Well, the first thing I’d like to say is holy crap, 500 of you following me?! I’m sorry about that. Secondly, I know the last time I did a follow forever was probably when I was back at 200 followers so I apologize for this being super, super late, but yay, 500!! Also a special super duper thank-you to mariesrps for the graphic, because I have absolutely zero photoshopping skills no matter how hard I try. I’ve double checked that I’ve included everybody I follow in this and I apologize in advance if I’ve forgotten anybody, it wasn’t on purpose!  

when the sun shines, we’ll shine together…

The following people are my rocks, simply put. I love every single one of them with everything and I could rant about how much I love them all…all day, basically.  Also I had to cut this down to my four closest cause I wanted to do a ramble about all my rp partners and I would’ve been here forever and ever and ain’t nobody got time for that. 

liv-parker-rps: Manda. My best friend, my lifeline, my love. What would i do without you in my life? You’re everything to me, you know that. You’ve got more creative writing talent in your little finger than my entire body, and it still stuns me to this day how incredible you are. I love that i’m your proof reader and that when you’re famous i’m going to be your PA and you’re going to casually hire Daniel to be the main actor, and Grant to boot, we’ve got it planned out. I’m going to try and keep these shortish or i’ll be here all day with you. I love you. You’re my everything, my other half, the Lydia to my Allison, the Santana to my Brittany, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. 

mariesrps: You’re another one where I don’t even know where to begin with, honestly. The Serena to my Blair, the Crysta to my Allison. You’re incredible. I speak to you basically all day every day and when I don’t it feels like it’s been ten years- and speaking of I feel like I’ve known you my entire life, and to say that I’m thankful for our JenJen for introducing us is the understatement of the century. I know you’ve been waiting– and nagging for me to do this cause it’s finally time for me to gush about you! I love you. So much. The week we spent together meeting some of the Teen Wolf cast was one of the best weeks of my life, minus somebody’s snoring *cough cough* and I can’t wait to see you again. I hate that you live in another state especially when it thunders and I’m in a sooky mood. Have I mentioned I love you? Because I do. A wholeeeee lot. Also you’re a little shit.  

jenjenwrites: Forever the Scott to my Allison. Always and forever. JenJen or my JenLaw– you. You completely changed my muse on everything, you made me a better writer, and better Allison writer, a better person. You inspire me constantly, and it’s so lovely to know that I can talk to you whenever I need about anything, and that you feel the same way with me. Because we are Scallison. I love you, and can’t wait until I drag my ass back over to the states to visit you and drag you back here to deal with the drop bears. Also this has reminded me that I still need to finish your care package, my bad. But you know, laziness, absolute and complete laziness. Also, I want you to know you deserve the absolute best in life, with every single aspect. ✿

isaacrps: The Kol to my Davina; easily. You’re the absolute cutest person alive, and I absolutely adore our many ships together, haha. Meeting you was absolutely incredible, and I’m sad that we didn’t get more time together, but it was better than no time at all. Getting your spam when you catch up on The Originals or Teen Wolf makes me laugh every single time because I know I’m not alone in the whole fan girling aspect. I know I promised you and your Mom a visit in the future and don’t forget I plan on collecting, haha. I’ll totally need a tour guide! ✿

told you i’d be here forever…

So to say that I have the best rp partners in the world would be true. I know I’m incredibly biased, but each and every one of you is perfect and I’m inspired by you all. I love you and your perfectness and also might have a soft spot for all your characters, well I do we all know this. Thank-you for inspiring me each and every single day. 

✿  greenarrowrps, searianawrites, isaacrps, learoleplays, mariesrps, jenjenwrites, loisrps, callies1x1s, dobrewoodrps, kimmwrites, lilylunawrites, lydiamwrites, jadeyrph, arielrpcorner, whitneyrps, bruisedwayned, dakotastories, ravenqveen, swearwolfewrites, alexturnerrps, crystals-reeds, sayawrites, hudsondwyer, briannasrps, kawaii1x1s.✿

said I’ll always be a friend…

To those listed below, this is basically a PSA that I stalk your blogs and absolutely adore you. You’ve got a stalker on your hands and I’m only slightly sorry for that as you’re all flawless and perfect.  

✿  loisrps, tabithalynnrps, bellamlyblake, marleyroleplays, stydiaawrites, punkasswrites, sayawrites, emierps, natvanlisrps, stanwrites, cheetobreathwrites, literatirps, ashleys1x1s, choltrps, diannasroleplays, hiattrps, taylorswiftsrps, ryleyrpz, morristreetrps, stjamesrps, tinkerberryrps, elenagilbertrps, kirstenrps, piercemanrp, stilinskiiwrites. ✿

took an oath I'ma stick it out ‘til the end…♥ 

To those who constantly make my smile and who always brighten up my dash, thank-you. You’re all amazing and I love each and every single one of your blogs. 

✿  pattoncandice, ryderps, hemowrites, lizziesrps, wildebrayrps, tobintitrps, lianaliberatorps, dylanstilinskirp, octviablkes, queenteerps, summercohenrps, sirusblack, luna-ofrps, straightuprps, harleenrps, snixroleplays, troutyrps, lorigrimes, lambertrps, jackiegrps, jakepuckermansrps, katherineplumberrps, wellersteinrps, powerrangerrps, finnzillarps, fabraysrps, skimmonsrps, puckroleplays, annakeendrick, blainesrps, sugarmottarps, ddlovatosrps, valofrps, mukesaf, smashofrp, sassyroleplays, clarkejordan, ryderlynn-rps, buckybwrites, padmewrites, rubiusdoblas, obiwaned, sammydevansrps, shaebuttahrps, wilderoleplays, swiftsrps, koenigrps, alicatofrp, maliksrp, dormerswrites, kawaiirph, staseywrites, cammie1x1, troirps, messrpt, notafraidrps, writingoverbros, emmiofrp, daddyzyn, kittypuckermanrp, schennigrps, kittanaroleplays, hemmo1x1s, writingbree, wildelynnrps, rytinarps, december1x1, stisaacwrites, jamrps, ciarawrites, sharmanwrites, sofia1x1s, myfirst1x1, ofcrucifixes. ✿

So I’ve been meaning to post this for the longest time, but I was only able to finish it recently. Basically, this is a ‘thank you’ to all of you for making my Tumblr role play experience awesome. Seriously. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for putting up with me (and my excessive reblogging). You’re all wonderful and I love you all.


These people are the ones that I talk to almost everyday and I am also very honored to write with them. You guys are perfect and it is beyond me how ya’ll aren’t annoyed with me yet. 

gryffindorwrites | els-rpideas | warriorprincesswrites | thegoddesswrites 

THE AMAZING PARTNERS: past, present, and the ones I’m currently in the process of plotting with

Okay, you guys are all super quality and I don’t know how you guys put up with me when I take forever and a day to reply and thank you so much for not giving up on me. 

To those I used to write with, it was truly a pleasure writing with you guys and I hope you know that.

werecoyotewrites | princesscass-writes | celiabowenwrites | jamespotterwrites | decemberrps | mccall1x1 | greenewrites | breeerps | vanityshewrotechrishemswxrth | apathy1x1 | sherlockedrps | leerahs1x1 | dying–beauty 


You guys fill my dashboard with wonderful stuff and for that I thank you. I also wish we could all be friends but I’m a really awkward turtle so I’ll just admire ya’ll from afar and wish to be as fabulous as all of you.

aconitewriting | asaverse | alisonhendrixrps | akinsman | asherofrp | allanarps | allmymuses | addieofrp | brita1x1 | brit-rps | breannarps | boleyngirlwrites | bruisedwayned | batgirlwrites | batgirlrph | claratyroleplays | charwrites | calvincandierps | charleywrites | clairewords | classywrites | chelseaofrps | charredempires | coldwriter | freesiateas | gaskarthhelps | grangerwrites | greeneyedwriting | hanniballs | howlingambit | hathawaywrites | jordannerps | kaylasrp | khuleesi | kazzawrites | lilylunawrites | lilyofrpg | lianawrites | lordewrites | marvelwrites | markyrph | nastiarpsnovemberwrites | oneliongirlprincessrpg | princesswriting | persephonewrites | pixiedustrps | rubyslipperswrites | slytherclaw-writes | slythernwrites | starryeyedwrites | stephiewrites | skinnysoull | theoutsiderwrites | thebutterflieswrite | thebansheerps | thehuntressrps | the-queenbitch | tragedywrites | thewickedwitchwrites | tonkinroleplays | usagi1x1 | victiores | winterfellwriteswatsonwrites | zoeyrph

And a special mention to the following:

ariellenco | andrewgarfield-rps

I hope I didn’t forget anyone but if I did, please let me know so that I can shower you with affection. Again, thank you to everyone on this list (and everyone who follows me, really).

So first off I wanna thank halvorps for my AMAZING ff graphic, I literally couldn’t have done it without her. I was having a fight with PS earlier, and she’s bomb at it, so thank you bae. Anyways, I reached another hundred, and until I figure out something that I can for just YOU guys, I’m doing this follow forever as a thanks to my wonderful followers/partners/favorite blogs for being so amazing and putting up with my blog on a daily basis.

The best of the best ~

Here’s to my amazing partners that deal with my laziness, procrastination but regardless our plots are amazing and I fangirl about them daily just so you guys know. I’ve gotten so attached to these lines and you guys are just the best, so here’s to you.

niall1x1sartemidosaubreyplaza1x1halvorps ☼ sciraroleplaystempletalksbruisedwaynedlaeshtonleamichelerpsstydia1x1killinemkilam ☼ breeofrp and ofc all the rest xo

Here's to you ~

Here’s to the blogs that make my dash perfection on a daily basis/my amazing followers. I either admire your blog from afar/wish we were friends/wish we were plotting/you just generally light up my dash with your amazing blog. Thank you guys for being you, and one of these days I will get up the nerve to talk to some of you I swear!


My apologies if I missed anyone but my followers/blogroll as a whole deserve to be up here a lot cause you guys are awesome. Okay yes I love you all xoxo

So since I reached 200, and I haven’t done a follow forever in ages, I figured I’d thank those of you who put up with my characters, and my blog on a daily basis because its a mess, and my characters are so crazy, and this is a major thank you for dealing with me and just yes. Also a massive thank you to those of you who make it worth it to get on this blog every day, you’re such a joy to see around the community and just please forever stay. Okay,this community has brought me so much joy from how amazing all my rp partners are, how genuinely amazing the people are that I’ve talked to, and how passionate a lot of you are about social issues, it just makes me adore the community all the more.

You put up with my characters, and you're a genuine friend!

sarriall1x1s We’ve been roleplaying and plotting so much angst and amazing storylines for, over two years now I think? You are seriously like a big sister to me, and I know the holidays have been crazy, but I’m going to be bugging you a lot more, and screaming at you through your ask about our plots/ships/characters. You got me through a very rough patch in my life at the most a year or so ago, so I thank you for being there for me countless times, and being one of my oldest friends and never ever leaving my side. Even when I can be a little shit, you’ve never once lost faith or hope or any of that in me, and I don’t think you realize how much that means to me. I love you okay? Don’t you ever forget that, you’re and always will be one of my best friends. I need to start bugging you on Pan and Handy more, and we need to bring Niniall back, and I’m going to make you cry so much on Radley, and our universe out of love I promise.

tessellte You are bae, but you already knew that. I don’t really know how to describe our friendship or plots besides so many tears, angst, and good times. We’ve been friends for about over a year now, but it feels like its been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much longer than that, honestly. I feel like I’ve known you for at least five or so years. You know more about me than I’ve ever allowed anyone to learn in such a short amount of time, I went through a whole shit storm back in June of 2014, and I don’t know how you deal with my depressive moods but you do, and I thank you so much for being there for me even when you don’t know what to say, or how to cheer me up. Heart eyes at you and our ships forever cause they’re the shit and make me cry every day.

aubreyplaza1x1 We need to get caught up on our zombie mumu okay, because I’ve become so attached to a lot of those characters and sometimes I’ve had to hold back from asking you about doing solo plots just to develop them all more but there’s so many and I don’t even know how we’d do that, but I just love our zombie mumu, that plus we started up our psls again, bless! I love roleplaying with you, its a joy, always, literally. We both love the angst, we both love to screw shit up and make our characters miserable, happy for at least a little while but mainly miserable af evil laughs. Okay but seriously, You’ve been one of my good friends since the band rp world, and its been so long since then, it feels like a lifetime actually. We’ve been through our rough patch but I am so very happy to have you back in my life, like you have no idea. You’re such a sweetheart, and I love you, and don’t you ever leave me again okay?

artemidos You are a literal angel, and I can’t wait to start up our mumu again, I’ve missed writing Blair and Corin so much, I’ve missed Corin and Saige and Blair and Seb. We’ve both been crazy busy but we usualyl always come right back to everything and I love that about us. Our angst is amazing, and you as a person are just amazing. You’re so sweet and I really wish more people were like you. You’re a princess, so patient and kind. Also love to make me cry but you know, you know.

killinemkilam We haven’t gotten incredibly in depth with our plots yet, but I already love them more than anything okay. I fell in love with Zouis all over again because of Roland and Samir and I thank you for letting me play an over protective presh baby Zayn fc, you’re just a real treat to roleplay with okay? You’re such a genuine person and it’s nice to be able to scream to you about our plots from time to time, and I love the ask memes back and forth cause so much character development comes from those for me. Basically you’re just rad af, and you need to remember that. I wish there were more people like you in the world, keep on being awesome okay.

bruisedwayned I really freaking need to reply to our thing on Rulian okay, and I will soon I’m just a major procrastinator which you already know and yeah. I’m so happy we’re doing Allira and Allisaac though cause I had been itching for those for so long and you were sweet enough to give those to me so I praise you for that. We don’t talk that often, but you should know the times we have you’ve been a major sweetheart and you seem like a very chill person and we should talk more and become tight pals. I love our plots and I love the fact we both can take our time without the other getting all impatient and stuff. You rule my friend, you seriously rule.

crystalreedwrites We just started with both our plots, but I had been craving a good Stydia plot for so long and I’m so invested in this one already it is the craziest thing. And then when I was going through my crazy AoS phase you proceeded to be a sweetie and give me a chance to use the beautiful Adrienne Palicki as a fc and I praise your beautiful soul for that one, cause you can already sense the connection between Alyssa and Kellie and its just great. You’re an amazing roleplay partner and I’m going to floor you with ask memes, and scream at you at odd hours of the night about how precious both ships are, you have no idea okay. The first time we talked you were so sweet about everything and so patient and it just, yes. ALL OF IT YES. You Lydia is a total yes, and Alyssa is a yes and just everything is a yes.

findlaywrites We haven’t talked too much, but I already love our plot as well. From the length of our conversations you seem incredibly sweet, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to plot with you, your blog is precious by the way. The more in depth we get with our plot, the more I will probably fall head over heels for it. I love age gap plots so much, that plus Ashley Benson is a babe, so A+ there. I just hope we get to talk some more, and you don’t mind me flooding you with ask memes from time to time and please don’t ever be afraid to flood my ask as well. Thanks for being amazing!

ghstwrites Ohhhhhh, my gooodddd. I fell in love with our plot the first night we started writing it out, okay? Like, there’s going to be so much angst and shit involved with this and I love it. I don’t even know how to explain my feels for our plot because there is just no way, okay, no way. Your writing is epic, I feel so inferior sometimes to it, okay you are JUST THAT good. Your character is a princess, and with every reply I just, everything about this is perfect. From the handful of times we’ve talked, we got along so well, so I hope to talk more. Your blog makes me happy and just your general existence does as well, so thank you for existing.

rachetroleplayer We’ve just basically started our plot, but I get to use a character I’ve been itching to use for so long now, so thank goodness. You’re so sweet about replies, and the length, and just in general. Every time we’ve talked you’ve been so patient and understanding and its amazing cause we need more roleplayers like you, we honestly do. You are an adorable little angel, and you need to know that, seriously.

nocturnal1x1 We also just started our plot and I am so excited because you’re allowing me to use an old character I haven’t really developed in a very long time. Character development along with relationship development is so important, and you’ve picked one of the angstiest plots and I freaking love it. You constantly send me ask memes and I L O V E doing them so please always do that. You’re a sweetie, and I hope we talk more often.

You're in a world of trouble.

This is to the amazing humans I’ve started to plot with, and we’re getting everything ready, and I just want you to know how excited I am for these, and how much I’m probably going to make you all cry cause lolol I’m good at that, and from the few times we have talked, you’ve been nothing but sweet and patient with me constant laziness, and I hope you can continue that cause such a procrastinator over here but yeah.

mariesrps, tommoassists, bunny1x1, caliwrites, waldorftalks, elisas1x1, smhziam

Thank you for always bringing joy to my dash

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That is not in alphabetical order mainly cause I’m exhausted and starving and I need food and I’m also pretty damn sure I missed a few people and for that I am sorry but not being up here doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy seeing you on my dash/plotting with you okay. My memory is just shit. My entire blogroll is perfection and all my partners are perfection so thank you for everything, and don’t ever forget how amazing you all are, please.