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“The ancient tradition of flat oyster farming in the Adriatic Sea continued by Cromaris using contemporary production process needed to be translated through packaging design. The agency has managed to create a fusion of traditional and contemporary by combining classic typography with a modern interpretation of specific shape of the oyster. The goal was to achieve packaging that’s simple and striking with a premium touch.”

The agency was founded by Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić in 1995 and today it’s the Best International Small Agency (AdAge, 2013), the Second Most Efficient Independent Agency Globally (Effie Index, Cannes, 2012) and one of the most award-winning advertising agencies in Southeastern Europe, with over 400 international awards for creativity and efficiency. The group numbers some 80 creatives and experts in brand strategy, packaging design, graphic, spacial and product design, strategic planning and every kind of on line and off line marketing communication. 

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A beautiful creative direction made in Croatia, for Podravka annual report with the title “Well done”. The trick is to bake the small book hidden inside in the oven for 25 minutes at 100 degrees, so the text recipes and pictures show up. It’s made from some sort of invisible ink that only appears in heat. Directions are given so you won’t overcook it. If you really want to know Podravka’s secret recipes you have to become a cook yourself for a start… Now if that isn’t interesting I don’t know what is! 

Client: Podravka Annual Report
Agency: Bruketa & Zinic Om, Zagreb Via