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Does Indonesia have any siblings?

Indonesia : I would consider whole Asia are my siblings, but nation wise, my siblings are the nations who also have a close relationship with my grandfather, Majapahit.

These are my siblings, except for my provinces which also can be considered as my siblings.

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How's it going with the ASEAN summit there?

I will lead the ASEAN in to greatness!


M!A: Male Phili [19/8]

The ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) is like our version of the EU, except it has more limitations. 

  • Member countries have a non interference policy of each others’ internal affairs. Members must respect each others independence and sovereignty. Disputes must be resolved peacefully.
  • One idea behind ASEAN is strength in numbers. When deciding on policies, everyone must be on board. When one country disagrees, no decision will be made. But when have we ever agreed on anything?
  • The Chairmanship in the ASEAN is on a rotational basis and 2017 is Phili’s turn to rule. 
  • It so happens that 2017 is also ASEAN’s 50th founding anniversary, so things are pretty hectic. The big party is gonna happen around November.

inside joke with reference to a previous post and a cameo of my hetalia oc from another blog.

Icekit picked up an interest of writing mostly from watching his master work with a pen before. The movement of the pen and ink fascinated him. The kitten is quite a sentimental writer too.

However, he is unaware of the fact he can’t write well.

Let’s just hope it’s not permanent marker Alice.

But if you’re going to compare us to the East Asian bros, then that’s another story. =u= ~ 

(( Not much difference for the Filipinos and their SEA family. ;u; ))

(( Please do correct us if we’re wrong on the other countries. OTL ))

(( These are what we got from the site-hopping in the internet and the culture books that are lying around here. ))

Thank you!!![crossover 2/3] aphsingapura ask-bro-brunei ask-the-hawaiian-islands ask-indonesia-singapore mxlta askthesingapore askfelipinas behindurchair medinat-yisrael ask-veterinarian-alfred any suggestion for ONE more crossover IDEAS?

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