More comics from class.
I suppose this are just as good as fillers over my other sketches and stuff.  so slow :/ everything…

at any rate, this is one of our rats, who has discovered that walking into a dish of sugar milk is not comfortable.  I can’t really tell if she was just trying to make a mess, or dance, or just didn’t realize that to get away from the wet she had to get out of the dish.  Either way, it was funny and she stood there dancing for at least 30 seconds before she ran away.

Less than a month ago I wrote to my aunt Marianne to thank her for helping me develop into the artist and the person that I am today. She was an early example of a strong woman with style and opinion who taught me design. Lover of Art, cinema, literature, and fashion she introduced me to a whole new World and knew about the latest trends and artists. Took me to African contemporary artists’ exhibits 20 years ago like Frederic Bruly Bouabré, suggested I read a book that became my favorite, “The Time of Our Singing”, offered me Eau d'Issey, Eau Sauvage and Eau par Kenzo which became my favorite scents, I was surprised lately, she had read all Chimamanda Adichie books when I offered her Americanah! Elder and only sister of 5, she was the backbone of my family. She had survived cancer a couple years ago and was still active. She will be a missed mother, grand-mother, aunt, sister friend and confident.
J'ai la tristesse d'apprendre le décès de ma tante Marianne. Ce qui me connaissent savent à quel point elle comptait pour moi et a quel point elle fut un mentor important dans mon développement artistique. Solide figure féminine et féministe, elle a créé son bureau de style et de design industriel pour lequel j'ai travaillé. Elle m'a transmit son sens du design, et a été un exemple de femme extrêmement forte, indépendante, bâtante et excellente. C'est une partie de moi qui s'en est allé aujourd'hui.