bruises on my knees for you

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A friend fingered me while another friend was asleep next to us. When she left I sucked his dick in the shower for so long my knees bruised. Then we kept hooking up in his bed and he ate me out like 7 times. I sat on his face, we 69ed, and he kept choking and spanking me throughout. When we were done he ordered me an Uber and told me he'd buy me a sephora gift card cause my pussy was bomb and I gave great head. Fun saturday :)

Dear depression,

at least that’s what I think I should call you. You’re my invisible feeling sitting inside of this chest. Is it loneliness that causes your heart to feel stress? I feel your thoughts struggling to make sense of everything. I’d like to think that you’ve made my hands a little stronger because on the days that letting go sounds easy, I cling on a little harder like I’m afraid of falling into something I can’t stand up from. I haven’t had a bruised knee since first grade, I’d trade your sadness for a scrape or two. Wouldn’t you? I know that I talk to myself sometimes. Does that mean I’m crazy? They say that highly intelligent people talk to themselves, are they crazy too? I don’t know when, I don’t know where you came from. I just know that you’re here. Inside a hollow tree I’ve heard your cries for help. Poured into an empty glass that remains clear. There’s no liquor quite as strong as your worries. I worry a lot now. I guess I got that from my ex. She said I didn’t worry enough, so she left some inside of my back pocket. I read those little notes from time to time, it reminds us to be who we are when the time comes. Sometimes you’re not so invisible, sometimes I can see your smile on my lips. Sometimes you’re very physical, I still taste your tears closing in on my lips. Sometimes you’re in my head and I can’t get you out, does it worry you at all? Because if I’m not here, you wouldn’t exist. Maybe happy people all have a way to deal with their sadness, maybe the sadness makes us want happiness. That must it. I know you’re here when I’d much rather turn my favorite songs off. I know you’re close by when my words don’t sound right. I know you’re lonely because you’d rather hold someone that doesn’t love you than hold no one at all. I guess we’re all a bit deprived of who we are in that sense. I still try to listen to my favorite songs, just in case you’ll decide to change your mind later during the 8 hour shift. I still try to write where I may be experiencing a scrambling of memories. I still draw a smile on my face, just in case you might believe me. I don’t want to be crazy, I want to feel normal. What is normal though? Is it waking up with a smile on your face? Something genuine as a goodbye letter? I think normal means dealing with what’s in front of your face, you’re in my reflection, you’re on my mind, you’re in my chest, you’re my current feelings of gloom and if I somehow never get a chance to bloom, would I still call you my depression? I guess I’d call you something better. Something with a ring. Something we all want, but know we’ll never get. I’ll romanticize you for a bit even if for a second, maybe I’ll feel okay just for this moment. I think I’ll call you–
—  My second chance.
If I could hold your heart I would keep it safe. Even when I trip and fall, and even when I break down, I would hold your heart close to mine, so it doesn’t see the same damage. When I bruise my knees and scrape my palms you’ll never have to fear, and even if I cry, I promise, you won’t need to shed a tear. Love is everlasting. Loyalty is intertwined with faith. As long as you want me I will be here, standing with my palms out, waiting with my heart plain in my eyes, and a smile on my face.
—  Jennifer Varnadore

Dear 2017 me,

You are still a blank slate, a collection of days not yet trodden, so let’s make it right this time. Learn to cherish each moments. Take time to breathe and look at the things around you. Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate. Be grateful. You are more now than you are 5 or 10 years ago. Heck, you are more than now than I am. So please please, don’t hurry in life. Keep your footsteps steady, you may find one day that you seem to be moving slowly, and that’s okay, as long as you keep moving forward. You may stumble and fall along the way, and that’s alright too, I have so much bruises and scars already on my knees and heart, and every time I still try to get back up again. Sometimes I had stayed too long on the ground, and I want to tell you that it’s alright too. Take your time this coming year please. Appreciate life. No rushing forward. Forward is forward. One step is still a step as long as you keep your eyes on your goal. Create goals. Choose happiness. Make happiness one of your goals. And I know you still have that inner compass in you, that inner knowing that makes you know which path to take. Listen to it. Always. It never fails.

And when things get hard and to much to bear, always look and ask the help from Above. Hell, seek Him even on the greatest moments of your life, or even on the most mundane periods of your life. Seek Him at all time. If there’s anything I have learned this year and that I will want you to remember, it is that we have a good good Father in Him. Remember where your help comes from. Pray. Whether you’re happy or not, because He always listens, every time.

And please, please know that I am here for you, your past selves, all of us, an accumulation and amalgam of years and experiences, a collection of moments and little joys and sadness, we’re here and we’re still here, making up who you are today, and who you will be this 2017.

And above all, be brave. I know you can do this. I believe in you.

Wishing you the best in life and love and everything else that your heart desires,
2016 me

P.S. Keep your brain and heart connected at the same time. All the time. It’s hard, I know. But those two work wonders together, and not apart.

P.S.2. And really, I think 2015 and 2013 us had messed us up more grand time! 😉

- cynthia go // Dear 2017 me

NCT Dream in latest stage: *wears sparkly gloves, volleyball knee pads, and oversized blazers* 

Me, in tears: THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend: It’s okay, I get that you’re shocked. Their outfits were consistently good until–



I cut my lip on a soda can. I thought
of you. I burned my tongue on my coffee
this morning. I thought of you. I banged
into the corner of my desk. I thought
of you. I tripped on the stairs, thunked
my knee. I thought of you.

You are fortunate I am having this
bout of clumsy. It means I think about you
a lot. The way you bite and bruise,
even when not direct or intentional. The way
you have scarred me even though
you haven’t. The way

you are with me even when
you’re not.

© 2017 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller

MBTI as things my sister has said

INTP:“Once at a sleepover I ate an entire bag of cat treats while my friend was out of the room and then like six months later she was like “I could’ve sworn we had  a brand new bag of cat treats” and I was like “oh I don’t know what happened to them.”

ENFP:“Once I ate a wood chip because it vaguely resembled cereal.”

ISTP:*after throwing herself down the stairs on her stomach at full speed* “I think my knee is bruised.”

ISFJ:“No man is worthy of my corn.”

ENTJ:“Every time you open your mouth the tumor in my brain advances.”

ISTJ:“There’s something that happens to all of my friends. I call it the Madison Effect, after the Mandela Effect, but also after me.”

ESTP:“I don’t know. Why do you think I’m naked? Because I am.”

ESFP:“Wait, why am I naked?”

ESTJ:“Every time I go to the movies I get a large Icee, and every time someone tells me I can’t drink it all, and every single time I prove them wrong.” *drinks Icee aggressively*

INTJ:*Holding up a loaf of bread* “This is the longest consecutive piece of bread I’ve ever seen.”

ENTP:“I’ll have you know I’ve won two participation trophies.”

ISFP:“I hate myself too, so, you’re not original.”

INFP:“I’m not high. This is just what I’m like as a person.’’

ENFJ:“I’ve never done a ‘thought’.”

ESFJ:“I make my friends tell me everything people have said about me, partially because of insecurity but mostly because of vanity.”

INFJ:“And then he said he thought I was pretty, funny, and that I’m really sweet and  care about all of my friends and I was like, ‘jokes on you I’m actually really self-absorbed.’”

when i pray to god i pray with bruised hands
down on my knees

when i pray to god i pray with open eyes
bloodshot and aching
looking for a sign he isn’t dead
hasn’t abandoned us.

when i pray to god i’m praying to an empty house
to a shotgun wedding during a riot
to a museum of places i almost died in.

when i pray to god
i’m only looking for silence in return
when i pray to god
i’m only looking for a reason to doubt.

—  does the devil hear prayers too or is she all alone down there? has an angel ever fallen in love with a human or are our hearts too cold to touch?– lily rain
Holy Ground | Jungkook

Scenario: My friend just put me in a shopping cart and wheeled me around the store but they lost control so now I’m covered in dairy products and my back hurts and the cute store assistant looks really concerned and I’m covered in cheese
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2,621


“Hoseok, I don’t think this a good idea…”

“Of course it is, (Y/N)-ah! It’ll be fun. Trust me. Have I ever let you down before?”

“Actually, yes, and I think I still have that bruise on my knee that says otherwise—!”

Okay, in you go!”

Hoseok!” You protest loudly, but it’s no use, because Hoseok has already lifted you up by the waist, proceeding to dump you rather unceremoniously into the grocery cart. It wouldn’t have mattered how much you fought against his hold, because the end fact remains that Hoseok is and will always be much stronger than you, and trying to fight him is like trying to fight a bull. “We’re going to get in trouble!”

“Nonsense!” Hoseok retorts boldly, readying himself behind the cart, hands moving up to grip the handles. “If you lived life the safe way, where exactly do you think you’d be?”

“Uh, at home without that bruise on my knee?” You counter sarcastically, gripping the sides of the shopping cart for extra measures.

Hoseok pretends not to hear you as he prepares the cart at the end of the aisleway.”Okay, ready to go (Y/N)?”


Let’s go!”

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Soulmate AU

okay so I’ve become obsessed with these

you know how sometimes these random bruises pop up that you never saw or felt? well AU where you get all of your soulmate’s cuts and bruises

like just imagine

a girl sitting in class when all of a sudden her finger starts bleeding and she’s just like “oh my god ANOTHER paper cut?” but smiles when the clumsy boy asks if he could go rinse it off

everyone being confused when the bully and its victim have mATCHING BLACK EYES

someone constantly getting cuts on their knees when they realize THEY SKATE

someone going crazy trying to find his/her soulmate because scars keep appearing on their arm. he/she shakes their head when one day they all just disappear

a guy wondering why he has so many huge bruises all over until his girlfriend tells him about her daddy problems


It’s a cliche to say that you saved me
but it doesn’t make it any less true

you believed in my goodness
you saw my potential
when all everyone else saw were my scars and my anger

It’s the end of a dark night and the sun is rising
and you touch me, tracing the bruises
you are so gentle i could cry

i’m a monster, i’m a killer, i’m a darkness corrupting
i’m lost and afraid and lonely

you are here
and i could get on my knees, worshipping you
i don’t believe in god, he left me alone a long time ago

but you, you with your fire and light and love
you with your gentle hands and strong heart

@escapingreality51 I COULDN’T AGREE MORE!! <3


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Can you make a name aesthetic for my girlfriend, Katherine? She's so beautiful, she loves rock music, her family, and being around people in general really. She's somewhat quiet but is also never afraid to defend those she loves. Her favorite colors are red, silver, and black. We love your blog! 💖

Aww, you little doves sound so sweet! Hope this puts a smile on Miss Katherine’s face.

Katherine. She is black pleats resting on skinned knees. She is the lurid smear of red lipstick and plum bruises like watercolor. She is Persephone’s pomegranates and the ripple of a bass guitar. She is kisses on the neck and the purring of a black cat. She is spices in the air and sugar in words. She is Katherine- goddess of energy.

;you know?

Summary: You are in reciprocal love with Kyungsoo, a boy with bruised knees who has some problems at home and proposed to run away, but you refuse at first.
Warnings: English is not my first language! Sorry for any mistakes, I’m writing to learn.

word count: 1014

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In hopes you would call, the boy sat on the abandoned couch that stood on the highway, his black ripped jeans showing his bruised knees with red stains matching with the couch. He sighed. The couch stains was from the wine he drank, the ones on his knees was from the stupid things he did at midnight. It was already three in the morning, cars but mainly busses and trucks darted through the asphalt street that was out of lights.

He sighed for the second time, feeling the nostalgia boil on his heart as he thought about you. His hands met his legs as he brought his knees to his chest. But soon, his mother’s screaming and his father’s pitiful face snaped him out of his track of thoughts. He needed you to call, he depended on it. But he couldn’t take his pride out of his pockets and tell you to “please, come over”. He just felt like a burden even though his sad eyes shining with love and adoration were your safe place.

Soon, he felt like you didn’t cared. You knew that he was out on the street, but didn’t bothered to call or show up. He wanted your affection and attention. He wanted you to understand.

His phone didn’t rang for a long time while he saw the city lights on the horizon. He was ready to stand up and walk away. He sighed for the last time before sliding his legs out of the couch, but he felt your touch. The cold hands slithered through his back and pulled him close to welcome your scent. All he could see was your neck and hair, taking him in as he squeezed your waist between his arms.

“I needed you so, so bad, honey.” He whispered with a cracking voice. Tears already spilled out while the image of his father defending him from the mean comments his mother did about him replayed on and on in dark shades and blurs.

He kissed your neck lightly, and this sent shivers down your spine. Your heart boiled and longed for the broken boy. You never felt this intimate with him, it was the first time he held you so warmly and it was the first kiss he gave you anywhere. You cupped his face and dried his tears, putting your thumb across his plump heart-shaped lips, remembering a thing he said he wanted a while ago. To go away with you. He looked at you in awe and desperation, trying to figure out what were you doing to him. You held his hand.

“Soo. I think i want you to take me away. Take me with you, to that place you were talking about. You said you were only in this town for me didn’t you? Pack you things and take me.”

The suddenness startled the boy, who looked in your eyes for a hint of a joke. He didn’t found it. His brows were furrowed and his look was sad. “Don’t joke around like this. it hurts, you know?”

“I’m not joking. I want you to be by my side. Please. Take me with you, Kyungsoo.”

“I hope you are not faking it and-”

“No, Soo. Take me.”

“Why do you want to leave?”, he said, not trusting you and what seemed like a sweet and painful joke.

“I… I think that I need you by my side. I just got tired. Tired of being able to be close, but not with you. I mean, i know you love me. You know i love you. Why are we still acting like we don’t have each other? I need you the most. You need me. We can make it together. I will take you away. Please.” you said close to his lips.

“My mother… She-”

“She won’t mind, because she doesn’t know how wonderful you are, Kyungsoo. I want you, you know?”

His eyes were traveling to all the sides of your face. You kissed him without warning, making him melt like ice on your arms, slowly. He kissed you back and soon he pulled away lightly.

“It’s so sweet, i need more” He said with a needy breath. He got back, hungry and weak for you. Your grip on his shirt took every thought out of his mind but the one that lingered. Why didn’t he kissed you earlier? In the end of the kiss all he thought about was how he wanted to take you away. So, with a determinated look, he held your hand tightly.

“I’ll pack my things. We will walk out this morning. Go home and take everything you got out of your family’s house. We are going somewhere we can love each other without this sadness. Let them stay with that.” He kissed you again for a longer time. His hands felt warm for roaming around your body for so long. You two stood up, running to your houses, to find a home.

Your father yelled at you, but your pride didn’t let you look at him. You sister stood there with an amused look on her face, and you finished stuffing you things on your bag and suitcase. You walked to the door, not before looking at your mother making bad comments about you not being able to find a man. Soon, you felt a grip on your hand.

“Excuse me, mistress. I fear you are being delusional. I’m the one who is taking her away.”

Your sister gasped, looking at him all the way down. She smiled, but his cold gaze made her stop.

“Do you think i will act like the other guys that you steal? I’m not that blind. Tell you mother to stop talking shit. Honey, come on, we’ll lose the journey” he chuckles loudly and pulls you away.

His smile was so alive and bright that you were sure. While you both ran by the street towards his car and his laugh ecoed down the highway with your father’s screams on the background, everything was going to be alright, you know.

Eventually Bodhi stopped talking as the path grew narrower. Cassian saw the pilot stumble and noticed the stiffness in the man’s legs—the way he bent his knees as little as possible, more so the longer the hike went on. He noticed, too, the dark bruises and the raw, scraped flesh at the base of Bodhi’s neck. These were largely concealed by the collar of his flight suit, but the rain had tamped the suit down and left them more evident than before.
“How long did Saw Gerrera’s people hold you?” Cassian called.
Bodhi flinched but kept walking. “What?”
Cassian repeated his question.
“A few days, maybe,” Bodhi said, not looking back.
Cassian thought back to the rumpled pile of a man he had found in the catacombs, malnourished and battered and deranged with trauma. Less than a day later, the man leading him through the canyons of Eadu was transparently terrified and far too eager to chat; but he was also doing his damnedest to feign normalcy on what looked likely to be a suicide mission. He was even doing a decent job of it.
Cassian laughed. It was a brief, guttural sound that seemed drowned in the rain. Bodhi did look back now, surprised and a touch alarmed. “What?” he asked. “Nothing,” Cassian said. Then he added, blunt and almost humbled: “Must’ve been a hell of a few days.”
Bodhi smiled—just a twitch of his lips—for the first time since Cassian had known him.
—  Alexander Freed, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
am a doctor!!
  • Daddy: *hurts himself on the table*
  • Me: *makes ambulance sounds* I'm coming to save you daddy!! I can save you!!
  • Daddy: Princess, it's just a small bruise on my knee.
  • Me: I has to look at it and make sure you is otay!! *pulls out toy doctor bag and puts on coat*
  • Daddy: Well, I cant argue with a doctor, now can I?
  • Me: No you cants. Now hold still! *puts thermometer in mouth forcefully then puts stethoscope to his face then his chest then his knee*
  • Me: Mmmmhhmm sounds otay. Ecept your knee. It has no heart beat.
  • Daddy: Haha oh no!
  • Me: *pulls out hammer thingy and hits his knee* does that hurt?
  • Daddy: Ow, yeah, when you hit it, it does.
  • Me: has to be cut off. I'll go get the saw!! *runs to garage*
  • Daddy: *begins panic* NO BABYGIRL COME BACK!!

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever gotten while filming Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow? I’m knocking on wood right now, but I haven’t. Even in all my years as a b-girl, break-dancing, parkour, the only thing is I messed up my knee. I had knee surgery, but that was over years of abuse of my body. Now I’ve learned to be kind to myself, whereas before I thought I was tough getting bruises all over and flipping on the pavement. Now I’m like, “I’m going to be gentle and kind to my body, and love it, and thank it for doing all these nice things for me.”

I will kiss the red of your grazed knees, and cool your bruises with icy fingertips. I will try to hold you in my ghost-like embrace, knowing full well today you are out of reach; untouchable, a walking sum of nothingness. I will try to cradle you, even though I know all I can do is let you feel my presence, and hope you will overcome this state of withering emptiness.
—  “All is quiet now, hush baby blue,
dust off your clothes and
start anew.” – M.A. Tempels © 2016