bruises under the eyes

Hurt one of us and you face us all ~The Originals~

You stomped into the kitchen, slamming your bag down on the counter. Your dried tear stained cheeks probably leaving foundation stripes over your cheeks along with the short lines of the weak mascara you wore. 

The bruise forming under your eye already visible from your angle. It pounding slightly. You had to stifle another sob from escaping your throat as another body moved into the kitchen without warning. As swift as a ghost. 

“Good evening darling,” Elijah’s voice came from behind you as you immediately turned towards the fridge. You quickly opened it, sniffing to keep back the tears. Ravaging around the three or four consumable things for you- the only human in the house. 

“Hey Elijah.” you quickly replied, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge trying to wipe at your cheeks and your eyes. You could hear him walking around behind you. 

“Are you hungry? I can fix you something? I’m sure you won’t appreciate a glass of blood” he remarked behind you. You forced a slight laugh, 

“No-no I’m fine thank you” you replied, taking a sip of your water. Carefully surveying the backdrop of the kitchen. You still not turning towards Elijah. They all had warned you. Kol, Rebekah, Elijah even Klaus had warned you about your boyfriend. The boy that you had been with for more than a year had finally showed his true colours tonight. 

He had cursed your name, uttered all your flaws, admitted that he cheated on you and enjoyed it, disrespected you and had lifted his hand against you. You should’ve listened to them. You should’ve listened to them because they knew who and what he truly was. 

“Y/N- may I ask you to turn to me?” Elijah questioned in his informative voice. 

You shook your head, forced to bite your lip as you didn’t want to cry about that pathetic ex boyfriend of yours especially not in front of Elijah. You heard him sigh and you could only imagine his facial expression. Regret, maybe a knowing glare but sadness. 

“Y/N” he soothed as he slowly put his hands on your shoulders forcing you to bite away the tears even harder. He slowly turned you around and his jaws clenched upon seeing your bruised facial feature. 

His hands gently cupped your face, his thumb grazing slightly over the bruise and then his eyes locked with yours. 

“Y/N, whatever might’ve happened- it is not your fault,” Elijah’s voice soothed as your eyes brimmed with tears once again. Then you heard footsteps behind Elijah and you ducked away but it was too late. Klaus had already saw you and he paced over to you. 

“What in the bloody hell is this?” he snapped angrily. You turned towards him slightly and his facial features morphed into anger. 

“Oh that bastard- how dare he!” Klaus exploded as Elijah opened a cupboard a few feet away from you. Klaus firmly took your face into one of his hands and inspected the bruise. Careful not to hurt you. His eyes danced in anger. 

“Death” he announced turning towards Elijah as well and you wanted to interject but Elijah turned and talked over you.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I have to agree with Niklaus” he spoke wetting a cloth in the sink next to you, “But first you need to tell us what happened” 

“I don’t need to know the full story to know I’m going to kill the lad” Klaus declared. 

“I’m fine- really just leave it both of you. It was just a misunderstanding but its over- ” you tried but Elijah slowly padded the bruise making you flinch slightly. 

“It is not fine- he physically abused you and most likely verbally and mentally and honestly Y/N he needs to be taught a lesson before meeting his maker” Elijah declared, slowly dabbing at the bruise a bit more. 

“Don’t try to tell us your fine your emotional state is all over the place” Klaus declared and you shrieked away from him. 

“I was just stupid- I should’ve listened” you declared. 

“You sure should have Love” Klaus declared as Elijah turned to his brother. 

“Niklaus you are not helping at the moment. I suggest you keep your mouth closed.” Elijah sarcastically replied. Klaus rolled his eyes, leaning against the counter keeping a watchful eye on what Elijah was doing. 

“He admitted he cheated” you sheepishly stated and Elijah clenched his jaw. You bit away tears that had suddenly creeped up on your eyes when you thought back at what he had said. Elijah saw and Klaus stiffened as well. 

“Whatever he said, whatever he insinuated, whatever he made you feel- it was lies and you deserve better than that low life.” Elijah said as the tears started falling from your eyes. He wrapped his arms around you and you didn’t hold back. 

You cried into him. Him holding you tightly. 

“I’ve got you y/n” Elijah soothed as someone else entered the kitchen. That is when you wanted to disappear.  You pulled away from Elijah as he turned to see who entered and it was Rebekah. You saw her confused expression and then she stalked over to you. 

“Bloody asshole” she hissed as she slammed her arms around you and hugged you, Elijah moving out of the way. When you pulled away from her Klaus was angry all over again. 

“I won’t kill him, I’m just going to hurt him” Klaus declared and Rebekah nodded. 

“I’m in” she hissed as Elijah nodded in affirmation. 

“Let’s go then- he hurst one of us, he has to deal with all of us” Elijah said and Klaus and Rebekah stalked out of the kitchen. 

“You mean everything to us, Y/N” Elijah’s deep voice interrupted the brief moment of silence,  making you look up, “Your our family wether or not your a Mikaelsson or not” he informed. You smiled slightly, when he returned it and disappeared leaving you in the silence of the kitchen. Just when you thought you were alone boots  thumping on the floor, Kol strode in with a bat comfortable seated on his shoulder. 

“So I heard that so called boyfriend of yours hit you?” Kol knowingly stated, trying to provide an encouraging smile. You nodded sheepishly biting your lip slightly but before you could try and talk him out of anything he interrupted. 

“Well, I finally get to try out my new bat” he smiled and you couldn’t help but laugh at the smile he gave you before leaving. You quickly ran after him but when you turned the corner he was gone a small smile still playing on your lips. 

A shoutout to Gay men

who have bloody knuckles, who have rough hands, who have callouses, sore feet, body aches, who are tired from work, from home, from school, from their families, from their friends. who are just tired. who are sick. who have bruises. who have cuts. who have scratches. who have bags under their eyes. who have pains in their bones, who have headaches, who have tooth aches.

Your pain is valid. I see you. I am you. I know your pain. It’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to be not okay. It’s okay to be tired. It’s okay.

i. i dream about you in terms of colors—in the blush-pink of your lips, cream-coffee collarbones, yellow roses. in blue veins, faint purple bruises under your night sky eyes. you are my favorite kaleidoscope.

ii. i’m not sure there’s anything more enticing than the look of my lipstick smudged on your mouth.

iii. i think of us like magnets, pulled together again and again. i can’t look away from you, sometimes. almost like it hurts to. i’m drawn to you every time we’re in the same room, can’t drag my gaze away from you, lines of polarization from my eyes to yours, every nerve of me screaming for me to touch you. i can feel the look on my face. i know you see it. 

iv. quelquefois je pense que je vois le soleil dans vos yeuxs. le soleil, la lune et tout les etoiles.

v. it scares me, sometimes, how much i feel for you. i can feel it all welling up inside me like an overflowing sink, threatening to spill off the tip of tongue. i still can’t believe you’re mine to hold, that i can be held in return. i’m not sure i’ll ever believe it.

—  “you wear my jacket better than me”, gbp
Here Kitty Kitty

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Pairing: Yoonkookmon

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Smut, light BDSM, light dom/sub

Words: 3,273

“Baby, c’mon let’s go.” Namjoon pleads with his boyfriend who has been holed up in his studio for close to 28 hours. “If you haven’t finished by now it’s not going to happen tonight.” When he doesn’t get a response he rips the headphones off the other’s head and chucks them across the room.

   “What the hell Namjoon?” Yoongi rasps and rubs at the bags that look more like bruises under his eyes. Namjoon’s heart clenches a bit at how exhausted he really looks.

   “Come home with me Yoongi,” Namjoon says reaching for the older, but Yoongi shakes his head fervently.

   “I have to finish it Joonie, I have to. There are deadlines and people counting on me to have it done. I can’t let them down.” His voice shakes and tears start to roll down his porcelain cheeks. Yoongi doesn’t cry, not unless he’s really distressed and Namjoon knows this.

   “Oh Yoongi,” Namjoon coos and reaches for the other who gladly jumps up to hug him. “Everything’s fine and you have plenty of time. Hell, you make the rest of us look like slackers. Why are you so upset?” Namjoon rubs Yoongi’s back and presses a kiss to his temple.

   “I don’t know why but I just can’t stop feeling anxious lately. I don’t know what to do.” Namjoon tightens his hold on the other and takes a deep breath.

   “We’ll figure it out, okay? I promise but we have to get you home and in bed.” Yoongi only sniffs weakly before nodding and letting his boyfriend carry him to their car.

   Namjoon tucks him in after kissing him goodnight and the older falls asleep almost instantly. The younger can’t seem to join him, not with the thought of how stressed his baby has been lately. He had to do something about it.

   “You want to what?” Yoongi deadpanned, pausing in between bites of eggs Namjoon had made earlier.

“Adopt a hybrid,” Namjoon answers with obvious excitement in his voice. Yoongi squints at him before setting his chopsticks down and sighing.

“Why would you want to do that?” Yoongi asks genuinely confused.

“Well it’s not necessarily for my benefit,” He trails off and Yoongi squints again. “Okay, you said that you’ve been stressed lately and I read that this might help. I think it’s a really good idea.” Yoongi stops squinting and is quiet for awhile. “Yoongi?”

“You really think this might work?” He asks the younger in a small voice.

“I think it’s worth a try. Anything that could help you feel better.” Namjoon smiles and Yoongi blushes before leaning over to kiss him softly.

“Thank you, Joonie.”

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They were supposed to meet at 12 p.m. Bucky always came late, Steve always came ahead of time, but today it’s different.
12:10 p.m. Steve hasn’t come yet. Bucky began to worry too much.
-If this moron doesn’t come after 4 minutes, then he…- Bucky heard footsteps behind and turns sharply. Before him is Steve. Small, thin and…His whole face was covered in wounds, under eye was a huge bruise, lip was split.
Bucky silently walked over to Steve and gently touched fingers Steve’s chin. Steve silent. He only took Bucky’s wrist and squeezed it.
-What happened this time?-Bucky whispered.

Drunk - Part 2 (Sirius)

Part 1

* * *

You clutched your mug to your chin the next morning wondering what the hell to do. ‘Morning.’ James said, entering the kitchen. 
‘You look rough.’ You said, admiring the bruises on his arms, the dark circles under his eyes and the serious case of bed-head. ‘Shuddup.’ He groaned, rubbing his eyes. You chewed on your lip as James pulled out the cereal and poured himself a very large bowl. ‘Hey can I ask you something?’ You asked, seizing the moment. James grunted and you took it as a yes. ‘Did you tell Sirius that I don’t love him?’ You asked. James opened the fridge and starting poring milk into his cereal. ‘Probably.’ He said, not looking up. 
‘Why?’ You pressed, feeling a bit hurt. James shrugged, putting the milk back and picking up his bowl. ‘Because you don’t.’ He said, starting to walk away. 
‘Woah woah woah!’ You cried, pulling his arm. ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’James freed his arm and turned to you, sighing. ‘Because it’s obvious that he loves you more than you love him.’ 
‘And how do you know that?’ You asked, folding your arms. 
‘He has given you loads of chances to prove it but you never take them.’ James shrugged again and turned away. ‘Just obvious.’ He walked into his room, closing the door behind him. 
It was common knowledge that you weren’t the best at seeing signs of emotion. Or that you were good with dealing with emotions. The truth was you had liked Sirius for a very long time. A very long time. But since you didn’t see any signs you moved on. You placed the mug gently on the counter and made the brave decision to talk to Sirius. 

‘Sirius?’ You said, knocking on his door. He grunted in reply. You opened the door to see Sirius sitting on the edge of his bed, the sun pouring into his bedroom. He, like James, looked rough. Hair sticking up in random positions, dark circles under his eyes and his face blotchy. ‘What’s up?’ He asked as you sat down next to him. ‘I just wanted to talk to you about something but it’s a bit awkward.’ You said truthfully. 
‘Hit me.’ Sirius replied, his full attention on you. 
‘Okay. Okay.’ You said, preparing yourself. ‘Well last night you said something to me-’ 
‘Oh lord, what was it?’ Sirius said rubbing his eyes. ‘Did I tell you i wanted to be a dragon trainer again? Because I don’t only drunk Sirius does-’ 
‘No!’ You said, laughing. ‘It was uh-you told me you loved me.’ The colour drained from Sirius’ face. 
‘Oh.’ Was all he managed to say. ‘Well-uh-you know, people say dumb things when they’re drunk like, the dragon trainer stuff so…’ 
‘Yeah well,’ You swallowed, ‘James kinda confirmed it this morning so…’
‘Ah…’‘We don’t have to talk about it, obviously!’ You said, standing up, ‘I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry!’ ‘No wait!’ Sirius said. You stopped. Your heart was beating so fast. ‘What if it was true?’ ‘What?’‘What if it was true? That I…loved you.’ Sirius’ eyes were locked on yours. You were finding it more and more difficult to swallow. ‘Then we would have a problem.’ You replied. Sirius’ shoulders dropped. ‘Why?’ He croaked. ‘Because I love you as well.’ ‘And-uh-’ Sirius started but he was smiling too much. You were smiling too. ‘Why is that a problem?’ He asked, standing up. ‘Because we live together.’ You said matter-of-factly. Sirius moved closer towards you. ‘Well…’ He said, ‘I mean, you live down the hall.’ ‘My room is down the hallway.’ You grinned as Sirius began to close the gap. ‘Yeah.’ He replied, ‘And my room is here.’ He said, and you could feel his hot breath on your skin. ‘So…’ He trailed off, the end of his sentence lost as he pressed his lips to yours, his hand running up your back and tangling in your hair. The kiss was short and sweet and afterwards you both looked like you had slept with coat hangers in your mouths. ‘So.’ He said, his hand on your waist, ‘You do love me like James loves Lily?’ ‘Well, well, well.’ You said, ‘So you do remember last night?’ ‘Maybe.’ He said, but his eyes were shining. 

alright, yeah, so i have a busted lip & a black eye. it’s not that bad, if i’m being honest here. but everyone go tweet at jordan for being the biggest douche on the planet. calling me a pussy & said i wouldn’t do shit if he punched me ? nah, i don’t play by that. he was lucky enough to get the shots he got in before i started swinging on him. i may have gone overboard, i admit to that, but he’s fucking lucky i didn’t do anything worse for talking shit about my family. 


She was quiet as you dragged the inky black across her cheeks. The kohl around her eyes matched and covered the bruises under her eyes from her sleepless nights. She was hurting, but you knew she wouldn’t let anyone else see that. In her mind, the fight was not over and therefore she would not– could not mourn. 

As you looked at her downcast eyes and the hard set of her shoulders, you knew just the addition she needed. 

You leaned back after you were done, and gestured to the water basin beside you so Octavia could look at the finished work. She leaned over and you saw her breath catch and her fingers shakily touched her forehead where two upside down L shaped lines resided. She pursed her lips.

“Lincoln.” She said softly. 

“To honor him,” You said in explanation, “I know you will make him proud.” 

Octavia let out a shaky breath and nodded, “Thank you.” 


You looked at yourself in the mirror, you barely touched the bruise under your eye and you flinched. You walked out of the school bathroom and straight into class. Theo was sitting right behind you. Just breathe, just breathe, he’s not going to do anything. As long as I keep my mouth shut, he won’t hurt me. You hated the fact that you could tell he had a smile on his face. He began to play with your hair. You pulled yourself as close to the desk as much as you could.

“Please, let go of my hair, I’m not going to say anything.” You said coldly.

“Oh honey I know you won’t.” He said, and you could feel the danger in his voice.

You had to stay late to help your English teacher with grading and working on files. You both herd footsteps.

“Who would be here at such a late time?” She asked and walked out of them room. All you heard was a scream that didn’t even last second. You ran into the hallway and saw her on the floor; her neck was broken, basically twisted. You looked up and saw the nogitsune staring down at you.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Where’s Theo? I can smell him for miles.”

“I don’t know, what do you want with Theo?”

“I’m going to rip his throat out.” The Void said with a big smile.

“Oh really now?” You both turned around and saw Theo standing in front of the doors.

“Okay, before anything starts, we should all tell each other why we want to do this to each other.” You said with fear.

“Why did you hit her Theo? Hmm? Oh, and you might want to choose your words very carefully.” Void said as he held you in this cold arms.

Theo smiled.

“She was doing something that I didn’t want her to do. And as a powerful male werewolf, Physical harm is the best way to stop them from doing the wrong thing.” Theo explained and began to walk towards the doors.

I looked up at Void and anger was blazing in his eyes, and he tightened his grip on you. He pushed you aside and all the sudden he ended up being right in front of Theo. Theo received a huge punch in the face and then his leg got snapped when the Void kicked his leg. Void moved very quickly. He was throwing Theo around; wall to wall. He threw him down crushingly hard, cracking the floor. Theo, a bloody mess, quickly scooted away from Void.

“I suggest you go find a different pack, none of us will be a part of it. Be careful of what you ask for Theo, sometimes getting something you want will backfire.”

Void took your hand and held it in his; setting your hand on his cold chest.
“Are you okay, dove?”  You nod and watch as Theo limps away and out in the raining darkness.

“Let’s get back home, your pack is probably thinking that I kidnapped you.”

stop dying your way into my poetry.
you are not a corpse,
and this is not your coffin.

so often,
I have held your bleeding palms in mine,
turned your bruised knees into bodies of art,
made roses of the red under your eyes.

so often,
you have been wounded,
been torn apart in battlegrounds of other loves,
ran back to the only home you knew.

back to lines of poetry,
back to being a flower in a garden made only for you,
to sunsets so beautiful you forget how to breathe,
to kisses that taste
like so much honey,
so much summer.

I know better now,
than to open myself funeral house for you.
I know better now,
than to bury you in the back of my throat,
to speak you in every word.

—  Reena B.| There’s no heaven for you here.

Modern Worshippers: Athene

Libraries are their fortresses, the Web and TV their scouts. Skype calls are made as the newest terrorist attack or war attack is broadcast as they make live commentary on the best way to handle it. Books and journals are scattered everywhere in their rooms; every nook and cranny has some book precariously perched on an already too-high stack. Hand-made and hand-decorated pots hold flowers and aloe vera plants on sunny windowsills and balconies and backyards. Some fiddle with string and play Cat’s Cradle during the weekly intelligence conference while still others create Rube Goldberg machines that end up feeding their host’s cat or dog or bird or bunny. Everyone tends to keep band-aids in stock in case someone pricks a finger while needlepointing. Some have bags under their eyes from studying and others bruises and scraps form self-defense classes.

A ravenous mind is their all-consuming weapon.

In which Heather puts her music on shuffle and writes 10 drabbles for the first 10 songs.

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2. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W - My Chemical Romance

Never mind about the shape I’m in, I’ll keep you safe tonight

The sun dips low on the horizon, a swollen red bleeding across the landscape. Night is coming again and the very thought exhausts him. Muties only crawl from their holes after dark, their skin unable to handle even the weakest sunlight. No matter that the sky these days is the color of a days old bruise from the pollution.

“Liam?” Zayn’s husky voice calls from behind him.


Liam turns to face him. Zayn’s beautiful, even gaunt as he is, even with the delicate bruising under his eyes from sleep deprivation. He’s always so fucking beautiful, it slices deep into Liam’s chest. Guilt and love swarm him in equal measures. If there is a single person who deserves better than the hollowed out shell the world has become, it’s Zayn Malik.

“I took care of the back door already. Can you help me with the windows?” Zayn asks softly.

Liam manages a smile. “Sure, babe. S’just the main one, yeah? And the kitchen?”

Zayn nods wearily. “Yeah. We left the rest of them up from yesterday.”

Zayn’s accent gets more pronounced the sleepier he is and right now he’s almost slurring with exhaustion. Maybe tonight they’ll get some sleep for once, so tired they’ll ignore the threat outside. Liam’s feeling worn paper thin.

He follows Zayn into the living room and helps him secure the large piece of sheet metal across the wide window. Liam doesn’t know what happened to the house’s former owners, doesn’t like to think about it much. They left security measures in place, though, so whatever happened must have happened after everything started crumbling.

Liam tries very hard not to think about the tiny room upstairs with the hand painted clouds on the wall and the tiny trucks and trains piled in the corner. Maybe they got out. Maybe they found someplace better, although Liam and Zayn have yet to find better despite traveling over half the country already.

“Stop obsessing,” Zayn chides gently once the final window is secure. “You go over and over in your head and there’s nothing you can do to change any of it. What happens will happen. And we’ll deal with it when it does.”

Liam drops his forehead to Zayn’s shoulder and lets Zayn run his fingers through Liam’s hair. “I know,” Liam mumbles against the skin-warm fabric. “I hate it.”

“You hate that you can’t plan,” Zayn interprets. “That’s okay. You’ve planned well enough to keep us alive this far.”

“Are we going to stay here? Indefinitely? Or should we move on?” These are the questions Liam has been consumed with.

Zayn drops a soft kiss on Liam’s temple. “Tonight we stay here. Tomorrow we decide what to do. We’re fairly well protected here and well stocked on food, but we can discuss moving on.”

“I just don’t know what the best decision is. I can’t tell.” Liam hates indecision. He prefers the security of a good plan and the innate knowledge of the next step.

“Come to bed with me,” Zayn suggests. “Sleep. We’ll sort it out tomorrow. Let your brain rest.”

Liam nods wearily and allows Zayn to take his hand and lead him upstairs to the master bedroom. They lock the door behind them, just in case, and move the dresser in front of it. It’s unlikely the muties will get past their barriers, but if they do and get as far as upstairs at least there will be warning.

Zayn gently pulls Liam’s shirt over his head. He drops warm kisses over Liam’s myriad scars: the dimpling of flesh on his shoulder from toxic rain, the knife wound on his side from the men he saved Zayn from, the pale slashes over his stomach from their first run-in with the muties, the bite mark on his hip from whatever that creature was just outside Rotherham.

Zayn is thorough, showing a soft devotion to every inch of Liam’s battered body. It isn’t sexual, they’re both too exhausted for that tonight, just an appreciation of Liam’s solidity. At first Liam had hid from Zayn, ashamed of how his body looked under his clothes. Zayn had carefully and gently broken down those walls, insisting that the scars merely showed Liam’s capability for survival, trophies of his dogged continued existence.

Liam drags Zayn up to kiss his full, chapped lips. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Zayn returns easily. “We’re going to make it. No matter what we end up doing. And we’ll do it together.”

“There’s no one I’d rather do it with,” Liam confesses, pulling Zayn against his chest.

Zayn drops one last kiss to the tip of Liam’s nose before curling against him. “Same. Get some sleep, baby. We both need it.”

Liam waits until Zayn’s breath evens out and he goes slack and heavy with sleep. The depth of his love for this man overwhelms him, heady and all-consuming. Liam would tear the entire world apart further if it meant keeping Zayn safe.

Outside the knocking and shuffling begins. The muties are out under a moonless sky. He can imagine their pale, loose skin like melted candle wax and stifles a shudder. They’re circling the house looking for a way in, but it’s locked up tight. He has to remember that.

Liam forces himself to tune out the sounds, focusing instead on the gentle rise and fall of Zayn’s chest. His open-mouthed breath feathers warm over Liam’s skin like a benediction. Exhaustion pulls at the edges of Liam’s consciousness and he finally allows it to drag him under, nose buried in Zayn’s hair.


Elijah jerked awake. Last night… oh. Right. He rubbed his eyes blearily.

It took him a few moments to realise where he was.

A chill shot up his spine when he realised he was lying on Connor’s mattress. The whole thing smelled like him, a more concentrated variant of the smell Elijah would sense if he leaned too close to Connor’s neck. And yet… he couldn’t move. His heart pounded in his chest and his body remained frozen for a few seconds that felt like eternities; finally, though, he swung his legs over the side and hauled himself to his feet.

Connor was passed out, in turn, in Elijah’s bed. He had dark shadows under his eyes and a dark bruise on the bare skin of his shoulder. When had he come in…? Elijah must have been out like a light to’ve slept through Connor coming back.

Having him there - even asleep - was too much. Elijah yanked on some clothes and grabbed a pair of spare keys before making his escape, his heart still racing between his ribs despite the crisp morning air.

Today, a stranger glared back in the mirror.

Otabek Atlin

In my mind, Otabek is like Yuri: He has to work extremely hard to be able to skate at a competitive level and it destroys his body.

i found this sitting in my notes from months ago so i figured i’d post it. luke is an underground fighter and you’re pregnant. enjoy!

Luke sighs and pulls his black tank over his head as he walks into your shared bedroom, “you awake princess?” He murmurs and you reach for the light on your nightstand before flicking it on, pushing yourself to sit up and taking in the sight of him. Your heart sinks when you see the purple bruise forming under his right eye, the skin so swollen his beautiful blue eye is barely open. His smile is lopsided thanks to the fat lip and cut slicing through the right side of his bottom lip and you kick the sheets off, your hand smoothing over the small bump between your hips before you shift onto your knees and crawl to his side of the bed.

“Gorgeous…” You breathe the pet name as you stomach twists. This isn’t the first night he’s come home bruised, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Luke closes his eyes as your hands gently cup his cheeks, wincing slightly when he nuzzles into your touch despite being in pain as his hands come up to hold your wrists, “I’m okay,” he murmurs, pulling your right hand away and pressing a kiss to your palm before he guides your hand down to your baby bump, his hand covering yours, “how’s our little cub?”

"He’s fine,” you say, tilting your chin and brushing a gentle kiss to his lips, “so are these the bruises of a winner?”

Luke’s lips pull into a smirk as his fingers fall to his belt, watching you crawl back under the covers, “winner,” he murmurs, letting his belt hang unbuckled as he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a thick roll of cash- all 100 dollar bills you’re sure- and tossing it onto the mattress, “15 grand princess, we can finally get that nice family car you’ve been wanting.”

You lean over the side of the bed and pull the shoebox out from under your side, setting the cardboard box in your lap and opening the top to reveal 4 other rolls of cash that are equally as large, “I think you should stop fighting,” you murmur as you set the money in the box, not bothering to count it before you put the lid on and look up at your boyfriend.

He sighs, kicking out of his jeans before crawling into bed with you, leaning over to click your bedside lamp off, “two more fights,” he promises, his voice soft as you roll onto your side, a hum leaving his throat as you press back against him, your body slotting in against his like a puzzle piece, “then I can walk away without any problems from The League.”

“You promise?” you ask as his arm slips around your waist, his large hand covering nearly the entire spans of your baby bump.

He noses your hair out of the way before he presses a soft kiss to your neck, “promise.”


it’s been 1 year!!!
since I get a lot of random nose asks here’s an FAQ quick guide:
1. did it hurt?
lol no, you’re on OxyContin for three weeks. although I did have a dog bop me and a friend bump into me like a month after and holy hell that hurt but I was fine after that
2. did people notice?
you have pretty bad bruises under your eyes for about two weeks but because the swelling is gradual (it will stop altering after 1 year, hence this post) people didn’t really notice unless I pointed it out. but if I showed them a before and after they were like holy shit
3. how much was it?
there’s no set price, but please do not skimp on this. find a doctor who ONLY does rhinoplasty. this might be a few hundred more but honestly would you rather have a botched nose job by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing or spend a little more and have it look great??
4. do you like it/any regrets?
my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I have been so much happier and more confident and I love love love it.
5. I hear some people have breakdowns after because it’s not what they thought, is this true?
unfortunately, yes. some people go into thinking it will be the end-all-be-all and their life will turn around. it’s actually not like that. a nose job is a you thing. most people won’t even notice a difference so don’t expect them to. get one because it will make you feel better about yourself. my roommate for the last two years can’t even remember what I looked like before unless I show her pictures. also, I have horrible anxiety and my doc said that people with anxiety actually do better with nose jobs because they anticipate the potential anxieties whereas people who don’t have anxiety can sometimes be blindsided because it doesn’t look perfect one week post-op. it is ONE YEAR of recovery and subtle changes–expect that.
6. would you recommend getting one if I’m on the fence?
only do it if you want to. don’t let me decide this for you. you need to go into knowing you will be bedridden for a week, and with horrible bruises for two weeks. you need someone who will take care of you during this time. hospital bills are also a factor and if, IF, something goes wrong, you need to prepare for that (i.e. a correction surgery that could be double the original cost, but if you go to a rhinoplastician and not a plastic surgeon, the chances of this are much more slim). however if you know that you would feel a million times better if your nose wasn’t crooked, or had a bump, or wasn’t curved or hooked, then by all means. I would never EVER suggest that anyone with those types of noses should get a nose job because noses come in a million shapes and sizes and people love all different kinds of noses. I opted for a tiny one instead of a medium one (I had the option) because I thought I would be happier with a tiny one. but this is YOUR decision because it’s YOUR face
7. who did your nose/where did you get yours done?
A rhinoplastician in Dallas, TX. message me if you want his name and website! (I sent him a Christmas present because he did such a good job)

also weird/cool things about my nose job:
-my lips look fuller
-my vision and peripherals improved
-glasses fit better
-kissing people is a lot less cumbersome!!!

if you have any more nose questions I’m always here to help :)

Tadashi is nervous, and Kei can tell. He doesn’t like it. They’re doing homework together, and Tadashi is fiddling with the hem of his shirt, not paying any attention to his homework like he should. Normally, Kei would be annoyed, but all he feels is worry as he eyes the bruises peeking out from under Tadashi’s sleeves as he wrings the bottom of his shirt, gnawing at his lower lip. Kei can see a question forming and reforming on his lips, but he always stops himself before he can ask.

Kei knows he has a perpetual frown on his face, he knows this as he glares down at his math homework, and finally Tadashi opens his mouth.

“K- Kei?..”

“Yeah, Tadashi?”

“Wh- What’s a– a ‘f- fag’?”

Now Kei is definitely concerned. “..Why are you asking?..”

Tadashi can’t be getting bullied again, can he?.. Not when Kei’s doing his best to keep the bullies away, not when he glares down anybody that so much aslooks at Tadashi wrong. Not when–

“B- Because…the boys on the p- playg- p- playground call me that some- some- somet- times, and– and they s- say it li- l- like it’s a bad w- word, but I don- don’t know what it means, a- and Kei is the smar- smartest p- person I know, so I thought to as- ask you…”

“They call you that?..” Kei asks, voice calm, but inside his blood is boiling. “Why do they call you that?”

“Th- They s- say it’s b- bec- because I call you by your g- given name,” Tadashi says, and Kei’s pencil snaps in his hand. “What does it mean?..”

“It’s nothing,” Kei snaps quickly, his voice harsher than intended. “It’s just some stupid word they throw around without knowing what it means. And Inever want you to say it ever again, ok, Tadashi?”

“O- Ok…”

Tadashi looks confused, and Kei knows that to keep Tadashi innocent it’s going to be a long road ahead of them. They’re only ten, and something big will need to change before they’ll be ok. And that isn’t going to happen for a long time.

The next day Tadashi’s bullies have hell to pay, but in return, Kei gets pretty beat up himself. His mother scolds him, and asks him why he would do such a thing, but Kei doesn’t answer her truthfully. She can’t know. She can’t know what the boys are calling Tadashi – calling him , too, now – she can’t . This is Kei’s fight. Not hers. Not even Tadashi’s ; no, Kei needs to protect Tadashi. Tadashi is innocent– kind, soft, warm, and innocent . Kei doesn’t know why anyone would hurt him like this.

“Kei, you’re hurt!”

“I know,” Kei says, trying not to look at Tadashi as he hovers over him, worried. “I just fell.”

He knows he can’t convince Tadashi that the black eye he’d received was from falling, but he can at least pass off the bodily bruises.

“K- Kei, you need to be more careful!”

“I know. I know, I’m sorry.”

Tadashi has a cold. 

“Kei, I think I’m dying.”

“It’s just a cold.”

“No, no, I’m dying!” Tadashi groans, coughing, and Kei smiles. “A- And I want you to know, if I- if I die, Kei, I want you to know– I lo–”

Tadashi coughs, his words cut off, and Kei smiles.

“Shut up, Yamaguchi,” Kei chuckles, and the warmth of the conversation in the room stops.

“…Yamaguchi?..” Tadashi whispers, his voice soft. “…Kei, is–”

“I– I mean– You know, th- that’s your name, idiot! And– And I think we should start calling each other by our family names at school. The- The girls, at school, they’re getting jealous and trying to call me ‘Kei’ as well. It’s pathetic.”

“Oh…” Tadashi breathes, his face downcast, and Kei knows he’s fucked up. “O- Ok, Ts- Tsukishi…Tsuk’shi…Tsuki…” Tadashi’s face screws up, and Kei can see the tears building up in his eyes. He’s always had trouble with long words. “I c- ca- can’t say your n- name, K- Kei! It’s too- t- too lo- long!”

“I- I know, Tadashi, but you have to do it, so the girls don’t call me ‘Kei’ too. Ok? A nickname would work, too, but we can’t call each other by our given names at school.” It hurts Kei to say it, but it’s best for both of them. Best forTadashi . Even at ten years old, Kei knows that what he’s doing is good.

“Ts- Tsuk- Tsuki…Tsukki?”

“Tsukki.” Kei nods. “Ok, Tsukki. That’s good.”

It’s not going to be the best solution, but it’ll be good enough for now.

It takes Tadashi a while to adjust; on more than one occasion, he calls Kei by his given name and the next day he comes to school covered in bruises. Kei doesn’t know how the bullies do it, they walk home together, but they do, and Kei is helpless. The whole purpose of the name change was so no one would hurt Tadashi anymore.

It takes Tadashi a while to adjust, but when he does, Kei thinks he’d rather he didn’t. By time they enter junior high, Tadashi is referring to Kei as “Tsukki” more often than not, even in private, and when they enter high school, Kei hasn’t heard his given name from his best friend’s lips in years. Kei doesn’t think he’s missed anything more than he does hearing Tadashi chirp “Kei” at him as they work on homework, or as they bake with Akiteru.

He hadn’t thought about how much it would hurt.

“Tsukki, I- I was fine, y- you should have just– just let it b-”

“They were hurting you. I couldn’t just let it be.”

“I was fine. Just like I was fine when they called me names, Tsukki! I can take care of myself!”

“I– I know…” No, you can’t. “But I just want to–”

“Help. Just like you were helping when you suggested we start calling each other by our last names. Because you didn’t want me to worry, right? I get it,Tsukki.”

“Get what? That I’m worried about you? That I don’t want my best friend hurt?”

“I get that you think I’m weak ! I get you don’t think I can take care of myself!”

“Tadashi, that’s not true– ”

“No. No, after all we’ve been through, you don’t get to call me by my given name. You had your chance.”

“N- No, I– Yamaguchi! I did it for you– for us– ”

“Admit it, Kei! You did it because you were scared that the bullies would come after you, too.”

“I– No! No, I did it for you– ”

“Y- Y’know what, I-  I need to– I need to calm down. Goodbye, Tsukishima.”

That night, only a few days ago, plays in Kei’s mind over and over again. Tadashi hasn’t spoken to him since, and the one thing that keeps resonating through Kei’s thoughts is the fact that Tadashi finally said his last name without stuttering. The one thing that keeps coming back through his thoughts of his own cowardice, and how Tadashi is right – he’d made the suggestion because he was scared for himself – and how he needs to fix this, but he doesn’t know how he can . Tadashi himself said he’d had his chance. He doesn’t think he deserves another.

Kei can’t help but think about how things can do a complete one-eighty in the matter of minutes.

He and Tadashi had been happy enough, just hours before their fight. They were even talking about a sleepover – a rarity on a school night – before Tadashi excused himself to the restroom. That was lunch. When Tadashi didn’t come back by time their lunch period was over, Kei went to find him; he found him easily, because he was where he said he was, but he was surrounded by taller, bigger upperclassmen. From Nishinoya’s class, maybe.

So Kei did what he always did; be himself. He left the upperclassmen whimpering and scampering off to whatever class they were skipping, landing a few punches as they ran, and helped Tadashi to class. He didn’t look too happy afterwards, and Kei was almost positive that Tadashi was giving him the cold shoulder. When he asked Tadashi as much, the dam broke, and their fight happened.

Kei groans. He was so stupid . But surely Tadashi should have at least told a teacher if he was getting bullied, right? Kei’s never understood Tadashi; he’s never once stood his ground, said what he wanted. Pathetic.

Kei is about to switch his brain to thoughts of volleyball, homework, anything, but his mind keeps wandering to Tadashi and how hurt he sounded when he said “Tsukishima” and Kei can’t take it.

He stands up, sets his book down nicely, and then promptly runs top speed out of his bedroom.

It doesn’t take too long to reach Tadashi’s house, and when he does, Kei’s out of breath and panting. He knocks on the door as he catches his breath, though he immediately loses it all over again when the front door opens and Tadashi glares up at him in his pajamas.

“Hello, Tsukish- Tsuk- Tsukki…”

Kei can sense Tadashi’s frustration that he still can’t say his last name, and almost laughs. Instead, he falls into Tadashi’s arms, raising his own to hold Tadashi close. This close, he can feel his rapid breath against Tadashi’s ear, feel the way Tadashi’s stops.

“I’m sorry,” He breathes, squeezing Tadashi closer. “I’m so, so sorry. I– I should have let you deal with your problems the way you wanted, I– I don’t doubt you or your strength, I just– I love you too much to see you hurt, Tadashi. Please tell me you’ll forgive me?”

Tadashi doesn’t reply. He just shakes in Kei’s arms, silent, not saying anything, and Kei panics.

“T- Tadashi–?..” Kei pulls away, and looks at Tadashi, starting when he sees tears running down the other’s cheeks. “T- Tadashi–”

“I missed that,” Tadashi whimpers, “I– I m- missed ‘Tadashi’.”

“I know,” Kei says, voice soft, and he pulls Tadashi back into his arms. “I know, I- I’m so, so sorry . You were right, you were absolutely right, I was scared, but– but I was scared for both of us. I was scared that you wouldn’t want to be my friend any more, and so I distanced myself from you, and I’m so, so sorry.”

Kei’s words spark another round of sobs, and Tadashi almost collapses in Kei’s hold.

“I- I was so mean to you, I’m s- sorry–” Tadashi finally hugs Kei back, and holds onto him tightly. “I said so m- many mean things, I was so mean , I- I– I’m sorry!”

“It’s ok, it’s ok, I forgive you, just please tell me you’re happy, that’s all I want to hear.”

Tadashi laughs. “I am. I am! I’m so happy , Kei.”

That’s all Kei needs to hear. Nothing is getting in their way again; he’ll make sure of it.