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Adele Windfall: This is How the ‘25’ Songwriters & Producers Split Up Over $13 Million - BILLBOARD

Adele’s 25 is a gift that keeps on giving to the music business, spreading wealth beyond her labels (XL and Columbia/Sony) and publisher (Universal) to retailers, ­performing rights organizations and, not least, the 16 songwriters and producers who collaborated with her on the album.

The chart reflects how much each of them has earned from songwriting and producing so far, using the appropriate standard statutory rates and formulas for sales and interactive and noninteractive streaming, and an estimated hit-song rate of $2.50 per spin for radio airplay. Those rates were applied to U.S. sales of 8 million, such U.S. digital radio noninteractive streaming as ­iHeartRadio simulcasts (excluding Pandora, which does not report its playlists to Nielsen Music), such U.S. ­interactive streaming as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube (only for the single “Hello”) and U.S. radio airplay. All airplay and sales data were supplied by Nielsen Music through the week ending Jan. 28.

Billboard estimates that Adele – who ­co-wrote each song on the album – and other songwriters have reaped almost $9.6 million in royalties; the songwriters’ publishers combined have taken in nearly $1.9 million. The album’s 13 producers and co-producers (many of whom are also songwriters) shared $3.1 million.

And with the Grammy Awards just days away, expect those numbers to grow ­significantly.



  • Philip Lawrence: $229,400
  • Bruno Mars: $211,340
  • Christopher Brody Brown: $86,300
  • Ari Levine: $82,680 
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Bruno Mars Choreographer & Dancer Phil Tayag Talks Bringing the Funk to Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

How did you link up with Bruno?

Bruno and I had a mutual friend. I did not meet Bruno at the time, but i knew of him in 2008. I was introduced to him and his music [through] footage of him. Producers showed me his stuff and I was like, “Oh wow, he’s great.” Fast-forward [to 2015], I’m working with Bruno Mars, we do the “Uptown Funk” video which was a mega-smash. He actually asked me if I wanted to do the Super Bowl with him, Coldplay and Beyonce in the Bay Area, so it’s like the stars really aligned for this, and I couldn’t be any more grateful.

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