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The Joyride - Part 2 (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Part 2 to The Joyride! I’m really glad that you guys enjoyed part one so much! Here’s the ending to your cliffhanger, but no guarantees that there won’t be another!

Warnings: Angst, descriptions of injury

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Jason blinked in an attempt to dispel the blurriness that clouded his vision. He was lying in a hospital bed with an IV hooked into his arm. His head was pounding and he squinted at the bright lights above him. He grunted slightly and moved his unhindered wrist to shield his vision.

“You’re awake,” came the gravelly voice from beside him, which he identified as Bruce’s.

“Yeah,” he groaned hoarsely, turning his head to face Bruce. “What time is it?”

 “About five in the morning. It’s a Saturday. Why do you ask?” Bruce replied, maintaining his usual composure.

 Jason noted that it was still early the morning of the accident, meaning he hadn’t been out for too long. “(Y/N). Is she- I- Is she- How is she?”

Jason didn’t miss the darkness in Bruce’s eyes or the grimace that he attempted to hide. He felt a pit forming rapidly in his stomach and he shook his head, his eyes going wide. “She’s- She’s d- dead?

 “Not dead,” Bruce corrected, and Jason let out a sigh of relief. “But it’s bad, Jason. She’s going into emergency surgery. I- I wouldn’t get my hopes up.”


 There was silence between the two after that. The occasional beeping of the machines, and the steady quiet buzz of the air conditioner were what kept the room from utter silence. It wasn’t for a few minutes until Bruce spoke again.

 “They say- They say you’re lucky to only have sustained a concussion and some bruising. Especially compared t-” Bruce cut himself off before he could finish. It wasn’t a statement Jason would appreciate.

Jason, however, didn’t need to hear the end of the sentence. He knew what the ending was. Especially compared to her. He shifted his head awkwardly against the stiff material of the hospital pillow to look away from Bruce.

“How did you find out so soon?” Jason asked, less out of interest in the answer and more out of a desire to fill the silence. To give himself less room to think.

 “They recognized (Y/N) as one of my wards, called me over here about an hour ago,” Bruce explained.

 “I see,” Jason replied shortly.

 Another painfully long moment of stiff and awkward silence came to pass.

 “I know you blame me for this but-”

 “I don’t.”

 “You- You don’t?” Jason asked, slightly surprised. He had been expecting Bruce to make this more difficult. To make him feel guiltier than he already did.

“No. But I know you blame yourself. And I don’t think that’s fair,” Bruce said, his tone even and his voice unfaltering.

“How would you know that it’s not my fault? How do you know this didn’t happen because of some irresponsible mistake that I made?” Jason inquired, still surprised at Bruce’s lack of vindictiveness. He turned his head back across the pillow to face the other man.

“How do I know? Because I know that you don’t make irresponsible mistakes when it comes to her. I know that when it comes to her you take precautions, and you’re more careful than I’ve ever seen you,” Bruce stated matter-of-factly 

Jason didn’t know how to respond to that. So he didn’t. And suddenly he understood why Bruce stayed silent when faced with difficult questions. Because sometimes there was no good way to answer. “What are her injuries like?” Jason asked, deflecting off onto another topic.

“Are you sure you want to know? It’s not pretty. I would understand if-”

I want to know,” Jason cut him off firmly, steeling himself for what he was about to hear.

Bruce nodded, the expression on his face grim. “They said that there’s extensive internal bleeding in several locations and-” Bruce paused to let out a weak sigh. “The impact caused several broken ribs. One of which- One of which punctured a blood vessel. The lacerations she suffered were severe and some cut into the bone. One shoulder is dislocated and the opposite wrist is broken. She has shrapnel scattered throughout her legs. It’s not pretty.”

Jason’s mouth ran dry. He had imagined that your injuries would be bad, but this? This was more than he knew how to process. “I- All of that?”

Bruce nodded wordlessly. “Despite all of that,” he started slowly, “They say that she’s lucky. Her head, neck, and spine are all intact, aside from minor stress from impact on her spine.”

“Lucky,” Jason tried out the word for himself, and he felt a sense of bitterness as it rolled off his tongue. Lucky. He didn’t feel like you had been lucky. He felt like the hospital staff decided to call your condition lucky because they didn’t have the hearts to tell him that you were on the verge of death. All because the two of you had been bored and sleepless at an odd hour of the night. No. Lucky wasn’t right. Lucky wasn’t right at all.

You awoke abruptly with a tube down your throat and no idea where you were. Immediately you wanted to kick your arms and legs, but not only were you restrained, it hurt to move. Every inch of your body was in pain, and your muscles ached and your chest hurt with every movement 

You felt panic rising in your chest and you started to hyperventilate. You struggled against your restraints despite the fact that every single fiber of your being was screaming for you to stop. You wanted to cry out, but you couldn’t get your voice to work, and the breathing tube restricted you from any form of verbality. Despite your inability to call for help, before you knew it, there were people in pristine white clothing standing above you and gently holding you down.

You felt a sharp and searing pain rip through your abdomen as you twisted your torso in a strange way while attempting to struggle against the doctors and nurses.

The pain forced you to stop resisting so much, and after a few moments your state of hyperventilation had passed. After you had calmed down, you gained some recollection of what had happened and where you were.

Another few minutes had passed and a nurse began to ask you questions about what you remembered, how you felt, and if you knew why you were there, having you write down your answers on a pad of paper with your unbroken wrist, though she was careful not to harm the dislocated shoulder.

Your writing was barely legible. Your hand had been trembling violently the whole time, and your only usable hand was your off hand.

Once she seemed to be done interviewing you, you zoned out, still in shock after your violent wake-up and the events of the crash. You heard her say something about stitches, and then something about extubation before you completely tuned out 

The breathing tube was uncomfortable, but it seemed like a minor thing compared to the pain you felt up and down your arms and legs, as well as in your abdomen. You had no idea what time it was. The curtains were drawn, and you had absolutely no perception of time, aside from the wall-clock which read seven-fifteen. Morning or night, you couldn’t tell.

You shut your eyes and tried to ignore the pain. Instead you focused on how tired you felt, and how nice it would feel to sleep. Slowly, you drifted out of consciousness.

When you woke up again, you felt no panic. Just bleary eyed and still just as tired as when you had fallen asleep. This time, though, there were two people in the room with you. One at your bedside and another sitting by the door.

You blinked a few times and gave your vision time to clear. You identified the two people as Jason and Bruce, and a strange sense of comfort washed over you. Bruce was dressed in civilian clothes, but Jason wore a hospital gown.

Both were asleep, Bruce hunched over in the too-small chair, and Jason slumped onto the side of the bed with his head resting in his arms.

The clock on the wall read seven-thirty, but you doubted that it had been only fifteen minutes since you were last awake. No. You felt the hours of sleep in the way your eyelids seemed to stick shut when you blinked.

You wanted to make some move to alert them that you were awake, but the breathing tube still kept you from speaking and Jason was on the side of your broken wrist. Your dislocated shoulder prevented you from reaching across and waking him with your other hand 

You felt helpless all over again. You were scared and it felt like you had been alone for an eternity.

As you realized your predicament, you became painfully aware of the sounds of your breathing tube and heart monitor and the buzz of all of the machines that were keeping you alive.

That was another thing that scared you. How close were you to death? What kind of line were you walking? What if you fell onto the wrong side? What if you fell asleep right here and just never woke up? What if the last time you ever got to see Jason he didn’t get to see you? It scared you tremendously. But it was a hollow, passive fear. Passive because what else could you be with a tube down your throat and two useless arms? As you stared up blankly at the hospital ceiling you realized that the most terrifying experience of your life wasn’t staring into the barrel of a gun, or colliding with the asphalt at fifty miles per hour. The most terrifying experience of your life was taking place right then. Staring passively up at a hospital ceiling. Helplessly wondering if you were going to die. There was no adrenaline. There was no rush that kept you from looking death straight in the face.

You pondered this for a long while, until, to your relief, Jason stirred from his sleep.

He groaned slightly as he awoke, and you smiled to yourself as best you could around the tube 

You watched as he lifted his head and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Slowly, his eyes met with yours, and you saw slow relief take over his expression.

He smiled sadly and moved a hand to the side of your face, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “I’m so sorry, baby,” he whispered, his eyes expressing relief, but also guilt and love.

You managed a small shake of your head. It’s not your fault, you wanted to say. The subtle change in his expression told you that he’d understood what you’d meant.

“I love you. I- I just- I need to say that. I love you.” The sadness he carried in his voice broke you. The way his voice started to break at the end. The bittersweet message that his words carried. I love you and I need to say it now because if you fall asleep again I might not get another chance.

You nodded your head as best you could, never breaking eye contact with him. I love you too, you wanted to say. There were so many things you wanted to say in that moment. I love you. It’s not your fault. If I die I don’t want you to blame yourself forever. I’m scared. I love you. I love you. I love you.

His hand never left the side of your face, and he continuously brushed circles on your cheek with his thumb. As you watched him, you swore you could see the moment where whatever thoughts he was having, whatever ideas plagued his mind, broke him. His face contorted into a caricature of grief and it alarmed you.

It was so unlike Jason to cry, or display his grief so openly. Part of you wanted to tell him not to waste his tears on you, but the other side wanted to cry along with him. To cry because of the helplessness that ate away at your resolve.

Jason managed to wipe away his tears quickly, and if you hadn’t seen it yourself, you wouldn’t have been able to guess that he had been weeping just moments earlier. He rest his head gently against your upper arm, careful not to hurt you.

A few moments of comfortable silence passed before you felt a sharp and painful twinge in your abdomen. You winced slightly, but paid it no mind. You figured it was just a bruise, or some stitch from your surgery that had been pulled 

You grunted in pain when the twinge returned, more painfully. You became alarmed once the pain branched up into your chest. It hurt like hell, and soon your entire abdomen was in excruciating pain.

You cried out through the breathing tube. It was a strange, mangled sound and it had Jason’s head shooting up from the bed.

“(Y/N)?” he asked in a panic, trying to get you took look at him. You cried out again, and Bruce, who had just woken up, shouted for a nurse.

Several people came running into the room, two of which began pulling a struggling Jason out into the hallway.

He fought tooth and nail to get back to your side, struggling hard against the people who were pulling him away. 

“I love you!” he shouted, just as he was pulled out into the hall, and the door was shut in his face.

color me blue

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Author: florations
Rating: T
Genre: Soulmate AU, College AU, Fluff, Falling In Love
Summary: Yoongi lets his head drop onto the table with a loud thud, spitefully hoping that it bruises so his soul mate grows one on their forehead too maybe, and it’ll repel all the hot people wanting to give them the ass fuck. Maybe. Hopefully.

(It doesn’t.)

soulmate!au where both gets bruises at the same places

Admin Notes: i’ve never read a soulmate au with this trope before and it was done super well!!! i couldn’t wait for the second part to rec this. it’s so good. everyone loves a good soulmate au, and this one is really unique. please check it out :) 

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos!
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Masterpost of Itachi/Sasuke Fanfic Recommendations

Updated 17/4/2016 with new works. More SasuIta-centric fics and ItaSasu fluff fics added.
Categories: Fluff, Romance, Smut, Shota, Dark Themes and Heavy Angst. Works are posted on or Archive of Our Own. This is mostly ItaSasu and some SasuIta.

Make sure you read the description for triggers carefully. Note that all fics under the “Dark Themes” category contain potentially triggering content, especially abuse and/or non-con. Fanfics depicting non-consensual sex are labeled as non-con.  Some invalid links are being kept, as the authors are working on getting their fics back up.

Fluff (Platonic or romantic, rated K - T)

Shinobi Tools by Desolate Butterfly (fluff, platonic, K+)
A Little Faith Goes A Long Way by Out Of Sheol (platonic, fluff, K)
Because I Love You by DarkFire75 (fluff, baby!Sasuke, childhood, T)
Fresh Tomatoes by Hiei’s Cute Girl (fluff, platonic, baby!sasuke, K)
Hello World by KHB123 (fluff, baby!sasuke, K)
I’m Here For You by DarkFire75 (fluff, brotherly love, K+)
Bath Time by Kakashizgirl (fluff, very mild shota, T)
Sweetly Delicious by Yukuro (fluff, protective!itachi, cuteness, K)
Ohanashi by Saki K
(cuteness, fluff, one-shot, T)
I’ll Catch the Dreams by Chianirra (platonic fluff, K+)
Brothers Will Be Brothers by Darkfire75 (crack, oocness, humor, T)
Christmas Present by Pickle-san (fluff, kinda ooc, T)
The Connections of Blood and Snow by Saki K (no idea why it’s rated M)
30 Memories by Kat-thefox (fluff, angst, mixed one-shots and themes, K+)
Attrition by Sinemoras09 (child!sasuke cared for by adult Itachi, fluff, T)
The Big Brother by SkywardShadow (fluff, baby!sasuke, K+)
100 one-shots for Itachi and Sasuke by Devotedtodreams– fluff, angst, crack, various themes, modern AU and canonverse, T)
Moments that Could Last Forever by Devotedtodreams (fluff, protetive Itachi, mild shota, pre-massacre, T)
Perception is Everything by Devotedtodreams (post-massacre, Itachi brings Sasuke with him to the akatsuki, angst, fluff, T)
Make up and Ketchup by Zidra (crack, fluff, pre-massacre, K+)
Beloved Brother: 25 One-shots for Itachi and Sasuke by Crystallinee (mostly fluff, various themes, canonverse, pre-massacre,T)
Happy Valentine’s Day Otouto by LifeAndDeathShinobi (fluff,modernAU, T)
Itachi & Sasuke: Always My Little Brother by Earthsoftenstheflame (fluff,T)
Anytime Otouto by Meaghanx (fluff, first kiss, K+)
White Chocolate and Tomato Salad by Zany.dancing (fluff, T, childhood)
Memories Thought Lost by Peanutbuttermadman (fluff, T)
Past Perils by Poprika (protective Itachi, fluff, K+)
Perverse and The Perverted: Baby Brother by Hell Jashin (fluff, M)
Bittersweet Memories by Sachi-Rin (fluff, T)
Itachi And Sasuke Easter Special: Sweet Innocence by Crystallinee (fluff, pre-massacre, K+)
Why Did You? by Gatomon47 (fluff, some angst, K+)
Bonds by NaruGaaFan (childhood fluff, M)
Mask by Songstone (fluff, K)
Rise Above by Crystallinee (platonic, canonverse different ending, T)
For You, My Brother by Houkakyou (fluff, childhood, M)
Thunderstorms: Mori no Fukuro by Smid309 (fluff, childhood T)
The Choking Game by RedCerberean (protective!Itachi, slight oocness, fluff, platonic, AU, teenagers, T)
Lullaby by Mystic Dragon (fluff, childhood, K)
Mutual bond by SilverAkita (fluff, baby!sasuke, K+)
Braving the Storm by LilyDraken (fluff, childhood, K)
What You Don’t Know by Niver (baby Sasuke!, fluff, T)
Nii-san’s Love by Googala2 (baby!Sasuke, fluff, K+)
Sibling Loyality by Crystallinee (fluff, protective!Itachi, childhood, T)
Bruise by Tiny Charm (sweet fluff, care-taking, childhood, T)
Fly by The Jasper Raven (crack, oocness, jealous!Itachi, cute fluff, T)
From Uchiha Eyes by StarsForecast (cute fluff, slight crack, oocness, K+)
Blood by Happiness’ Deceit (little Sasuke cares for Itachi, pre-massacre, fluff, some angst, T)
Broken Heaters Warm Hearts by Knightchaser (childhood fluff, K+)
The Reason Itachi killed his clan by Uchiha Brothers Lover (fluff, AU, K)
Monsters by Omgitsdanimals (cute fluff, oocness, K)
Itachi’s Memories by Wolf-Hidden-In-Shadows (baby!sasuke, childhood fluff, K)
Family’s Comfort by White-Knight-066 (platonic, family, childhood, K+)
Do you know how this happened? Great, neither do I by Iffulovedme (fluff, pre-massacre, angst, K)
Uchiha’s Are Forever by Itaa-chaan (family, childhood memories, Itachi/Sasuke fluff, itachi/shisui friendship, baby!sasuke, M)
Arigatou, Aniki by Misamiera (premassacre, fluff, platonic, K)
My baby brother by Butterfly Yuna (short but sweet, baby!Sasuke, K)
My Journey to Hell by An Insane Nobody (fluff, baby!sasuke, childhood, Itachi/Kisame friendship, T)
Playing Dress Up by Iffulovedme (premassacre fluff, platonic, K)
Brothers by Marshmallow73 (pre-massacre fluff, childhood, platonic, K+)
Child Who Never Smiled by Vampire Toy (premassacre,mikoto/itachi fluff, K)
Big brother by Omega19x (baby!sasuke, platonic, Itachi/Mikoto fluff, K+)
Baby brother by MintiNeko (baby!sasuke, childhood, platonic, fluff, K)
One Little Step At A Time by ItachixSasuke (baby!sasuke, platonic, K)
Picture Perfect by Dolphins-Scarecrow (short but sweet fluff, platonic, K)
Uchiha Memories by BlueSharingan26 (fluff, premassacre, platonic, T)
Fever forever by Sasuke Uchiha of Suna (childhood fluff, K+)
I didn’t know, Baby Brother by BelovedShadow (childhood, baby!sasuke, K+, Itachi’s thoughts)
Purpose by xxUchihacest (Itachi and baby Sasuke in kuuybi attack, fluff, K)
Don’t Play With Me by BanishedOne (fluff, angst, childhood memories)
Winter Stroll by Aktimel (fluff, platonic, slight angst)
Big Brothers Are Always The Hero by Links6 (fluff, derpiness, K)
Brothers For Life by Vinchaan (fluff, K+)
Bully Whistle by Go-To-The-Extreme (protectiveness, fluff platonic, K)

Romance (rated T - M, occasional sexual themes)

Forever by Profound Yaoi (fluff, angst, masturbation, smut, M)
Pieces of You by Crystallinee (school AU, fluff, violence, angst, abuse mention, itasasu, T)
Love in Chinese by Velvet-prosthesis (smut, sasuita/itasasu, oocness, violence, implied Sakura pairings, abuse mention, M)
Late Dawns and Early Sunsets by BelovedShadow (vampire!Uchihas, smut, fluff, baby!sasuke, teenagers M)
Breathe In, Breathe Out by Crystallinee (angst, fluff, suicide mention, sasuita)
I Love You Aniki by Profound Yaoi (fluff, smut, masturbation, M)
Symphony of Destruction by Freya’s Valhalla (Eye of the moon plan AU, fluff, various pairings and characters, M)
Sequel to a Brother’s Love by KitsuneoftheIce (fluff, sexual themes, M)
Little Miracles by Crystallinee (m-preg, angst, fluff, smut, depression, M)
What Once Was by BelovedShadow (smut, fluff, some angst, M)
Where My Life Begins by Crystallinee (angst, AU massacre, Akatsuki crack, fluff, T)
Stay With Me by Kyarei (smut, sweet fluff, childhood, initial non-con, M)
Little Black Feather by Saber Amane (vampire/angel/rebel AU, M)
Learning To Love by BelovedShadow (smut, AU, M)
Transcendence (Drink Me In) by Crystallinee (vampire AU, sasuita/itasasu, fluff, T)
Never Closed by Snowflake98 (sasuita fluff, T)
Here You Are by ItaItach4n (sasuita, edo tensei!itachi, M)
Vampire Knight ItaSasu Style by Devilis Kyuu
(vampire knight AU, T)

PWP (smut/lemons,  rated Mature - Explicit)

Do you love me yet, Nii-san? by Admiral IzuSasu (smut, bondage, light shota, Madaizu, ItaSasu, IzuSasu, Uchihacest in general)
Inappropriately Touched by an Angel by Kakashizgirl (smut, fluff)
Marshmallows and Massages by Kakashizgirl (smut, massage)
Sasuke’s Vacation by Nimbafuu (Uchiha corporation AU, smut, blowjob)
Itachi’s Lonely Evening by Kakashizgirl (masturbation)
Penance by Tokyonightskies (masturbation, conflicted feelings)
Throat by Tokyonightskies
(masturbation, conflicted feelings)
Aniki Knows Best by Anonymous (orphaned account) (light shota, masturbation, blowjob, fluff)
Happy Halloween Sasuke by Kakashizgirl (mild lemon, lime, blowjob, AU)
The Sweetest Sin by Kakashizgirl (first time sex, smut)
Curiosity by Anonymous (orphaned account) (smut, masturbation)
Moving Tables by InactiveAuthor1 (passionate but aggressive sex) 
Whisper by Kakashizgirl (sleepy sex, angst)
Secret Love by Kakashizgirl (light shota, blowjob)
Closet attraction by MAKandCHEESE (dominant!itachi, oocness)
My Everything  by Crystallinee (first time sex, smut, fluff)
Comeuppance & Equality by Ronny-of-yore (smut, sadistic!itachi)
Watching them Watching Us by BelovedShadow and ItachiSasukeSama (pwp, madaizu, itasasu, ocs, slight angst)
The Watermelon Show by Kakiity (pwp, ooc-ness, kinkiness)
So Wrong It’s Right by MasochisticXMind (crack, slight ooc-ness, smut)
Wash Me Away by Crystallinee (smut, angst)
The Consummate Plan by Cakecake (dominant!sasuke, bondage)
And I control you by Dead Drifter (blood play, gore, sexual themes)
Dirty Little Secret by Rave14 (smut)
Loved Always by Tarisha (masturbation, character death, angst)
Somnambulist by Fifi McFu (smut, masturbation, sleeping!sex)
Red Pleasure by Crystallinee (kinkiness, smut, pwp)
Desperate Measures by Satan’s Pet Turtle (IS smut, lime with kakashi)
Lovisa by Tripptych (pwp, drug addiction, angst)
Feeling Good by Freya’s Valhalla (pwp, non-con madaita, blow-job)
Just a Phonecall Away by BelovedShadow (pwp, kinkyness)
Crimson Hearts by Saber Amane (pure fluff, bath sex)
Cuming to America by BelovedShadow (pwp, slight crack)
Breathe on Me: Itachi x Sasuke by Jannasaur (pwp, shower sex)
Unrequited by StarCrysis (masturbation, smut)
Wild thoughts by Tsurumi Uchiha (smut)
Friday Night by Kakashizgirl (smut)
Wild Muskrat Lovin’ by BelovedShadow (pwp, slight crack)
A New Christmas Tradition In The Uchiha Family by BelovedShadow
Doctor Uchiha by BelovedShadow (smut)
Playing With Fire by BelovedShadow (smut, slight crack, shower sex, masturbation, blowjob, possessive!Itachi)
Fire and Ice by BelovedShadow (sequel to Playing With Fire, smut, fluff, childhood memories, slight angst)
Their Secret Place by Kakashizgirl (smut, masturbation, first time)
A Question of Loyalty by Kakashizgirl (written before the revelation, AU, smut, shota, madaita)
Show me by Kakashizgirl (prequel to Sleep My Angel Sleep, smut, ooc)
The Bitter, the Sweet, and the Citrus in Between! by DaelynPaolini (smut)
THe Art of Betrayal by Badkittyaya (obsessive!sasuke, itasasu, madaita, masturbation, smut)
Amaryllis by Kakashizgirl (limes, fluff, light shota)
By Moonlight by Kakashizgirl (smut)
I love the bath by Aruuuu (dominant!sasuke, kinkyness, pwp)
Aniki’s Closet Weakness by Aruuuu (bondage, dominant!Sasuke, kinkyness)
Nightly Routines by Ravenous Lust (dominant!sasuke)
Delirious by Crystallinee (sasuita kinkyness, dominant!sasuke)
Charge by PureWaterLily (slight sadism, sasuita, bondage, smut, M)
Blindfold by CapriceTheAvenger
(sasuita, kinkyness, bondage, M)

Shotacon (Rated M)

(Please note that in many fics, Sasuke’s age is not specified. I’ve only chosen to include those who specifically state that their fics contains  shota here. In these fics, Sasuke is underage, sometimes also Itachi.)

He’s a Winner by Profound Yaoi (blowjob, shota, M)
You Can’t Hide Everything by Church-Of-Yaoi (strong shota, M)
Exceptions by Inuyasha1sasuke (shota, brotherly fluff, M)
Changing by MoldyDew (AU, shota, smut, M)
Giving in by Inuyasha1sasuke (shota, fluff, pre-massacre, smut, M)
A Naughty Kitten’s Punishment by InactiveAuthor1 (neko, pedo!itachi, M)
The Art of Obsession by Angelas (shota, possessive!Itachi, smut, M)
Explosion by Lyndsay-Marie (shota, manipulation, M)
Waking Aniki by Gentlewatersoul (shota, fluff, lemon, M)
Years by Sasunaru2themax  (childhood, baby!sasuke, strong shota, fluff, M)
Thunderstorm by Dei-kun (shota, slight non-con, fluff, smut, M)
Wake Up Aniki! by GabrielSeductiveTrickster (shota, fluff, lime, M)
Milk for My Chocolate by Tsurumi Uchiha (shota, blowjob M)
Perfectly Flawed by BelovedShadow (mild shota, fluff, M)
Junketsu by Judarchan (shota, blowjob, fluff)
I Can’t Dream Alone by Shurikenx (partially shota, currently invalid link under construction)

Dark/Twisted Themes (Rated M-E)

(A majority of these fics contain non-con and abuse as well as sexual themes. Read at your own risk. Read description carefully for triggers.)

No regrets by Svaneaalka (non-con, dark, angst, shota, AU, M)
Bloody Lust by Hell Jashin (gore, smut, dark!themes, vampire!Itachi, M)
Why Do I Love You? by Crystallinee (abuse, dark themes, possessive!itachi, prostitution, violence, non-con, angst, manipulation)
Perverse and The Perverted: Molestation by Hell Jashin (non-con, manipulation, possessive!Itachi, disturbed!Itachi, violence, abuse, sleeping!sex, dark themes, molestation, non-con by naruto, M)
Asylum by Hell Jashin (sequel to PatP: Molestation. Non-con, possessive!Itachi, disturbed!Itachi, angst, manipulation, abuse, molestation, M)
Noctis Liberi by Shurikenx (dark, twisted themes, blood, gore, vampire!AU, smut, protective and possessive!Itachi, passion,M)
My Obsession, My Possession by Kyarei (non-con, manipulation, possessive!itachi, abuse, M)
The Unforeseen Ally by He11'sDomain (abuse by Orochimaru, non-con, forced prostitution, drug use, violence, smut, romance, multiple charas, M)
Beat it Upright by Move them hands(strong shota, non-con against child,M)
Sins of The Flesh by TheWammy'sHouseReject (Itachi takes Sasuke with him after the massacre, fluff, smut, multi pairings, madaita non-con, dark, M)
Fragile child by Rosebunse (child abuse by Orochimaru, manipulation/brainwash, Itachi/Kisame friendship, Itachi caring for Sasuke, T, )
Demons Love The Sweetest by Crystallinee (angst, dark themes, smut, violence, gore, demons, insanity, occultism, E)
Don’t Play With Me II by BanishedOne (angst, smut, abuse, slight shota, M)
Hurting from the Inside Out by Badkittyaya (initial non-con, itasasu, sasuita, conflicted feelings, dark!Itachi)
As Sick as Any Sin by Angelas (non-con, dominant!sasuke, angst, smut)
Insanity by Dragons Chaotica (insanity, platonic, fluff, T)

Heavy angst  (Rated K - M)

Feral Child by Tripptych (cursemark!sasuke, slight itasasu, angst, fluff, M)
Illusions by Crystallinee (hallucinations, angst, romance, sasuita, T)
Spirit of Fire by The-MarmaladeCat1 (postmassacre, heavy angst, T)
The Soil We Sow by Uchiha-Tsumi (poem, Itachi’s POV, Angst, K+)
Gunpowder and White Sheets by Songstone (war!AU, heavy angst, character death, platonic, K+)
Inheritance by Hana J (twisted themes, angst, fluff, premassacre, M)
For You Little Brother by UchihaMorwen (heavy angst, K+)
Meridian by Narilsa (final battle, heavy angst, M)
Protection and Destruction by Crystallinee (post-590, angst, K+)
Imposter by Mangachick1 (the hotel scene from Itachi’s point of view, T)
Shades of Gray by Uchiha-tsumi (angst, slight ooc-ness, Itachi breaks down after meeting Sasuke, K+)
Sacrifice by xxAkira-chanxx (childhood memories, angst, T)
Autumn will pile old gold on your grave by The Lady Avaritia (heavy angst, T)
The skin i live in by The Lady Avaritia (angst, AU, morbid themes, M)
Sweet Sweet Dark by The Lady Avaritia (angst, dark, M)
The Boy on The Moon by Lady Avaritia (fluff, angst, violence, K)
The House of Compassion by The Lady Avaritia (fluff, dark, M)
Paths Not Considered by Witchdoctr (self harm, suicide attempt, angst, Itachi takes Sasuke with him after the massacre, ooc-ness, T)
Never a Lie by PoeticProphetess (Itachi’s feelings about Sasuke, T)
Dry My Tears by Crystallinee (post-massacre AU, angst, fluff, T)

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could you write something with stakar meeting peter as a kid? maybe peter loses yondu while they're on a planet and attaches himself to stakar because he recognizes the coat?

Also posted on AO3: Bring it on Home (2700 wds). The hug in this fic is totally inspired by this lovely art by @dis4daria.

Peter only stops for a minute, hanging through the bars of a corral to watch a display of synchronized riding by orange-skinned, green-haired ladies in flowing silks, on six-legged animals with long streaming fur that makes them look like a cross between horses and llamas and those little dogs that look like mops. The ladies are standing up barefoot on the backs of the horse/dog/llamas, twirling batons with fire on the tips, and Peter thinks it’s just about the coolest thing he’s ever seen.

He swears he was only watching for a minute, but when when he looks up, any signs of nearby Ravager red have vanished in the festival crowd of aliens thronging the streets.

There’s some kind of carnival going on. It’s awesome – the closest thing Peter’s seen was the Missouri state fair, and he thought that was pretty rad, but this is way cooler. He wouldn’t have thought space pirates would like going to things like fairs and carnivals for fun, but the Ravagers hit the planet and fanned out into the carnival crowd like a bunch of overgrown kids, so apparently they do.

Yondu, as usual, hasn’t been looking like he’s having much fun at all, just marching around glowering at anybody who gets in his way. However, he did point Peter at a display of candy earlier and told him that anything he could steal without getting caught, he could keep, so now Peter’s pockets are stuffed full of alien candy bars and other treats (he’s getting pretty good at this whole stealing thing) and his fingers are sticky. He’s pretty confident that he won’t starve if he can’t find Yondu again.

But he’s also nine years old and he’s lost on an alien planet.

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Captured King - Part 2 - Ben - Disney´s Descendants

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(gif isn´t mine. Credit to owner)

request: If requests are open, can you make a part 2 to Captured King? SHDHDHDNDN I really enjoyed reading it.

requested by: anon
A/N: Here´s the second part of Capture King! I always have fun writing for our beloved King Benjamin Florian! 
summary: You´re the sister of Uma, being the co Captain in her crew. You´re not quiet happy about the idea of capturing the king of Auradon. So you two make a deal.
warnings: cursing
wordcount: 553

tagging: @nachorebelion

fandoms I write for



“Sea Witch!” She jumped up, a sign, that the conversation between Ben and her were over. “Be quiet and no eavesdrop.” The King of Auradon nodded. He had earned fully respect over the oldest daughter of Ursula, but he also had found a sympathy in her. He saw the good in her. He had the strong feeling, that he could trust her. And he did everything, she said. She was impressed by his will to help her, that at the end she had cut his bonds, so he would help her cleaning her room, since it was the place, he stayed in.

 Meanwhile stood Y/N in front of the closed door which lead to the king, in front of her sister and her first maid. “They´re coming. We should prepare Ben for the plan.” “No.” She stated, swinging her sword dangerously around. “What do you mean, with No?” “A no is a no, Uma. Even our kind must understand that.” Her eyes were glowing riskily. Uma and her first mate Harry backed up. Everyone on the Isle knew, what would happen, if you messed with her. Uma´s sister came closer, taking Uma and Harry by their collar.

 “Remember our little deal, little sister?” Uma nodded. She was scared. She had a mass respect. “I take care of the King. And when the small bugs are appearing, we´re going to let him go over the blank. Understood?” She let her gaze wander between Harry and her little sister. They both nodded. 

It didn´t take long, until Mal and her small company arrived. Ben and Y/N had become closer, as ever. “Y/N!” He stood up from his mattress, as he saw her walk in with some ropes in her hand. “Ben, we have talked about this.” She sighed, placing his hands behind his back. “They are here.” “I don´t care. I enjoyed this time here.” She sighed, letting her head fall against his shoulder. She mumbled something. “What did you say?” “Stop making this hard for me. I already now, which tricks Mal is using to get you out.” Ben was confused. How could she now what his girlfriend was up to?

 “You´re asking yourself, why I now Mal´s proceed. 3D Printer. An invention which is only available in your kingdom, majesty.  Read the newspaper sometimes.” She chuckled, tying the robes around his hands, but still leaving enough space, so he didn´t get bruises. “Clever.” “I know, that Mal is going to win. My sister´s plans are never working, as long she can´t use her powers. Just play along, get to your dragon girlfriend and rule your kingdom.” She whispered, a sad undertone took place. Ben nodded. He must face the reality. He had a kingdom to rule, had a girlfriend and had friends over in Auradon. And mostly, what made his heart ache, that he had to face the fact, that he wouldn´t see Y/N around anymore.

 “Y/N?” “Mhh?” She mumbled, walking, so she could face him. “I promise, to put you, Harry, Gil and Uma on the top of the list for the program.” She shook her head. “Do not promise, what you can´t hold, Benjamin.” She sighed, dragging him outside. Ben swore, that the first thing he would do, is to get Y/N and every villain kid out of this terrible environment.

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Tyler joins the army and writes letters to his lover Ethan every week. Ethan never gets the letters so he thinks Tyler is no longer alive. Ethan starts sleeping around to numb the pain, until one day Tyler comes home and Ethan feels so guilty. How can he tell Tyler? 😫 fic plz?

 It was merely just a kiss.

 That’s how it always began. Merely a little kiss. Then it turned into multiple kisses. And maybe a few make-out sessions outside the bar or in the alley right next to the club.

 Then Ethan started getting riskier. He blew a guy in the bathroom stall. Gave a couple of handjobs smack in the middle of the dancing crowd. Hell, he even got a few blowjobs himself.

 Tyler had written three letters and then they stopped. That was three months ago. And day by day, Ethan lost a little more of his sanity and purity. He drank for the first time. He smoked some weed once and once became twice until Amy found out and took it away. Kathryn dumped out all the liquor bottles. Both women came by frequently to check up on Ethan. But he remained in the same four spots each time they came. The bedroom. The living room. The Kitchen. Or on the Bathroom floor. 

 To be fair, they were the ones that insisted he went out and had some fun instead of moping around. Easier for Kathryn to say than Amy. Mark and Tyler had reluctantly agreed to join the occasion of going to war. Ethan held back, much to their distaste. Mark sent letters to Amy extremely often and he was far from any danger. Tyler, however, wasn’t as lucky. He was called up to be on the front lines. And boy was Ethan anxious.

 Most of Mark’s letters had something about Tyler in them before he left. Then three letters came from Tyler and that was it. Three letters. Three months ago.

 And on this unfortunate night, this ungodly night where Ethan knew deep down he’d regret it but carried on anyway because he couldn’t find any other way to cope: he lost his virginity.

 He lost his virginity to some stranger. Was he safe? Did he have AIDS? Ethan wouldn’t know. All he knew was that after the heated words and the unimaginable sensations that he felt was the guilty. The guilt that he gave himself up faster than a hooker would. It took a wink and two drinks to get Ethan following some sexy, brooding man to his apartment and to melt into his arms for passionate, sloppy sex.

 And oh… did Ethan feel dirty. 


  “Morning,” Amy said, chipper as ever as she poured herself a cup of coffee. Ethan cast his eyes onto the floor in shame as he mumbled and walked past her. Even with Mark in the middle of nowhere East Asia, he still managed to make a few videos when he wasn’t busy. They only had to come to the office three times a week to see what he sent them and they’d finish their work in no time.

  “Morning, Ethan. Where’d you run off to last night? I was waiting to see if we could watch a movie but you never showed up,” Kathryn said, looking at Ethan with a slight frown.

  “I-i.. I was at a party and I crashed at some guy’s place.” You mean the man who you gave your virginity away to? Do you even remember his name? Of course not, all you remember are his rough hands raking through your hair and trailing down your hips to hold onto you as he–

 Ethan squeezed his eyes shut, his hand touching his hip where he knew he had a bruise. A big one too. And three hickies on his chest. Another set on each of his thighs. A bruise on his leg too.

  “Oh, well you kinda scared me there. Let us know next time, okay? We don’t want you doing anything stupid, right?” Amy said with a chuckle. Ethan gave a weak chuckle and at that Kathryn knew something was off. 

 They said nothing and they checked one of the computers, clicking through Amy’s emails to see if anything showed up from Mark. One video. Kathryn volunteered to work on it since Ethan did the other day’s video. Amy and Ethan lounged around, Chica rolling around in the rug ridiculously as they waited. 

 When she finished, they all agreed to hang out at the park and play with Chica for a bit. Parking was a hassle, but they got it done. Upon arriving there, Amy tossed Chica’s toy and she followed after her.

  “Where were you really?” Kathryn asked, “last night, I mean.”

  “I said at some guy’s house. The one who.. who threw the party,” Ethan replied, trying to hide how unsteady his response was.

  “Okay,” Kathryn replied. She knew Ethan was lying. And Ethan knew that she knew that he was lying. Neither pressed on the subject. They moved on.


 Ethan was editing one of his own videos at the moment he heard the doorbell. He stood up, wearing nothing but a loose tank top and some shorts when he made his way to the door. Probably Amy, forgot her key here or something. 

 But when he opened the door he saw a man in a very formal uniform, a deep olive green with a medal embedded on his chest. A cap on top of what would be dark brown curly hair. His eyes as blue as ever and a smirk that made Ethan’s heart thump.

  “I’m sorry, is this the residence of Ethan Nestor?” Tyler joked as he smiled, seeing Ethan’s eyes widen and his smile fill his face.

  “OH my god. Is it you. Is this really you?!” Ethan asked, running a hand down Tyler’s uniform. He laughed.

  “Yes, it’s me Ethan. I’m home.”

 Ethan runs into Tyler, wrapping his legs and arms around Tyler as he hugged him tightly. Tyler, unexpectedly holds onto him and holds in just as tight. Ethan breathes in the smell of Tyler and the fresh new uniform. The smell has Ethan lost in his thoughts and it feels like his whole world has stopped.

 And then the guilt crashes down on him. He unwraps himself from Tyler. Tyler leans down and captures him in a kiss. Slow at first, then passionate. They move into Ethan’s apartment where it became more passionate. Tyler had him against the wall and his hands started to roam down Ethan’s body. And they landed on his hips. One hand directly over where his bruise was. And then Tyler stopped.

  “What happened?” Tyler asked, looking down at Ethan. Ethan was confused before realizing his tank top had shrugged to the side slightly and two of the hickies were visible. They were mostly faded, but still visible.

  “I-uh- fell.”


  “You fell,” Tyler repeated plainly. He looked down and analyzed the marks. He looked up at Ethan with concern and he was nervous and sweating.

  “Yeah, I fell w-while playing with Chica,” Ethan said, closing his eyes. JEsus christ he was bad at lying when it came to Tyler.

 Tyler looked at Ethan, his smirk and his smile erased as he stared down at the red bruises.


  “Are you lying to me?” he asked, looking at Ethan eye-to-eye now.

 And then Ethan snapped. He broke down and began to cry. He slid away from Tyler and crumpled to the floor as he cried. He held his head in his hands as he let the tears flow down his face and the sobs ring in their ears. Tyler crouched down as Ethan cried, face red and scrunched up as he felt his walls break down. He couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t.

  “I’m so sorry. I-i-i was just so convinced that you died and I was- was so sad and lonely. And I didn’t mean to but he was just–”


  “– I gave it away, Tyler. I gave myself L-li-like , like some whore!”

Tyler sighed, he knew that’s what it must have been.

  “I don’t blame you, Ethan,” Tyler whispers as he pulled Ethan close as he shook through his sobs.

  “I cheated on you and it wasn’t even fair.”

  “I know, Ethan. I know. I forgive you.”

 After a couple seconds for Ethan’s sobs to get under control, they finally sat there in silence.

  “I understand and I don’t blame you..” Tyler whispered, stroking Ethan’s head.

 Ethan shook his head.

  “I love you, no matter what. It didn’t have to be me you lost your virginity to, Ethan.  It’s fine. Hell, if I thought you were dead I might have done the same because I wouldn’t know how to cope. But I love you for you Ethan. It didn’t make you somebody else. Going to the lines didn’t make me somebody else. Thank God.”

  “You don’t… you don’t have any… of that.. PTSD?” Ethan asked, half whispered.

  “I was just a rookie, they said. All I’d do is sit tight in case they needed any backup. I was safe the entire time. But I couldn’t get you any letters. I’m so sorry you had to wait that long in silence, baby, i’m sorry…” Tyler whispered, hugging Ethan closer to his chest.

 They sat there in respectable silence. All they were glad for is to have each other in their arms again. Safe. 

alright heres the damn fanfic dot net spring awakening rec list so u dont know the hell ive witnessed

ok its organized by category (usually the pairing discussed most, i’ll still list all the pairings anyway) & listed by rating (least to greatest), also graded on quality from my pov out of 10 and i bolded some of my faves

i wrote some crappy summaries?? theyre ok

marked w/ warnings like this: //warning, other warnings 

brace urself its long itll probably crash the app

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I don't know if this qualifies as a request but like,, I've never understood how to do troll bruises bc the blood colors aren't like human blood colors obv so I don't really have a basis?? Can u foist some magic off on me pls

so like, i have some standard colours i use for beating up humans, w the purple and dark red on a multiply layer, the yellow on a lighter multiply, and the bright red on a normal layer w low opacity etc the bruise is basically jus t, a blotch w a water brush

for trolls i guess u would keep the yellow but change the purple to a somewhat nastier version of the actual blood colour, like a few hues across until it looks good but still the same shade as the purple. eg (i was too lazy to edit in horns lmfao): 

KRISTANNA FIC LIST: I'll Take Care of You

Who wants some sick and injured Kristanna with a heaping side of TLC and maybe some kisses to make it all better? Well here you go. (Please send me a message if you have/know of a fic that would fit with this theme.)

Thawing by bri-ecrit K

Lullaby by bri-ecrit K

In Sickness and In Health by karis-the-fangirl K

Show Me Love by karis-the-fangirl K+

The Price of Fearlessness by karis-the-fangirl M

In Sickness by feistypaants T

Bumps and Bruises by angrykittykj T

Numb Fingers and Cold Noses Part 2 by BadOldWest M

She Wore Purple by reillyjade M

Date Material by @redonthefly K+

Emergencies by ravenwritesstuff T

Bruises by Secretly A Duck K+

At My Most Beautiful by jenniferjuni-per K

Just Breathe by hannahberrie K+

The First I Love You by eggrollasssassin T