bruno mars dancing


Here are the new dances I animated for season 4 of Teen Titans GO! Which just aired on Cartoon Network. Let me know which one is your favorite and be sure to follow me on Instagram at


Dancing with Bruno Mars! Featuring THE WILLIAMS FAMILY

“That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars | Choreography by David Moore & Williams Family


That’s What I Like - Bruno Mars/Koosung Jung Choreography


“24k Magic” by Bruno Mars | Choreography by The Williams Family


That’s How I Dance

That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars vs. Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON.

Things That Could Happen at the BBMAs

- They rock new hair colors
- They all wear tight shorts
- Tony shows up to give their introduction speech
- Rapmon breaks the award
- V instinctively dabs during Drake’s performance, all cameras are set to him during the entire evening
- Jungkook chokes on his drink as Justin Bieber enters the stage, goes viral instantly, gets meet & greet later
- Hobi snatches a selca with Bruno Mars, both improvise a dance
- Some reporter misunderstands “naega”
- Jin’s flying kiss becomes Twitter famous, BTS is never the same again
- Jimin gives an interview in English and introduces himself as Christian Chimchim
- V and Hobi get acting offers by a Hollywood producer after being reaction kings
- Yoongi is forced to twerk during Nicki Minaj’s performance by the hyungs
- Bangtan’s stylist makes Jungkook go sleeveless, photos break the Internet
- Someone has an AHL flashback
- One interviewer doesn’t know Annyeonghaseyo :/
- MPD is with them
- ARMYs show up at the red carpet with a “Fire” flash mob, led by Charlie Puth
- V makes friends with Miley Cyrus and Cher
- BTS_twt follows 30 new people the day after
- they make a surprise performance with BST after last-minute rehearsals and Jimin dances the entire thing blindfolded


“24k Magic” by Bruno Mars | Choreography by Tony Bellissimo

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA