bruno mars fan

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I am from Hawaii so I am a huge Bruno Mars fan and when I heard that Mila is going to be touring with him I freaked the F out. I made plans to visit my sister who lives in the midwest and we are planning to drive up to Chicago to see the show in August and now I get to see Mila as well!!!! "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it"

That is so dope, I am ecstatic for you babe. 🌹Have the best time of your life! ❣️ say hi to Camila fo’ me. 💋 I do that song too when I am excited and I have the whole dance to pair with it. 🤣

A Piece of Daft Punk Trash Tries To Understand Other EDM Artists

Warning: All info in this post is subject to being wrong because I’m dumb af.


-dead mow cinco

-doesn’t like mainstream EDM artists(?)

-apparently the story behind the name involves a literal dead mouse in his computer

-doesn’t seem to like naming his albums

-his music is kinda edgy/gritty and I like it????


-shaved head and hipster glasses

-was the poster child for dubstep in the late 2000′s

-CALL 911 NOW!!!!

Justice (some extra points)

-Xavier’s Chic shirt is the avocado shirt of the Justice fandom

-crossed forearms is the pyramid fingers of the Justice fandom

-they are each other’s heroes and have matching tattoos

-their music is like Americans: loud, but friendly.


-he’s a zombie that drives a Ferrari or something

-he’s buddies with Guy-Man

-his music is so fucking 80′s and I love it

Ed Banger peeps

-Mama P, Jesus duo, Disco Jesus, dude with a puppet, emo guy kissing himself, and more

-Busy P is like your goofy uncle who wears weird outfits and is always up for a party

-SebastiAn looks like an angsty teen pray for him

-Mr. Oizo made that movie you heard about because of Thomas’ unmasked cameo

-Bruno Mars is a fan of Breakbot apparently

-RIP DJ Mehdi. He will be missed.