anonymous asked:

hi! i hope it's okay to ask but are you working on a cs fic right now? i just love your fics so much and reread all of them this weekend and now i'm desperate for more haha.

Ahhhh, anon, thanks, totally fine to ask! :D I am, but not very dedicatedly, I have about 4,000 words of a sort of modern-ish Lieutenant Duckling and then about 1,000 words where I just wanted to write like, you show me yours I’ll show you mine teenage shenanigans, and they’ve both been in those states for about a month

and then A L S O i just have a draft that literally just says ‘fucked up thing where they get bruisey and go hard but don’t talk about it during the daytime except sometimes she presses down on his shoulder at work because she knows she left a bruise there’

and that one i just stare at and think about

like god please just think about that

emma’s hip bruised, leaning hard into the edge of her desk as she’s talking to him about something stupid and mundane, her eyes getting less focused at the pressure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯