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Aerith dancing in nothing but lingerie? That's quite a mighty fine sight. Yu is sometimes amazingly oblivious, but the way she moves and that body she has... Whoa. Definitely has captivated the attention of one that would be hard getting it from, more or less. And he can only keep staring completely mesmerized, was she real?

{ : Your Muse walks in on Aerith dancing around in nothing but lingerie : }
{ Accepting }

                ╰ ❀ ╮Having that lingerie maid attire still on, the brunette took this time to practice this dance she saw on the internet in the empty group date cafe classroom after everything left. Her back turned from the door so that anyone could catch a peek at her goods. While the Investigation Team were having a fun during the school festival, Aerith took her time enjoying herself, the previous classroom was turned into a cafe with all of the girls wearing lingerie maid outfits so walking around felt.. naked? Unaware to her, she doesn’t know that a certain team leader was watching her movement.╭ ❀ ╯


So my cousins were visiting (2 girls 5,6) and they wanted to watch Barbie in the dreamhouse with me one yt.
So I started watching with them and literally 10 seconds into it..
All I could think about how it’s basically rhink..


Also I googled “Ken and Ryan”.
Guess the first suggested search..

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you don't get to guilt comments out of us. we don't owe you anything

honestly, blow me. 

like 99% of the time i try super hard not to stir pots and disturb shit. this fandom is so volatile and so sensitive that a dozen times a day i half reply to something and then decide best not to. but fuck it. i feel really fucking strongly about this.

so blow me, homes.

i’m a fic writer and i work crazy hard on my fic. people can tell you that i agonize over my shit, that i hate writing chaptered fic, that i worry about if my clarke is too much of a snarker, if i’m getting characters and tone right. i give a fuck okay, i give literally all the fucks. i pour hours of my time into writing fic, into betaing other people’s fic every fucking day.

and you mother fuckers swan in here, read this beautifully crafted shit by myself and so many other insanely talented writers in this fandom and you don’t give us shit for it. you are so fucking selfish. it’s so easy to just take and take and take and all we’re asking for is a fucking comment. something made you stop and read the fic, something made you finish it. especially when it’s a fucking chaptered fic and you spend all god damn night reading it or you wait impatiently for it to update. 

so fine, whatever, don’t leave me any comments any more. i bet you didn’t anyway.  we work hard for you and all we ask is that you tell us if you liked it, you say something nice to validate all the time and effort we put into it for you.

and let’s shelve this bullshit “you write for yourself” trash. if i just wrote for myself i wouldn’t post it on the internet and there would be a hot brunette named kayla layla as the meat in that bellarke sandwich. i write for you guys as much as i write for me; i write for us as fandom because fandoms without creative works stagnate and die. i put a lot of fucking time into it and you should take two minutes to say something nice at the end of a one shot or every couple chapters in a long fic. it’s not hard. you liked something. 

step up and be a productive, giving part of this community. 

so look, i don’t always comment either. i get into slumps.  but i should.

So here’s the deal. from now until the end of july i’m going to comment on everything i read. leave ao3 comments, reblog with commentary, send writers an ask. i’m going to tell writers what i am liking about their writing, tell them (politely) what maybe isn’t working so well. i’m going to engage with other writers as a reader actively. you should too. 

Bright Side part 1

1636, sfw for now, sff for now, angsty af

This is the Grester Hartbig thing I was talking about! I write most of my tics loosely based off music so i was thinking about making an 8 track to this. Tell me if you guys want that. Thanks :)

Hannah was moseying around her house and debating on filming another video for her coming out series. She was so oblivious to the events that were about to unfold, which was probably a good thing. At least she got to enjoy this sunny LA morning for a few hours before her entire world was flipped upside down.

Beep Beep. Hannah looked down at her phone to see the name Grace Helbig light up across her phone. She opened the pending message to be met with the words I just put up THE video. The way that the word the was put in all caps gave Hannah the idea that THE video was the same video that Hannah had been dreading. The blond went over to her laptop and quickly typed in the url There it was. The video she did not want to see was now playing upon her screen.

“Hey guys its Wednesday on its Grace and you know what that means. Its once over Wednesday and I am here with Chester See.” Grace sounded happy, and not that fake happy that you would put on for the camera the real genuine happy. Even though Grace being happy was Hannah’s favorite sight in the world, it was her source of happiness that was killing the blond.

“We are going to be reviewing our relationship!”

“Which has been going on for five months,” Chester added.

Hannah shut the laptop. She had known about the couples relationship for the full five months it had existed but it wasn’t until just know that she was forced to accept that it was real. When she got tired of seeing the brunette hand in hand with anyone besides herself she had the internet to turn to. Now Hannah didn’t even have that because it was filled with Grester.

“I hate this,” Hannah mumbled to herself. To be honest the blond really did hate this whole ordeal being so public, not only because it forced her to come to terms with her feelings for Grace, but also because Grace didn’t want anything public. From day one Grace had always said that her dating life should be kept personal and she hated how Chester could just change something that Grace was believed in so firmly.

It took Hannah a solid ten seconds from the time she closed her laptop to have grabbed a bottle of whiskey and started sipping. Hannah liked the way it burned her throat going down. After five full months of being in denial and feeling nothing it was nice to feel something, even if it was pain. She even invented a little drinking game for herself. It was called drink every time you think of a reason you love Grace.

“She has no idea how funny she is” Hannah was mumbling incoherently to nobody and with each mumbled declaration came another sip from the bottle. “She hates people to see her as vulnerable, but she lets me see that side of her, which I love.” Chug. “She is beautiful. Fuck is she gorgeous.” Chug. “She is the hardest worker I have ever meet.” Chug “She takes two hours to get ready even though she rolls out of bed looking like an angel.” Chug. That lasted until she emptied the bottle that was already half gone when she pulled it from the cabinet.

“Fuck it’s gone,” Hannah said wobbling to her feet. She was pretty drunk but not drunk enough. She wanted to drink until she had absolutely no memory of Grace’s current relationship status. It wasn’t five minutes before Hannah had managed to call a cab and make her way to the nearest bar.

She stumbled in at 4pm on that sunny Tuesday to find the place nearly deserted, which was perfect. She sat down and the man at the bar proceeded to list off their happy hour specials.

“No, fuck that, I want more whiskey,” Hannah slurred sprawling her hands out across the bar.

“More,” the man said raising a judgmental eyebrow at the drink he was preparing.

“Yes more. You would drink like this too if you were me, if you had to forget Grace Helbig.”

“Oh so its girl troubles that brings you to my bar at 4pm on a Tuesday.”

“Yes, yes its is.” Hannah was already knocking back the dark liquid in the glass that was presented to her seconds before.

“Well in that case this one is on me.” The man gave Hannah a wink and walked to the other side of the bar, allowing her to kill her feelings in peace. Hannah liked the man. He actually half made her want to go home and sober up until her feelings took back over her.

The little blond sat in that bar with husky bearded men all evening. She moved from the bar to a booth to the pool tables all along drinking away the pain. She eventually became nearly incoherent due to the poisonous liquids that were rushing through her bloodstream. She wouldn’t be surprised if she had ranked up a 100 dollar tab but she still hadn’t achieved her goal. Every thought that crossed her mind was was still of Grace.

The thoughts weren’t angry anymore though. She wasn’t mad that Grester was canon she was made that Grace was so perfect for her but the brunette couldn’t see it. The blonds thoughts were completely filled with how perfect Grace and herself could be, which is what got her into trouble.

“Hey bartender ya know what,” Hannah was slurring her words to the point that the man could barely understand her. “Imma go tell Grace I love her and she will see that I love her and den she will love me.”

“Let me call you a cab ok,” the man said, almost speaking in a voice fit for a child.

Hannah rode wobbled into the cab and spilled Grace’s address out of her mouth. She spent the entirety of her ride looking through her camera roll at picture’s of Grace. Sometimes she like to do this because they were photos that only the two girls shared, not the entire internet. Sometimes she would catch a candid of Grace and those were always her favorite to revisit because the brunette just looked so beautiful without even trying.

When she arrived she stumbled out of the cab and stood outside Grace’s apartment building for a few moments contemplating how to go about this. Finally she decided to just yell out the girls name, a gesture that she deemed to be romantic. In practice it turned out to be much more of a nuisance than intended.

“Grace, Grace its me Hannah! Gracie!” The blond was yelling up to Grace’s window with her hands cupped around her lips. Finally the blond open her window to see what the commotion was, following several neighbors that had already done the same.

“Hannah what the, what are you doing!”
“Gracie I love you, I just came here to tell you that I love you.” Hannah was giggling and yelling and stumbling all over the sidewalk. Grace immediately shut her window when she comprehended what state the blond was in and rushed down eight flights of steps to get her.

“Gracie now you are down here.” The blond slurred when Grace appeared from the complex’s double doors. Hannah walked over to the girl and fell into her arms, needing them more for support than anything else. “Grace I love you so much”

“I love you too Han.”

“No Grace you don’t understand!” Hannah was shouting again getting frustrated that her drunken state didn’t allow her to be taken seriously. “I love you like for real. I love you in the lesbian way not the friend way. Well I guess the friend way too.”

Hannah was giggling and swaying in Grace’s arms, completely oblivious of the weight of what she was saying. To be honest Grace was almost happy Hannah was drunk so they didn’t have to have a real conversation about this, at least not now.

“Come on lets go upstairs and get you to bed.”

“Grace you have no idea how long I have wanted to hear you say that.”

“Not like that Hannah, Jesus.” It must have taken Grace 15 minutes to pull the drunk body up the eight flights of stairs before finally arriving at her front door. When she open it she sat the girl down on the couch and went in the kitchen to grab Hannah a glass of water.

“Taa-Daa it is all done,” Hannah said in a child like tone. When Grace heard this she had a very bad feeling so she rushed back into the living room.

“Hannah are you fucking kidding me!” The drunk girl had written Dear Grace, I love you, love Hannah. on her wall. “Is that permanent!”

“The marker says sharpie,” Hannah giggled because she thought that frustrated Grace was the cutest Grace. “Im sorry baby do you not like it.”

“Just go to the spare room now Hannah, its fine.”

The smaller girl slunk off to the room she was assigned to and waited for Grace to come in. The brunette helped the other girl change clothes and get into bed like she was caring for a child. Just before Grace turned out the lights Hannah mumbled a faint “I love you” as she snuggled into the comforter.

To be honest Grace had no idea what she thought about this drunk Hannah that had shown up at her door. Her mind wanted her to be mad but her heart wasn’t. It was different to see Hannah in such a vulnerable state because she was normally so strong. The girl finally managed a subtle “I know” before walking out of the room.