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Yo Ms. Sugar I know you a busy lady, BUT JUST HEAR ME OUT FOR ONE SECOND…..Bruno Mars fusion, please

People haven’t given a lot of love to the “Stars” (Steven + Lars) fusion concept, so I had a field day drawing up this guy. 

I am absolutely convinced that Steven and Lars’ personalities would result in the universe’s greatest Woman/Manizer.

sin-aringiscaring-deactivated20  asked:

Hiiiii!! Idk if you like to do art that isn't zerover but I've had this mental image of Miami Morty sitting in Rick's lap and looking cute while Rick makes a drug deal... I'd draw it myself but I suck at drawing (like a lot) and I really like your art style 😅 if you're not into it that's okay!! Thank you 💕💕

oh my god. apologies for the late answer, btw, but here you go!!

 adding to this i’m very glad you like my art style!! it was fun drawing miami rick and most especially miami morty, and having played with a miami themed palette (which also broke my eyes, but i found the effort to use the layer modes to save my life) added to the fun of it, hehe. thank you for requesting!! <3

ID #63884

Name: Maddy
Age: 17
Country: Australia

Looking for an internet bestie or penpal.

i have posted on here before and found some great penpals!

Interests- Fashion,Photography,design, cooking.Pretty much anything artsy! I love thrift shopping and plant shopping and im obsessed with designing my room.

Music- Ariana grande, JB, Troye sivan, The 1975, Ed sheeran, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Shawn Mendes,One direction,Lany, Jason Mraz etc. I’m open to any artists that you suggest!!

Movies- Romance is by far my favourite, as movies such as The sisterhood of travelling pants, another cinderella story, Monte Carlo are all favourites of mine!

Tv shows- Riverdale, Gilmore girls, The vampire diaries, 13 reasons why, Gossip girl, Teen wolf etc.

Preferences: 16-19