I did the fastest ombre ever

Today. My client was scheduled at 245. She didnt show up until 3:05. She has mildly thick hair and i did her base foils and in between color (for dimension) in 40 minutes. She had to leave at 5 for work. We obviously didnt have time for a cut, but i had a haircut at 330 scheduled (-_- i hate running behind so of course i was by 20mins ugh) thankfully shes an absolutely amazing client and super chill. Well i had the assistant wash and blow dry the ombre girl for me which was she was cool with. And her color was flawless and beautiful.

Just had to toot my own horn. Everything went perfectly.

A day in the life of a stylist.

So my bff came into the studio today. I forgot to take a before. But shes been in ohio for the last year and half and she had a decent stylist out there. But she was an older woman, so there would be some days my emmy would call me so upset about her hair. Well she’s moved back to sunny cali! And i finally made her feel the way she feels on the inside.

We both absolutely loved how it came out. Its very Cheshire Cat themed, which is perfect since she loves Alice in Wonderland. (Totally didnt do it in purpose, we just realized it as i was finishing her up).


One of the stylists misunderstood me when they helped me with a client yesterday. I asked her to tone with 9nb, but she heard 9b. My client text me saying her hair was grey and green and streaky looking. 😱

Its an easy fix of just pre arting and retoning. But i feel so bad. She has never had anyone else work on her for me before. And she the perfect client who always rebooks, buys products, and recommends people. And the one time i ask someone else to help me with her, we turn her white. >.<. So now im going in very early to fix it. But its ok. Itll look normal in no time.

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Today is my 3 year anniversary of being a Licensed Cosmetologist =)...

I’ve got a life time of learning and progressing my skills im so excited for this long journey. the rollarcoaster of my industry…bring it on life. <3

I will live Success

So happy

That i got the pravana pastels early. I cant wait to use them. And im thinking about bleaching out a good portion of my roots and using the coral color. So itll be a coral to orange to black ombre. Gotta try it out you know? :) im so excited. Its like hairdresser christmas.