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12-Song Medley
Kaye, Pam, & Matthew
12-Song Medley

Here’s a song sang by me and my younger siblings Pam & Matthew :) 

Medley song arranged by: Kaye Allen.

Piano instrumentals of “Wrecking Ball” & “Roar”. Songs used listen in order (w/singer):

  1. Wrecking Ball (Pam / Matt)
  2. I Knew You Were Trouble (Kaye)
  3. Tonight (Matt)
  4. Daylight (Pam / Matt)
  5. Baby Don’t Cry (Kaye / Matt) 
  6. Locked Out of Heaven (Matt / Kaye)
  7. We Found Love (Pam / Kaye)
  8. Roar (Pam / Matt)
  9. Beautiful Goodbye (Kaye / Matt)
  10. Crazy Kids (Pam - Kaye - Matt)
  11. Man Who Can’t Be Moved (Pam / Matt)
  12. When I’m Gone (Kaye) 

Locked Out Of Heaven - Piano Instrumental (x)

Saw this and had to share. SO good!!!! Would absolutely LOVE to hear Bruno do a version like this.