Odin imprisons Brunhilde in a ring of fire.

Ink, watercolour, PS.
For the upcoming book The Illuminated Edda.

© Nataša Ilinčić, please do not remove credits

“Brunhild Watching Gunther Suspended from the Ceiling on their Wedding Night”

John Henry Fuseli


Excerpt from The Nibelungenlied (c.1200) translated by A.T. Hatto:

“His attendants, both man and woman had left him. The chamber was quickly barred, and he imagined that he was soon to enjoy her lovely body: but the time when Brunhild would become his wife was certainly not at hand! She went to the bed in a shift of fine white linen, and the noble knight thought to himself: “Now I have everything here that I ever wished for’. And indeed there was great cause why her beauty should gratify him deeply. He dimmed the lights one after another with his own royal hands, and then, dauntless warrior, he went to the lady. He laid himself close beside her, and with a great rush of joy took the adorable woman in his arms.

He would have lavished caresses and endearments, had the Queen suffered him to do so, but she flew into a rage that deeply shocked him – he had hoped to meet with ‘friend’, yet what he met was ‘foe’!

‘Sir,’ she said, ‘you must give up the thing you have set your hopes on, for it will not come to pass. Take good note of this: I intend to stay a maiden till I have learned the truth about Siegfried.’

Gunther grew very angry with her. He tried to win her by force, and tumbled her shift for her, at which the haughty girl reached for the girdle of stout silk cord that she wore about her waist, and subjected him to great suffering and shames for in return for being baulked of her sleep, she bound him hand and foot, carried him to a nail, and hung him on the wall. She had put a stop to his love-making! As to him, he had all but died, such strength had she exerted.

And now he who had thought to be master began to entreat her, ‘Loose my bonds, most noble Queen. I do not fancy I shall ever subdue you, lovely woman, and I shall never again lie too close to you.’

She did not care at all how he fared, since she was lying very snug. He had to stay hanging there the whole night through to dawn, when the bright morning shone through the windows. If Gunther had ever possessed of any strength, it had dwindled to nothing now.

So I must be crazy....

Because I feel like I’m one of the only girls that understands that there is no such thing as “Lady Loki” or “Lady Thor”. What’s the point of genderbending these characters that have female counterparts. These Tumblr Tits are a part of this movie demographic that doesn’t do a bit of research in the comics. 

How do I know?

Instead of doing Lady Loki, why not be Enchantress? This woman’s goal is to have Thor all to herself. She is madly in love with him to the point where she is known for teaming up with Loki to get back at him. Hell she wants him because SHE”S FUCKED HIM! Tell me you wouldn’t become evil the second that fine piece of ass said he was good after a one night stand. 

What is that I hear? The bitching of just liking the character and the character’s costume? 


You’re wasting fabric and energy trying to make Loki “sexy” and “feminine” when you have this badass walking around begging to be cos-played. 

And as far as Thor goes, I swear on Odin’s Beard that I will rip out my hair if I see another “Lady Thor”. You wanna know how awesome Marvel is? They give you characters like Lady Sif

Also doing nothing but kicking ass and taking names, begging to be brought to life by our brunette cos-players out there who waste time on Loki. She was married to Thor and has some of the best outfits!

And let’s not even get started on Brunhilde.


Fucking Valkyrie. If you were to read her back story you would cry. This girl went through so much and is still trying to simply get back to her own body. Hell the reason why she was separated from her body at one point was because the aforementioned Enchantress, trapped her and stole her body to try and get the D from Thor. 



Entrusted and employed by Odin, this blonde bombshell fights and looks good doing it. Instead of slapping a few tits on Thor, why not look this chick up and do something original? 

Asgardians aren’t like saiyans. We do get to see the women in their society and all of them kick ass. That is what Marvel is good at. Hell, I can honestly say that Marvel has more women than men. The X-men alone account for at least 40% of Marvel’s hero population. You can’t throw a stick in the Jean Grey School and not hit a woman with an interesting back story and fun personality.

All I am saying is that if you are a true Marvel fan, you would get your head out of the MCU’s asshole and spend all that cos-play money on characters that are diverse and interesting. Instead of perpetuating the idea that girls don’t read or research comics. Because that is exactly what you are doing when you call yourself, “Lady Insert-male-character-here”.

A real Marvel fan knows that they don’t have to genderbend a damn thing BECAUSE of how many awesome women there are in the 616 earth alone.

Sidenote. The current writer of the Thor comic run has stated that the new Thor is not “Thorita”, “Lady Thor” or even “Thor Girl”. She has now has the right to wield the Mighty Mjolnir because the previous Thor loss his right. (I would go into detail but this is the part where you do your damn homework). Fuck those clarifiers and add ons. She is Thor. She is called Thor.

If you Tumblr Tits were really about equality and were true Marvel fans, I would have seen this news all over my dash. I mean, why call yourself Ms. Doctor when you can just be a Doctor? Or is that not sexy enough for you girls?