bruno mars shooting


Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho: Bruno Mars special segment shoot (behind the scenes)

I’ll let you in a little secret… that room wasn’t really my room. We set it all up so early in the morning prior to receiving the call of the network and the shoot schedule. Another fact, I have absolute ZERO bought-bruno mars merchandise, all the stuff are either given to me as gift, or I made them myself. The posters on the wall are from a huge collage used as photo wall for one of Bruno Mars Philippines’ events, which I originally plan on giving away to some of my hooligan friends who want them. When I was interviewed before the actual shoot, they keep on asking me how much posters I have, do I have shirts with Bruno’s face on? Do I have stickers and mugs, and notebooks, and those other stuff, with Bruno’s face on them. Just not the kind of fan I am. I buy the albums, a few magazines with him on the cover, that’s it. Being a fan ain’t measured up by how much merchandise you have… it’s supporting the artist in the best and most genuine way you’re capable of; And if 100+ artworks doesn’t make up for the lack of merch I don’t know what will. When the segment came on, they (everyone who’s ever watched it) told me they focused on the artworks I make, and emphasised the fact that Bruno Mars saw them through twitter and stuff. That’s what I was hoping for :) (oh and I haven’t watched it myself yet cause I simply just CAN’T) I’m very thankful for the crew of KMJS for giving me the opportunity to get my stuff some exposure, even if it’s only because of my being a Hooligan. 

Overall, it was a first for me and this experience is definitely unforgettable :)