bruises for life

so you’ve got five minutes before you go back to pretending you weren’t just a goddamn punching bag you better start power sleeping

Waking Without You

just over 1700 words, a continuation of this. Trigger warning for unintentional drug overdose. 

Even hates waking up without Isak.

Since they moved in together it hadn’t really been an issue.  Sure there are the odd night when Even visits his parents and ends up staying the night, or Isak parties too hard with the boys and ends up passed out at Jonas’, but Even is lucky enough now to be able to say he wakes up almost every day tangled up with Isak.

This is why when he stirred in the middle of the night and found himself severely lacking a sleepy snugly boyfriend his lips pushed into a pout.  Was it too much to ask for to just have one night where he got to cuddle his boyfriend for the night before they had to deal with a new day’s bullshit?

His annoyance, however, flew out the window when he heard retching coming from their bathroom.  It wouldn’t have been a surprise to Even if Isak had caught some bug going around; Isak had hardly slept the past couple of weeks and his immune system was probably through the floor.  It didn’t help that he ate like shit.

Even was beginning to realise that it was a miracle Isak wasn’t sick more often.

He took a breath and rolled himself out of his duvet cocoon, ready to go comfort his boyfriend.  He grabbed a hoody off the floor and pulled it on to keep the chilly night air from biting at his sleep warm skin and crossed the flat.

“Baby?” He croaked out, too tired to be embarrassed by his sleep roughened voice. He could still hear retching when he knocked on the bathroom door.  He figured Isak hadn’t heard him and pushed the door open, unaware that his world was about to turn on its axis.

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I’m sorry that I am soft
And easily bruised
This life has left me
Hypersensitive and emotional
Dripping with intensity
Like plums left in the summer sun
I know I’m messy when touched the wrong way
But maybe that’s all love is…
Learning how to eat rotten fruit
Without getting your fingers sticky
—  “Juice” by Jessy Hudson
And I’m too young to feel so much pain,
but the bruises of life I’ve carried for a long time,
the pain started in my mind and
Spread to my chest,
where it emerged from the cavity,
snapping my ribs to make it
out into the air
where it festered and grew
Into a tragedy.
—  charleigh aleyna.
Who Told? || Archie Andrews

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word count : 791

pairing : Archie Andrews x Fem.Reader

summary : “We were friends we were younger but it’s been years; how did you know I was in the hospital?”

warnings : car wreck?, hospitals?

      You had just wanted to see your best friends; the ones that you had to leave so long ago but everything happened rather quickthere was light then nothing at all. You were singing loudly to the radio and trying to stay awake since you’d been driving all day long trying to get back to the town you were born in; but singing wasn’t enough and your eyes were beginning to actually hurt from being so tired. You had done the right thing; pulled over on the side of the road to get some rest but the drunk driver that had been coming wasn’t so smart and smashed right into the front of your car. 

   You hadn’t even realized what happened as you must have been knocked completely unconscious from the hit but when you did wake up it was to the smell of  sterile air and a bright light shining in your eyes. Of course you could recognize instantly where you were; or at least where you hoped you were cause you did not kidnapped by some serial killer or something. You finally opener your eyes and to your relief it was a hospital and not some killer’s weirdly clean basement. 

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that harry potter au nobody asked for

Nathan Prescott as Draco Malfoy

Warren Graham as Harry Potter

so basically my friend compared Blackwell Academy to Hogwarts and this got in my head. I also hardcore ship Drarry and the dynamics and what not reminds me a lot of Grahamscott. Not to mention Draco and Nathan are basically the same person  (✿◠‿◠)

The shield

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x (sister)reader, slight Steve Rogers x reader
Genres: angst, platonic fluff, overprotective big sis Natasha
Words: 1.285
Summary: based on an imagine: “Imagine Natasha coming to rescue you after you are taken by HYDRA” - requested by Anonymous

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