We are five women of color artists, musicians, healers, educators, and visionaries. We are Bolivian, Filipino, Chumash, Navajo, Yaqui, Jamaican, Slovak, Swedish, Mexican, African, Basque and Pima. We each make work that is unique, yet share profound commonalities. While rooted in our past, we create the future. We formed this collective to create a circle of support for each other, because we find support for artists like ourselves so lacking. Between us, we have more than 40 years of experience of making art within our communities.

We feel our experiences have been largely undocumented which is why for our first large-scale project we have decided to make a collaborative film. Inspired by works such as Downtown 81, Born in Flames, and Space is the Place, our film will be part-documentary, part-narrative; a spiritual journey through the many worlds that we will create together.

We are going to shoot the film beginning in late August as we travel from Oakland to Santa Fe, with stops along the way. As we go, we will make performances and installations, music and rituals. We will be weaving our stories, our visions for the future, and our (re)discovery/connection with the land.