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dmmd c:

i had to log off due to school stuff yesterday but i assume you refer to this

oh yes, the land of bad fashion choices and talking robot animals

the right place for me

fun fact those are actual clothes i own. do you see why i like noiz now

im gonna scan this as soon as it dries off properly but

if there’s one thing i learned with this was that, in case you wanna paint with coffee and/or tea and/or shoyu and/or chocolate mix powder:

a) don’t

b) if you still want to, love yourself and get at least one or two brushes instead of using your fingers and spoons and a bunch of toilet paper


tâmblo, meet my babies

i had already posted small doodles of ottilia here and here. maude was inspired by these random doodles from last year. i had sketched auburn too, but i cant find it…… and i have some things with joh too, but they’re all horrible lol

also there are some captions with tiny bits of irrelevant info

im thinking of developing these characters better, i really feel like doing some creative writing that’s not lazy fanfiction, and i like these babes…… so yeah