bruno antinomy


OMG.. Just what the fuck… I think this is the saddest episode ever. I’m just here like.. why. Why? I think the relationship between these two goes far beyond the one with the others, it’s something precious and very important. Yusei had a friend who understood him - Antinomy/Bruno was his nerd dude. He taught him so much! WIthout him Yusei would’ve been lost. And him.. well, he got a very good friend in Yusei. Someone to count on.

bruno isn’t really one to bring attention to himself outside of a few jokes and to be a part of a conversation    in general ,  he’s more of a listener than a talker ,  so he doesn’t mind if someone takes control of a conversation  (  that is unless they don’t let him have a word in .  that’d be a rare spot of bruno being actively angry as he’s more mild mannered and ,  as he’s said himself ,  pacifistic .  )

on the other hand ,  antinomy is far more inclined to aim for attention .  their time in the limelight in team delta is something which they can never forget    they can never let it go and ,  albeit minorly ,  they crave that attention once again .  not just because of that spotlight either    they absolutely hate the idea of being alone .  they have very show-off-y tendencies as a result but ,  due to bruno’s current control ,  generally keep them very under wraps as to not out themself .