bruno mars selfie

janalein_schu: Merci bien @brunomars #24kmagicworldtour #24kmagic #24k #brunomars #interview #tv #music #concert #hamburg #thatswhatilike #selfie 📸/Bruno Mars 🖤

picutart: My biggest dream came true! Thank’s to everyone who made the evening unforgetable!! The one and only Bruno Mars!!!
if tlc characters had tumblrs yes i am actually doing this
  • cinder: she doesn't really reblog anything, and she usually just posts pictures of peony and iko or quick and easy mechanic tutorials. she has a basic theme and uses it about once a day, but she's pretty popular. follower count estimate - 5k
  • kai: he's already famous and tumblr is just another social media platform. usually reblogs posts about his recent speeches or politics/news in general, and occasional selfie. horrid meme poster, too. follower count estimate - 100-150k
  • scarlet: she reblogs a bunch or recipes or good food, and posts an occasional recipe gaining from 1-10k notes. follower count estimate - 1.5k
  • wolf: basic theme, reblogs everything tomatoes, his url is alpha-tomato. posts daily tomato jokes. follower count estimate - 500-1k
  • thorne: where do i begin. he posts original content, humor blog. not a meme poster, but has a soft spot for nicki minaj, bruno mars, and beyonce. selfies every hour, usually rake in 1-10k notes. follower count estimate - 20k
  • cress: cutest aesthetic poster, but only reblogs horrid memes. she and kai are mutuals. she's also the one that posts all your favorite music in perfect audio. follower count estimate - 10-20k
  • jacin: shitposter. he's the worst. although he is the worst, all his liked posts are winter's. follower count estimate - 10, maybe
  • winter: the dreamy, sleepy aesthetic blog that gives really good advice. she also posts selfies that rake in 100-200k notes. all her liked posts are jacin's. follower count estimate - 50-80k