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how did natalia handle being *parental* towards link? the way you have the Gerudo set up- they're all sisters, and don't really do the "parental" thing in the ways we're used to. was it hard for her? did she have to adjust? Loud questioning noises at a gerudo raising a child by herself (or, well, with braydon, but not with all of the Gerudo with her) and traditions and???

She didn’t handle it particularly well, in fact. Even beyond cultural differences, Natalia is not a particularly maternal person, and she never did a lot of time working the nursery, so she lacked some of the basic skills most Sheikah or other family-based cultures wind up with just because of exposure.

Brayden has more maternal instincts but wasn’t much better in the skills department.

They both got yelled at a lot by Bruiser and Aeria, who helped them IMMENSELY with the care and feeding of baby.

Natalia loved Link and she did her share of taking care of him and got pretty attached to him pretty quick. But a lot of people would have viewed her as distant at best (by Sheikah standards; by Gerudo standards her situation forced her to practically be a helicopter parent). That was changing as he got older and started developing more of a personality and independence and communication skills. She started engaging with him and enjoying him a lot more. Once he was old enough to tease and play with and did more than sleep and eat and cry. She’d be way more comfortable with an older kid.

Then, you know, she died.

Trainer: Alright, tough guy. You think you got what it takes? You think you can hang with the Breakfast Bruisers? Huh? 
New boxer: Yes.
Trainer: OHHHHH, so you’re a wise guy, huh?! Punch this speed bag until it breaks then, buddy!
New boxer: I just did. It’s an egg. It’s like, one of the easiest things to break in the entire world. 
Trainer: I like your moxie, kid. Welcome aboard.