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bruisedwayned asked:

“Some things just aren’t worth fighting for.”

Tonight they were curled together under the cover of night, watching as the moon waned behind ghostly clouds, the sky freckled with distant stars, twinkling and glimmering and shining with light from eons ago. Juliette warmed Warner’s hand between her own, as hungry for touch as ever, satisfied only when their fingers interlocked, their wrists touching. 

Tonight marked the anniversary of it all. Meeting, and falling in love (him), falling in hate (her), and falling in love, again (them). It marked the anniversary of how they broke through the shackles the stars had wound around them, and lived a life independent of what fate had written for them. Juliette didn’t like to believe in a Higher Power, but if there was one–– then this was the reality that they had been meant for, and they had made it there all on their own. 

She nodded against the soft material of Aaron’s sleeve, tonight’s scent that of lilies and sage, and as she breathed him in, she breathed out, “Right. And some things are.” It went unsaid almost every day, but every night they ended up here again. Whether it was on the roof, in bed, or interlocked somewhere else without a name, without a location, without anything, they always ended up here. Together. Two columns holding each other up. Supporting one another. 

As long as that was their reality, they would fight tooth and nail to protect it. 

But like Warner said: Some things just weren’t worth fighting for.