance with you and you need heels because you’re really short."He laughed wrapping an arm around my waist pulling me close.

"Happy birthday, baby."I pressed my lips onto his closing my eyes enjoying the passionate slow meaningful kiss. ”

“Thanks, babe. I seen you with the guest you were so beautiful. You know you really are my everything. Did I tell you how beautiful you are today?"He asked. "You tell me all the time."I laughed. He smiled and pressed his lips onto my forehead. "That’s only because my world is so beautiful. I love to wake up to it every single day, and I strongly believe that she should know."He pulled me close."I blushed a little my heart beating fast. "Thanks, Justin, your so sweet."I smiled kissing his lips gently. "Thanks, babe. There is something I wanna talk to you about."His face turning from a smile to a serious face. "Oh okay."I forced a smile hoping nothing wasn’t wrong. He let go of me and pulled out a chair from the table gesturing me to sit. I sat down at the table and smiled as he pulled the seat up. He sat down at the other in and opened the trays fresh home cooked Bieber spaghetti. I smiled as I picked up a plate after him. He looked down and began to eat. I bit my lip barely eating wanting to know what he has to tell me. Another part told me I didn’t want to know. I’m scared he might end it for good. Or he might of did something or anything. I just hope its good. ”(Y/N)?“He asked. I looked up and raised an eyebrow putting down my fork. "I love you so much, I love you so much no one can describe it. I love you more than love loves love itself. We been together for a while and I don’t think that I can continue our relationship as you being my girlfriend."My heart dropped his camel brown eyes starring right into my soul. I felt water build up, I guess its the end. I guess I loose the one I love on his own birthday. "I’ll leave."I frowned a tear followed by many more. "No, you didn’t let me finish."He dug around in his jacket. "I was thinking that you being my girlfriend is kind of old that maybe you could become my wife."He got up as I starred at him shock. My stomach fell my heart racing as he sat on one knee. ”(Y/N) (Y/L/N) will you make me the happiest man on earth by becoming my queen?“He asked. I nodded tears falling as he slid the ring on. I gave him a huge hug crying my eyes out. "Of course, Justin."I cried as he laughed a little. "Will you take this dance?"He asked. I smiled wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders. Marry you by Bruno Mars. ******* Sorry for no updates I was sick but now I feel better. Thanks for reading love you guys. :)