bruno bischofberger


Staff Pick of the Week

American artist Andy Warhol was born on this day, August 6, in 1928. In recognition, Max’s pick for this week is Andy Warhol’s Children’s Book published in Zürich by Bruno Bischofberger in 1983. Swiss art dealer and gallerist Bruno Bischofberger began exhibiting Warhol’s work in 1965. Over the next 20 years Bischofberger became involved in numerous projects with Warhol, including co-financing the artist’s periodical Interview Magazine, producing Warhol’s 1970 movie L‘Amour, and commissioning several series of works, including the”Mao” series in 1971. Among the commissions was a small series of paintings for children in 1982. For this commission, Warhol created the Toy paintings, which Bischofberger mounted in his Zürich gallery in 1983.

Bischofberger writes, “Warhol designed wallpaper of silver fish swimming on a blue background which made the gallery look like an aquarium, and the paintings were hung at eye level for three- to five-year-old children. Adults had to squat to examine the paintings closely, the opposite of me having to lift up my little children when looking at paintings in museums. We even went so far as to charge an entry fee for adults not accompanied by children under six, the proceeds being donated to a Swiss children‘s charity.“

This children’s board book, published by Bischofberger for the show, features images of several paintings from the exhibition.

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