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What a beautiful wedding at Rhodes Hall in downtown Atlanta. Southern style Sunday brunch buffet of fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, pecan French toast, onion tart, stone ground grits with cheddar, hash browns and bacon. Everything was perfect.


Design Restaurants and Bars: cool addresses in Rome - Part 3.

Now let’s move to Colosseo area and stop at Caffè Propaganda.

It is a really stylish Restaurant, Bistro and Cocktail Bar. The decor is chic and informal with a retro Parisian bistro-style atmosphere. When you walk in…it seems to be in a New Yorker caffè, decorated in the French bistro-style…really cute, refined, old fashioned and contemporary at the same time; the feel is metropolitan, sophisticated but friendly relaxed.

The cuisine is gourmet and you can live it all the day long: you can taste light dishes like salads, sandwiches, ham and cheese or main courses created by Marco Bravin e Walter Di Ruocco, the two chefs of Caffè Propaganda, from midday to nighttime. During the afternoon you can relax over a cup of tea and macarons, in the evening you can have your happy hour or, later, your drinks.