what we miss … Group C

the AEG Sauber-Mercedes C9/88 of Jochen Mass & Jean-Louis Schlesser fighting for 3rd place with the Jägermeister Brunn-Porsche 962C of Oscar Larrauri & Manuel Reuter at Francorchamps for the 1988 1000km de Spa


1935 Lincoln Model K Semi-Collapsible Cabriolet with custom coachwork by Brunn & Co.  For all intents and purposes, this is an All-Weather Town Car, but “All-Weather Cabriolet” was a term that Brunn used to describe this body style, of which you had the option of a landaulet, too.  Notice the chromed radiator shell, bullet headlamps, and hood vents.  We generally do not see chromed radiator shells and hood vents after 1934, but that does not mean it’s incorrect–it was the original owners choice (and in this case, the current owner’s choice since this looks freshly restored).  

what we miss … public roads

a view of Eau Rouge & Raidillon, 1985 1000km de Spa, Francorchamps

it was the last race for Stefan Bellof, who crashed after colliding with Jacky Ickx at the bottom of Eau Rouge
watch this great little documentary (German) about Bellof’s last race … it shows Bellof was ‘different’ that race, more turned towards himself than usual, did the death of fellow German Manfred Winkelhock play in his mind, he was focussed on beating the living legend Jacky Ickx more than anything, that would kill him … such a shame!

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1936 Lincoln Model K All-Weather Town Car with custom coachwork by Brunn & Co.  The black top material looks like vinyl, or something similar, but it originally came with a leather top.  The rear cabin has two forward folding auxiliary seats that are housed in the tonneau wall.  

1936 Pierce Arrow Model 1601 Metropolitan Town Brougham (Town Car) with custom coachwork by Brunn & Co.  Even though when this was produced the days were numbered for PA, they continued to improve and innovate their mechanics.  Horsepower and long distance drive-ability were greatly improved in 1936 for both the eight and twelve cylinder models.  This Brunn body is a magnificent design and is among my favorite Town Cars.  Four were commissioned from the Boston PA sales agency with one being shown at the New York Auto Show.   


Francis Brunn - The world best juggler

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ines murdering by Rat Mice on Flickr.



1936 Lincoln Model K All-Weather Town Car with custom coach work by Brunn & Co. I would be curious to find out if the original paint scheme was red. I’ve seen maroon town cars before, but this red is louder than most.