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Auburn & brunette Meg Girys around the world

  1. Jee Hyun Noh, World Tour
  2. Georgia Ware, West End
  3. Dan Young Jung (?), Seoul
  4. Christina Tan, Australian Tour
  5. Julie Collins, Hamburg
  6. Sharon Millerchip, Melbourne
  7. Alicia Beck, West End
  8. Paloma Garcia Lee, US Tour
  9. Lucy Potter, Hamburg and UK Tour

And also: Diana Kaarina Wong, Catriona Ferguson, all South Korean Megs, and also a lot of borderline examples in the US (in particular Heather McFadden).

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what if MC have met Seven before, but he was on a mission doing crossdressing? love eveything you write, babe <3

Countdown to the Cake : 9

The Lipstick



Ugh… these heels are killing him! Seven stretches his legs a little in the bathroom of the club, moving his toes to give them a little air after being trapped inside this shoe for almost 3 hours now. How do girls handle this?

To be honest, he didn’t really need to wear heels, maybe not even a dress. Who knows? Maybe his target would like a tomboy girl? Who happens to be a boy? And this boy happens to be a secret gent ready to seduce the guy in order to get some information about that new government project? Yeah, the outfit wasn’t really important, but… he looked so damn fine on it.

He checks himself in the mirror once more, running his fingers through the silky hair of the brunette wig. Hum, maybe it’s time to touch up this lipstick.

You walk into the bathroom. You were almost scared that douchy guy would follow you even inside the ladies’ bathroom, but he didn’t. At least he wasn’t that douchy, but still… he held your arm before you entered. You made such an effort to get rid of him you ended up losing a little of your balance and bumped in this girl.

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry! I…” you look at her, she’s… beautiful, even with her lipstick all smudged, probably by you when you accidentally pushed her.

“It’s fine.” It wasn’t fine, he couldn’t waste time cleaning himself, time was running, his boss expected that information in 2 hours, tops.

“Oh, look at you, I… here, let me help you.” You picked some wipes of your purse.

“Why do you carry wipes with you?” is his voice high enough?

“Hm? Oh, these are to keep my face dry. I have super oily skin!” do you? It looks really fine to him, especially looking this close…

“Well, they say people with oily skin have fewer wrinkles.”

“Oh, with this much oil I’ll look in my 20s till I’m 80!” you two laugh, he was good at girl talking!

He feels a little shiver going down his legs when your wipe reaches his lower lip, your nails brushing lightly to his chin. Whoa, your focused eyes are really beautiful… and your mouth… looks really beautiful with this pink lipstick, it’s a nice color that goes great with your skin tone. Who cares it’s oily? It looks so smooth…

“Done!” you say, crumbling the wipe and throwing in the trash can. “You can put your lipstick again, I won’t bump into you anymore!”

“Can… can you help me? I think I’m a little tipsy…” he giggles. “Shouldn’t have drank all those margaritas.”

“Ugh, been there, girl. Once I mixed mojitos with vodka and woke up in the public library’s bathroom!” you laugh, maybe you are the one a little tipsy here? If he leans a little closer, maybe he can smell some alcohol… no, but he can’t do that, you are already too close!

He hands you his lipstick and you carefully contour the borders. Another shiver as he stares at your eyes. So, so beautiful…

You grab his chin to hold him in place, he feels an electric wave dancing through his whole body. What’s wrong with him?

“Here you go, honey.” You touch his arm and bring him to the mirror, he can’t help smiling, it looks better than if he did himself.

“It looks so good, thank you… honey.”

“You’re welcome! I gotta say, this color is amazing! Where did you get?”

“Oh, I got in one of my trips to Thailand, they have really cool make up products, there’s also this nail polish brand that…” why can’t he shut up? Is it because you’re looking at him with so much attention? Or is it because for the very first time he wants to be heard? “Anyway, I… I… like lipsticks that accentuate my eye color…”

“Oh yeah, your eyes are beautiful…” what are you saying? Your eyes are beautiful! You are beautiful! And so nice… and funny… and sweet… gahhh! His phone! It’s vibrating, indicating it’s time to move!

“I… gotta go! My… boyfriend is waiting for me…what about yours?” uh, Seven! So smooth, trying to find if you’re taken… even though he can’t do nothing with this information.

“Ugh… that guy outside? No, he’s not my boyfriend! We dated for a while, but now he won’t leave me alone! Guys… they always say we get attached too easy, but when you say you just want a fling, they immediately turn into this clingy mess! I can’t stand!”

“Yeah, men are… psss, the worst! Good for you trying to get flings, though.”

“Well, you never know, maybe I’ll have flings for the rest of my life, or maybe I’ll fall in love for one of them, or… I don’t know, maybe I can bump into my soulmate in some random place… it’s cool, right? The way life and people can surprise you?”

“Yes, it really is…” uh oh, his voice was a little low now, almost like he forgot his character because his truly self agreed to you. You giggle as you stare at his face.

“I’m sorry, I guess I’m a little drunk too. Go get your man, girl!”

“Yes, I’m going… nice to meet you!”

“You too!” as he opens the door, you notice he left his lipstick with you. “Hey, uhm… your lipstick!”

“Keep it! It will look better on you.” He blows a kiss in the air for you and leaves.

Was she hitting on you? Well, you’re flattered, she’s really nice and cute.

Seven feels his heartbeat almost in his throat, what was that? How is it possible feeling so embarrassed, yet so comfortable around someone? He felt cold and hot at the same time,

And though it’s time to keep it serious and go after that guy, he can’t stop smiling as he remembers your voice, your eyes, your sweet smile, and your words… if only he could have caught a name…

No! What is he thinking? He wouldn’t be able to do anything, just imagine if his boss finds out he interacted with someone during one of his undercover missions, if they found out your name too and went after you… someone so innocent and nice…

Your words… “it’s cool, right? The way life and people can surprise you.” You probably didn’t even know you were talking about yourself, the brightest surprise he had in…years? And this was about him as well, if you found out the girl in the bathroom was a depressive secret agent, what would you do?

Yeah… it would be a surprise, but not the good kind. So it’s time to reset, agent 707, forget that girl… he probably will never see you again, anyway…

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Brunette Megs, round two: 

1. Sharon Millerchip, Melbourne, 
2. Alicia Beck, West End, 
3. Christina Tan, Sydney, 
4. Lucy Potter, UK tour, 
5. Jee-Hyun Noh, World Tour, 
6. Dan-young Jung (?), Seoul, 
7. Lucy Potter, Hamburg, 
8. Julie Collins, Hamburg, 
9. Paloma Garcia Lee, US tour (reddish brown, but still)

Raging boner gf control

I am 48 & married for almost 10 years now & I know I’m like 95% straight, but have a fetish for hot shemales with beautiful tits & a nice cock. Now we were together for almost a year before we got married so like 6 months into the relationship she saw on my browser shemale porn. I must’ve forgotten to erase the history before I shut it down cos I was probably in a drunk stupor, that’s the only time I’m interested in girl cock when I’m loaded. So the next day it’s like 9 in the morning & I’m a little hungover & she goes Steve could you come here. So after about 10 minutes I walk into my office & she’s sitting behind the computer & as I walk around my desk & look at the screen, damn, the shemale site I was on & my conversation with a shemale was all there for her to see/read. She goes you like cock? I was like no, it’s just a gag hun, I was just kidding. Then she starts reading the things I said & I was busted & knew it & couldn’t lie to her about it any longer. So I said in fear of herr leaving me, hun, it’s just a drunk thing I have, I’m not interested in men I just think some shemales are hotter than real women. She & I went on & on about all the questions & she goes finally, I’m not disgusted by this, I think it’s kind of hot. But she goes, now you have to do something for me. & if you don’t I’ll leave. I’m like what is it, in my mind I’ll do whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t leave me. She goes, tomorrow, after you’re completely sober, you have to do exactly what I tell you. You can’t question me or deny any of my request, okay? I said, okay, tomorrow I’ll do whatever you ask. So I grab something to eat in the kitchen and head back to bed to sleep off this hangover. Now it’s Sunday morning & she wakes me up & says lets go, I said where & she goes shopping. Okay, so I hit the bathroom freshen up throw on my clothes & off we go. First place we go to is a wig store. I go, what are we doing here? She goes I told you not to question me, that’s your last warning. So we go into the store & now it’s starting to hit me what she’s up to. Then we look at all the wigs & she picks out a brunette wig & tells me to put it on, so I don the wig asking no questions & she goes that’s perfect. So she buys the wig. Next stop is Lover’s Lane. It’s a trashy lingerie store & I’m starting to love this, but still keeping my lip zipped. She even tried to humiliate me when she asked one of the girl employees what would fit & look great on him. The worker goes MmmmMmmm as she looks right at my gf & says ohhhh, I have just what you need. They pick out a pink corset, garter belt, G-string with thigh high nylons. Come here, so now we head off to the changing rooms, she comes in with me & I was going to say to her this is hot, but she put her finger up to my lips and said not a word!. I have worn panties before, even my sisters & mom’s, but hate to admit it, the satin fabric felt really sexy against my skin. So my gf goes to me, okay hun, i’ll buy this & you go out to the car & wait for me. So doing what I’m told, I follow her orders. I head to the car & fuck, she stayed in there like a half hour & at the time I’m like WTF is she doing? What’s taking so long. She finally exits the store & gets into the car & says one more stop. So our last stop is a make-up/nail/shoes store. Since I’m like 6'3 with a size 13 foot, shoes were going to be a challenge but she found 12 stilettos & figured she could squeeze my feet into. Now we got everything we need to turn me into looking like a woman. We get in the door & she goes, come, follow me upstairs. Drop the bags in out room & now it’s time to shower. She takes off all her clothes & says strip & sit down here on the toilet. So I sat down, & she grabs the shears & she starts shaving all my hair off & before I let her because I loved my hair, I was going to stop & say, I can’t go through with this, but a part of me really wanted to see how I’d look & I really didn’t want her to leave me & trust me folks, she’s a stubborn mule, she would’ve left me in a New York minute. So I watch all my hair falling off

Jayne Mansfield photographed on the set of ’The Challenge’ (1960)

‘The Challenge’ was one of Jayne’s first attempt to change her image. She always wanted dramatic roles and knew that she had actual talent and enough preparation as an actress to be more than just a 'shapely blonde’. About the film, Jayne talked to the press on how important it was for her: “I have had to cancel long-standing cabaret engagements on the Continent to make this film, but this part is one I can’t miss. It gives me great dramatic scope, and that is exactly what I want. Recently I said that I’ve done so many comedies that I want a chance to prove myself in strong dramatic roles, and since I said that offers have been coming in from all over the world. They’ve been wonderful offers, and it was only after a great deal of consideration that I accepted 'The Challenge’.” The critics pointed her strong dramatic acting and the fact that she was wearing a dark wig in some of the scenes, that differed from everything that she did before: “Some of the best moments, though, are provided by Hollywood’s Jayne Mansfield as the criminal mastermind, demure in black wig and horn-rimmed glasses”. Jayne won 2 awards for her role in this movie.