Damn it… why am I re-installing Skyrim again?  Now I have to spend the next week or so finding good mods to install.  And I’m no doubt going to end up live streaming it as well when the time comes.

Though now I need to figure out what play style to use.  I’ve done a bruiser and I’ve done an assassin type.  Maybe a strictly magic-only Mage?  An Archer?

Any suggestions on play gimmicks and good mods, internet?

Hard At Work (thehouseofivo)


He was always rebuilding his castle. It seemed to be tradition that he rebuild his castle about once every one or two months, all because of Mario tearing down his castles whenever he saves Peach. Not that he could blame the plumber, it did make sense, as it did stall the Koopa King from going back and kidnapping her again. Regardless, he had finished this time, but now something new had to be worked on; his own strength.

Yeah, even in his human form, he was still a pretty big bruiser. Still able to breathe fire, run, punch through walls, pick up heavy objects, but even so, he liked to stay in peak physical shape. Standing in the castle courtyard, he was currently lifting large cannonballs, ones he usually rolled down slopes to trip up Mario. One in each hand, he lifted them over his head one at a time, as if he were lifting weights. It wasn’t until a Koopatrol had come to interrupt him that he had decided to stop.

“Your ugliness! You have a visitor at the gate!” The underling exclaims, saluting as he stops.

Bowser groans, throwing the two cannonballs aside. They hit the ground with an earthshaking thud. “This ought to be good…” he mutters, popping his knuckles. “Alright, go ahead and bring him in.” The Koopatrol nodded, calling for the other soldiers to open the gate.

Florida On The Eve Of Destruction: Who Will Stand Up To Bruiser Brody?
[November 1985]

When Bruiser Brody defeated Brian Blair to become the Florida State champion, it was clear that the CWF was in for a lot of trouble. Not only regarded for being a wild man by the fans, wrestlers would speak up that Brody was uncooperative in the ring. Bobby Heenan even said in his book that Brody would refuse to work with certain people, and didn’t like to leave a territory having been beaten clean.


Check out the bruh bruh Skywlkr make a beat in under 10 minutes in his feature with Fact Mag.

The Bird and The Bruiser

Clarice had been travelling around the eastern DC area, north of the river; she had been poking around in the scrapyard out of curiosity, but with nothing much new there to look at, she decided to head over to Canterbury Commons to buy some supplies seeing as she was low on stimpaks.  It was just a short journey over, but she had already squandered most of the day away, so it was just past sundown by the time she ambled into the edge of the small town.

She hoped that there would be a trader in that she knew- Doc Hoff particularly, but it appeared that there was someone new standing about instead.  They didn’t look like they were from the area- certainly not like anyone she had ever seen before: they were a tall, older looking man, healthy looking though, with dark hair and skin; most peculiar were the many adornments on his body, and piercings, both of which appeared to be bone.  As she came a little bit closer, she could also see that his lips were black, and she wondered if for some reason he was wearing lipstick.

“H-Hello, uh-” she timidly approached him, hoping he wouldn’t mind her business, seeing as it was rather late, “I-I’m uh, are y-you a t-trader?”


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