A Fan Asks For A Picture While Harry and Y/N Have Brunch.

Mentions: Fluff, Minor Smut

The sun was so bright, Y/N in a white, ruffly, two piece romper (that Harry absolutely adored), her floppy hat sat on her hair that was a bit wavy due to Harry playing with and braiding it before they went to bed last night, and some sunglasses perched on her nose. Harry was eating up the sight of her glowing skin, soft and glimmering in the hot, California sun, her eyes trained on the calm ocean before them. After tour ended, Harry still had tons of work to do, but now, he had all the time in the world, and he was going to give every minute to his lovie.

A great portion of his time spent with Y/N was simply lying in bed, savoring the feeling of being wrapped in each other’s arms once more after so long, waking up to sleepy morning kisses. Sometimes, it was lazy morning sex, where they don’t have more energy than to get Harry rolled on top of her, bodies pressed together under the fluffy white duvets as he so slowly slipped inside his lovie, then taking slow, deep thrusts to coax her into her orgasm, very quickly followed by Harry coating her walls with his cum.

Either way, they’d eventually get out of bed around 10 or 11 am, getting dressed to go out for brunch. That was exactly what they’d done today. They’d situated themselves on the patio of a restaurant that was beside the ocean, sat at a table with an umbrella where it was meant for them to sit across from each other, but both of them didn’t even need to say anything before they were scooting their chairs beside one another and looking at the menu together.

“In the mood for toast or an omelette, baby honey?” Y/N quietly would ask, pointing to the spot on the menu that she was referring. Harry would simply hum, the two then looking at each other with despicable grins. “Both,” They’d day at the same time.

This morning would be a bit different, as they went to a more public restaurant, so it wasn’t very surprising when two fans had come up to their table and asked for a picture. It was a bit awkward, as the fans had approached them when Harry was peppering Y/N’s faces in small kisses, the two a bit startled from the sound of a clearing throat and then faces reddening as they saw the fans stood in front of their table. Either way, Y/N took the pictures for them, smiling as she looked at her handsome man in the photos. To add to her happiness, as she handed the fan back their phone, they even commented, “You two are so cute.”

“Thanks,” Y/N giggles softly, “How couldn’t I be happy when I have this curly headed bear beside me all the time?”

“Yeah, I hope I get a boyfriend like Harry someday,” The fan jokes lightly.

They said their goodbyes then, letting Y/N and Harry settle back at their table.

It was quiet, though, a smug smirk on Harry’s lips as continued to look through the menu, despite already knowing what he wanted.

Y/N simply chuckled, “That fan was nice, Haz.”

“Yeah, she can hope for a boyfriend like me,” Harry shrugs, then looking at his lovie once more, “But you’ve got her beat still.”

“Oh, stop acting like you’re a prize, Mr. Styles,” Y/N jokingly taps his thigh.

He hums, “You’re the one who wanted to do it all in secret,” He’s then leaning forward to kiss her nose, “Plus, you know what they say: It takes two to say ‘I Do’, Mrs. Styles.”