I found this graffiti in an alleyway by a newsagent near where I live in Longbridge, Birmingham. Is it possible that it was perpetrated by a fan of Karlheinz Stockhausen, the avant-guarde German composer, who perhaps most famous for his seven-part opera cycle ‘Licht’? I wouldn’t have said that where I live there was particularly rich seam of opera-lovers, to say the least, so I found it a little jarring to pass the daubed tribute on a recent walk to the aforementioned newsagent. Admittedly, Birmingham did recently host the first complete performance of the 'Mittwoch’ opera from Licht, so perhaps a fresh stock of Stockhausen fans have been created in the city.

I will be sorely disappointed if I’m told that there is in fact just a growing community of patriotic migrants from one of the small districts in Germany that share the name 'Stockhausen’ living in the area, who like to zealously promote their former hometowns with such vandalism.