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Mystic Messenger Mixtape

THE LIST IS HELLA LONG. First: the “why?”

So I like listening to music in my car every time I drive to work or school.  I even do a little karaoke.  Yet, ever since I played Mystic Messenger, I can stop paying close attention to the lyrics of the songs playing on the radio and relating them to the characters.  Many songs fitted the profile of various members of the RFA that I started texting @draerys about it.  Little did we know that a few months later we had to erase our WhatsApp conversation because we needed space for a Mystic Messenger update and all the songs we shared were taking space…

So… a few days ago, I saw a post from @sinfulinsecret listing songs that fit to Jumin’s persona. (I FK 💜 that list. So sexy)  Anyhow, @dra and I decided to post our list.  

DON’T TAKE IT TOO LITERAL.  These songs reminds us of Mystic Messenger, either because part of the lyric relates to a character, the feeling of the song fits his or her persona or HECK! even the whole song.  

There are links to the videos so you can listen to the songs.  Many of the videos have no relations to the reason why we chose the song.  They are wack😂


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I was trolling through ASL songs on YouTube and found this amazing Bruno Mars cover that features a bunch of the Spring Awakening revival cast (and some other fantastic people)! It’s so amazing, they’re so wonderful. 


Hey @minerwf here’s a song we can relate this today. XD