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The Holy Grail of Brunch: The BlueStem Brasserie 

There are two types of brunch in this world: 1. The greasy delicious brunch you want after a night out, the one where the portions are big and the Bloody Mary’s are on point, 2. The refined Sunday brunch where you dress nice and splurge on carbs and all things deliciously naughty at a slightly higher price. 

Here I give you that #2 option. This is by far my favorite brunch place in San Francisco, and I have returned to the Brasserie as many times as I can possibly afford on my college budget. This is my number one recommendation because, without fail, the food is amazing; however, if you are looking for that down and dirty ‘fixer upper’ brunch, try the Hollywood Cafe. 

Bacon Waffles & Fried Chicken: Rather than explaining the reaction I had when setting eyes on it, I will simply describe the first dish: Bacon waffles, homemade fried chicken, and maple whipped cream cheese. The waffles were fluffy yet savory due to the pieces of bacon mixed in the batter, and finished off with warm maple sirup. It cannot be denied that the fried chicken gives the dish the WOW factor that makes it so rich and feeling that you may be over doing it on a Sunday morning. The fried chicken is lightly fried and extra moist and goes perfectly with the sweetness of the maple sirup. To me it seems that although this restaurant serves high quality food that is rich in flavor, it is hard to put down the fork even if you know you can’t possibly finish it.

The Brunch Burger: Going for a new spin on a brunch burger, the Brasserie features a burger that is the epitome of breakfast. Due to my egg allergy, the burger above does not have the fried egg on top; however, I didn’t miss it at all. To my delight the beef was placed in freshly baked buns that had the consistency of an english muffin and held in the condiments very well. The BlueStem Brunch Burger is made up of: Grass fed beef, a perfect square of hash browns, breakfast sausage, bread & butter pickles, house made american cheese, avocado, and spicy ketchup. Though the entirety of the burger is a mouthful, it is easily consumable. I personally go for the burger every time.

The Monte Cristo: This cannot be eaten alone. This is what a partner dish looks like. It is RICH. Stacked in triangles, the Monte Cristo is made up of a brioche french toast, house-cured ham, Gruyere, house-cured pancetta, battered and deep fried and accompanied by a black currant Jam and fresh whipped cream. Crunchy, salty, sweet, and moist. There is speculation over whether the jam takes away from the Monte Cristo itself, and perhaps it should be placed on the side, but the inclusion of the jam is no doubt a staple to the flavor of the dish. 

Pork Belly and Sausage Hash: It is rare to come across pork belly that is neither chewy nor greasy, and yet again the Brasserie succeeds in producing a melt-in-your-mouth pork belly. This dish is petite but packed with protein and flavor. The dish is balanced with pork belly, sausage hash, Bloomsdale spinach, caramelized onions, and topped with a mustard aioli. The flavors from the onions were and exceptional part of this dish that gave the protein a hearty and comfort food taste, similar to that of a french onion soup.

San Francisco, CA

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