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This is honestly one of the best storylines I’ve ever came up with, I am so proud of it you have no idea xx

Joe hesitated as he watched the opened door blankly. It was new to him. And probably the most stupid thing he had ever done. But he was now standing in front of this wood door. He couldn’t go back. He sighed before stepping into the room, everyone looking up to him as he sent the counselor an apologetic look. He walked closer to the person, sitting onto the only free chair that was left. He looked around the strangers in the room. People there were young and old. It was a really mixed group and somehow, it annoyed him even more.

The only familiar face sitting right in front of Joe got up, walking into the middle of the circle of chairs. “Okay so as you all know, my name is Mr. Porter and I know every single one of you as I am your individual counselor.” The older man explained as Joe simply rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. “Welcome to our support group. So let’s start by simply introducing yourselves and saying why you are here.” Mr. Porter offered as he pointed to the first person sitting to his right. The first person started to talk and Joe had already heard enough. This was pointless to him but one of his friends had suggested it would help so there he was, sitting in a room full of unknown faces, each talking about their problems.

Soon enough, it was Joe’s turn and as everyone’s eyes were on him, nerves suddenly flashed his body. This was intimidating. “Um, my name is Joe Sugg. I’m 25 years old and I’m here because my friend told me too.” The dark blonde boy exclaimed, looking down to the ground as each word flew out of his month. And then the few other people sitting next to him ended the introduction round. But someone’s comment had caught his attention and his eyes looked from the ground to the last person. “My name is Y/N Y/L/N, I’m 24 years old and I’m here because I have nothing else better to do.” The brunette spoke, her voice monotone. It was evident that she didn’t want to be here either. Y/N had caught his eye and when she did, a small smile appeared on her face which he didn’t hesitate to give back.

“Great. Now, let’s do another round and talk about each other’s issues, what you are struggling with or dealing with in life. Alright?” Joe didn’t even pay attention to the strangers words, his eyes were locked onto her. But his smile faded slowly as he noticed that she was rubbing her own arm gently, a sign that he knew all too well, a sign for comfort. And then he also noticed her limp posture and slumped shoulders and he didn’t have to hear her say what her struggle was, he had found it pretty easily. Suddenly it seemed as if the wall that she had brought with her to this group was down but only to Joe’s eyes as he had figured out her problem and he was now mesmerized. Not only because she was attractive but because he wanted to pay attention to the potential other signs that she would unconsciously give.

“Joe.” Mr. Porter exclaimed, breaking him out of his thoughts as he looked back to the counselor as everyone had their eyes on him once again. Joe hesitated before speaking when he suddenly didn’t feel the need to talk about what was wrong, he needed it to be cured. And he came to the conclusion that this was completely useless. “What even is the point of this?” Joe suddenly questioned, looking to Mr. Porter straight in the eyes as he was pouring his heart out, not the way everyone expected him to. “Does going to a meeting every Thursday at 5pm and sitting around in circle, asking each other ‘how are you’ makes any difference? Does it makes us less lonely? I don’t think so.” Joe stated, not caring about the confused looks of this bunch of strangers. This didn’t mean anything to him and even if he was the only one to think so lowly of this sessions, he did not care. And everyone stayed silent for a minute, until the person that he felt the closest to in the room spoke. 

“I agree with Joe. I think a group where you’re supported to make friends and to take trips is more accurate.” Y/N suddenly explained, the same determined look on the lost counselor. And her confidence was breathtaking. “Like some days, you mingle and read books and grab coffees and the other days go on a roller coaster ride or a simple park.” She suggested and unlike the dark blonde boy, she was looking around to everyone, making sure that they were all listening to the words that she had desperately been trying to say as soon as this had started. “A support group where people actually get to know each other and talk, instead of just listening. A support group where you can forget about your actual loneliness and just hang out. Because the truth is no one really listens, we just wait for our turn to talk.” Y/N stated, shutting everyone up even more as she looked directly to Joe sending him a quick smile before getting up, lifting her purse up to her shoulder. “And with that said, have a nice day.” Was all that she said before walking out of the room.

Joe suddenly let out a small laugh to himself as he was impressed by what had just happened and without hesitating, he got up to run up after her, leaving the whole group speechless. As he stepped outside of the building, he saw her by the doors, eyes locked down onto her phone and he smiled as he walked up to her. 

“That was..special.” Joe smirked as she looked up to him, a smile on her face. “You started it.” Y/N teased, moving around to face him properly. Joe laughed at her comment. “Fair point.” Joe said, meeting her glance as the two exchanged another smile. Joe wanted to ask her. He wanted to know if he had been right, if she was living the same thing. Just to be sure. But as her previous words were echoing in his head, he figured that it wasn’t the right thing to do. 

“I know this is going to sound weird but there is this trampoline park like 10 minutes away, would you want to hang out there?” Joe asked, an earnest look on his face. “Actually, I’d love to.” Y/N replied as they looked at each other for a minute. There was some mystery in the both of them and it was intriguing. They both laughed as they started to walk towards the park and away from this support group.

The two strangers had probably taken one of the best decisions as the best way to cure loneliness was to just hang out. And it didn’t work for everyone but for them it did. And not only did it brought them comfort and attention but it also brought them one of the most passionate relationships they had ever known.

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Marichat prompt: chat finds out mari's fricking buff

@ssamdong HELL YES BUFF MARINETTE IS MY ONLY REASON TO LIVE Also I might’ve gone overboard and made this way longer than I had planned.

Disclaimer: I’ve never exercised a day in my life and I have no clue what counts as a decent number of pull-ups.

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Do you think Robert liked blondes or brunettes better ?

I think he likes all kinds lol.  Well, he does seem to have a bit of an affinity for brunettes - at least from what I’ve seen over the years.  His mother had the most beautiful dark hair.  Maybe that has something to do with it??  Not to get all Freudian. :D  xo

First Kiss with Johnny (Imagine for Layla)

“Guys, I am so bored!” Soda whined from his spot on the couch.

“So what do you want to do?” I asked, sitting on the floor with my legs crossed.

He simply shrugged and just when he was about to open his mouth to speak, Two-Bit shouted out “I know, let’s play Truth or Dare.”

“You serious, man?” Dally groaned.

“What? You got a better idea?” Two-Bit said back to him.

“Guess not.” Dally mumbled, taking a swig of beer.

Ponyboy and Johnny looked reluctant to play, but I knew that they’d both give in. Sure enough, they nodded their heads.  Steve shrugged as he shoved a bite of chocolate cake into his mouth. And Darry was at work.

“Alright, fine.” Soda said. “What about you, Y/N?”

“Uh, sure, I guess so. Why not?” I really hoped that no one asked me any questions about Johnny… I’d had a crush on him forever. And this is not the way that I wanted him to find out.

“Okay.” Two-Bit said. “Soda, truth or dare?”

“Truth, I guess.”

“Which do you like better? Blondes or brunettes?”

“Oh my god…” I muttered.

“Two-Bit!” Soda said.

“What? Come on, answer.”

“I don’t know…both?”

“That’s boring.” Two-Bit said.

“Okay!” Dally spoke up. “Y/N, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I said.

“How old were you when you got your first kiss?” He smirked. I felt my face heat up. I hadn’t actually been kissed yet.

“I don’t have to tell you that, that’s personal.” I said.

“You picked truth, you gotta tell us.”
“It’s none of your business!”

“Just tell us!” Dally said.

“Let it go, Dally.” Johnny said to him.

“No, man, she’s gonna tell us.” By the time Dally finished his sentence I was already walking out the door.

As I sat down on the porch steps I heard Johnny say, “Way to go man, you made her upset.” And the next thing I knew the screen door was creaking open.

“Hey, Y/N.” Johnny said softly as he sat next to me.

“Hey, Johnny.” I said, turning to him with a small smile. “Thanks for having my back in there.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” He said with that sweet smile.

“You know, I’ve never actually been kissed.” I found myself telling him.

He blinked. “I thought you didn’t wanna tell anyone the answer, why are you tellin’ me?”

“I don’t know. You’re so sweet and so easy to talk to. I knew you wouldn’t judge me or make fun of me.”

“‘Course not. I’d never do that, Y/N.” He paused and bit his lip. “You know somethin’?”


“I never been kissed either.” He said. “But I mean, I get that…I don’t get why you never been kissed. You’re so funny and sweet and smart and pretty and-”

Before he got the next word out, I pressed my lips to his softly. It was only for a second, I pulled away almost right after. “Oh-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-“

And now this time, it was lips cutting me off. He put his hand on my cheek and the kiss lasted a little longer this time. When we pulled away we were both blushing.

“I’m glad you did.” Johnny grinned. “I really like you.”

“I like you too, Johnny, a lot. And don’t say that you get why weren’t kissed yet. You’re so great. Don’t ever think any other way.”

“I’m glad my first kiss was with you, Y/N.” He said.

“Same here, Johnny.” I answered. He smiled at me before giving me another sweet kiss.

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Damn guess thirsting for gingers must be a Cartman thing. Then again Kyle and Kyle's mom sure do like their brunette boys better keep an eye on any brunette boys hanging around Eva.

I’m making sure Eva doesn’t even think about boys when she gets older. My little girl isn’t aging that quick yet. I don’t want to think about her ever getting a boyfriend. Or even a girlfriend, I don’t care. She can les it out all she wants when she’s 60 if she wants to. My baby girl isn’t getting hit on anytime soon.

Honest Opinion | Will

“Look – if you say one word of this I promise I will kill you. Bury your arms and legs in a ditch and feed the rest of you to a dog – okay?” Emilia threatened with her kitten like anger before pursing her lips at the male. Bryce’s birthday was coming up and the brunette wanted to do something for the man she loved. Who better to ask than Will, right? After all, he was her best friend and his brother. “You…I need your help to figure out what to do for Bryce’s birthday.” Originally she contemplated the idea of a thong and peacoat – but Emilia wanted to do something. “I know he won’t like a party but…I don’t know. What do I do for someone who doesn’t like much other than lingerie and broody movies?” She laughed. 

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Wait, Kishi said Salad's biological mom is up to interpreatations? where'd he say this? Was it before or after Gaiden?

I’m not sure when he said it honestly, @unpopular-ship-queen or @lovely-anime-brunette may be able to answer that better, but I do know he said it. (which is probably why he made the DNA test positive to Karin, then have her go and say Sakura is her mom despite the fact while having a sad look on her face when asked about Sasuke, like she hadnt’ been able to keep the baby despite probably wanting to)

Who You Love: Part II

Imagine + Request |  Characters: Thorin x Reader, Matchmaker Dwalin Words: 828  |  Part One

A/N: So I kind of mixed the Part Two of this imaginexhobbit imagine with a request… I hope you like it to-forever-be-somnambulist !

There was absolutely, positively, undoubtedly no way you could be in love with the most stubborn, angry dwarf on the planet.

That was what you kept telling yourself at least, as you began to set up camp once again in a new clearing.

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top 15 girl meets world ships: (as voted by my followers)

THIRTEENTH PLACE - farkle, lucas & zay (2/3): What’s it going to be? You’ve got two great people. One follows the rules, one likes to break ‘em. Yeah. One very blonde, one very brunette. Yup. You gotta choose man. I know. // So who do you like better? Me or Farkle?