bruised feathers

Pain's Mistress

I am pain’s mistress.
It creeps into my bed
in the early hours
when everyone else
is undead, asleep.
It sneaks through
my head when
I know it has
a million other lovers
it admires
Yet it still makes time
for me
Still comes
to me each night
Still bruises
me with feather light touch

I am pain’s mistress
It’s wife doesn’t know
And I know that I should
But I can’t let it go

@myownhxro || continued

There was just the slightest flinch, a natural reaction he couldn’t stop as Nancy’s fingers even just barely feathered the bruise. It was still quite fresh, and clearly worse upon touch then when it was just left alone. Jonathan wasn’t doing too well at getting Nancy to believe him. And even that kept him silent, not even bothering to attempt another reply to convince her. 

Standard Wednesday Night

Title: Standard Wednesday Night

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson

Word Count: 3,000

Ao3 link: here

Summary: “You know, not to be a whiner,” Foggy spoke through a mouthful of fried rice, “but it’s so not fair that you’re better at chopsticks than me.”

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anonymous asked:

How would the nordics react getting chased by an angry goose?


Sweden: Well. let’s face it, the goose would probably attempt to chase after him and then be too afraid and run away itself.

Finland: As the goose chased him, he’d totally scream like a little girl and run, if he happened to have food he’d attempt to throw it to get the bird off of his tail.

Iceland: He’d run, but he’d also record it and probably trip while he was getting it on his phone. Do it for the Vine!

Norway: Nor would probably attempt to run and then just realize he could use his magic to stop it. Then just try to act as if nothing happened as he walked away and brushed himself off.

Denmark: He would run scream a blood curdling scream, trip whist running with his hands in the air and get totally attacked and pecked to death by it. Coming home with bruises and feathers everywhere and telling the others not to ask…

In response to this very true post and my head canon that had a similar vibe to the one they responded to.

Yeah, can all the Avengers basically see Sam as their collective best friend because they all think he’s super cool?

Tony makes awesome modification to the Falcon wings because he may not currently be Iron Man but he’s still an mechanic and sometimes he gets the itch to engineer. Sam is in the middle of a battle and then suddenly he fires off rockets from his jet pack or lets out a cloud of smoke to hide him from the bad guys and he’s all “STARK! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY WINGS!” and Tony just giggles over the intercom.

Thor decides to take Sam on in a race to see which is faster; Hammer or Wings. Both Sam and Thor cheat mercilessly - accidentally bumping the other guy off course, scaring a flock of birds into the other guys path etc - so no one really knows whose faster and both of them come home with giant grazes and bruises and twigs and feathers in their hair. They still do another race the next day and get even more battered.

Clint has a go at Sam for stealing his bird shtick, and Sam goes “I actually fly. I deserve the bird name. Shouldn’t you be called Robin Hood or something?” and Clint is all “I was here first, Wilson! I called dibs on all bird related puns and one-liners!” Eventually they learn to share and even bounce terrible bird puns off each other, which sends everyone else insane.

Bruce makes quiet sarcastic comments to himself that he hopes no one hears, but Sam hears them and laughs his head off, making Bruce smile and be uncomfortable by the attention at the same time. The other avengers ask what is so funny and Sam tries to repeat the comment but he is laughing too hard and all that he manages is high pitched wheezes between more laughter fits.

Coulson mentions in passing that he used to dress up like Captain America when he was a kid to Sam and Sam stows away the information to basically blackmail Coulson into doing things with the threat of mentioning it to Steve next time he sees him. Sam even manages to get photographic evidence.

Natasha and Sam talk about missions they have been on and compaire them while having a beer at a bar. They have a few “That was YOU?” and “I thought I recognised you. You were in Ghazni, right?”  moments and try to one-up each other on amazing war stories. Then try and one up each other in karaoke. Natasha will never admit to doing karaoke but Sam manages to record her performing on his phone. The next day his phone mysteriously loses all of it’s data.

Sam finds out that two and a half million dollars has been donated to Veterans affairs anonymously and does a hell of a lot of digging and eventually finding out it was Stark Industries that made the donation. When Sam confronts Tony about it Tony says “Look man, it was all Pepper’s idea. I just agreed and co-signed the check. You should know by now, she’s the brains of the operation.” Pepper yells out from the kitchen where she is making coffee for the three of them “Damn Straight!”

Jane meets Sam for the first time at a party and Sam is basically cornered by her for half an hour while she talks to him about astrophysics and science and time and space and energy and Sam smiles and nods until Thor comes and leads Jane off to talk space with other people and Steve asking if Sam understood any of that and Sam saying “Not a single thing.” But then a week later he calls up Jane and without saying hello says “So when you say that time and space are bent by gravity does that mean that time moves differently when there IS no gravity?” because the conversation has be gnawing away in the back of his head for the whole week and Jane spends another forty-five minutes on the phone with him talking about general relativity.

Bucky shows up at Sam’s house at random hours because Bucky doesn’t really trust many people and Sam is one of the few. Most of the time Sam gets freaked out by Bucky sitting alone in the dark on his couch or silently standing behind his door unnoticed until Sam closes it. It doesn’t really help that Bucky doesn’t talk back to Sam except with monosyllabic yes/no/grunt answers. So Sam just makes Bucky dinner and they just sit quietly watching TV or listening to music. But by the morning Bucky is usually gone without talking to Sam. Sam doesn’t mention these encounters to Steve but he thinks Steve gets these visits too.

Loki gets baited by Sam repeatedly during battles. Particularly if Loki is in the middle of a big speech. Common interruptions by Sam include “Why don’t you bad guys ever shut up.” “See, this kind of thing is why the Hulk had to fling you around like a rag doll.” and “Do Asgardians give wedgies? If they do, I bet you were on the receiving end of so many.”

Steve gets a bit jealous of all the other avengers monopolising Sam’s time although he would never complain about it but Sam picks up on it and makes a point of going on jogs with Steve one-on-one no matter how badly Steve outpaces him.

Rhodey and Sam get recruited by the government for a one-off secret mission that they’re not allowed to tell the others about but it gets leaked to the press and all their heroics and life saving awesomness end up on every news station in the country. All the other Avengers are annoyed they missed out on all the cool stuff and both Rhodey and Sam are all like “Are you kidding? You got to save New York and you’re complaining that we get this ONE mission? Suck it up, guys. We don’t even have action figures yet.”

Basically all the Avengers thinking Sam’s amazing and having a bromance with him because he is amazing and who wouldn’t want to be in a bromance with Sam “THE FALCON” Wilson.

Trapped AU; Muse A is a young monster and Muse B is a human that finds them in captivity, being experimented on. From that point on it is Muse B’s mission to free them somehow.

Carlos pressed to the back of the cage, quivering. The harpy whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut. His skin was bruised and his feathers were obviously molting in a very unhealthy manner.

The Transcendence Scrapbook (Or Dipper's Life as an Ageless Dream Demon)

These last few are the last ones I ever wrote. Maybe one day I will write more. But for now, this is all I have for the Scrapbook. Thanks for all the comments and the kudos and sticking with this, guys, you’re all awesome :]

Wanna know a secret? Originally these shots were just called Niblets. The file on my laptop is still called Niblets.

All available on ao3



“What’s with that stupid look on your face, bro-bro?”

Dipper looked up from where he was pawing through the crayons floating in the air around him like a miniature galaxy. Mabel was stretched out on her bed in the attic of the Mystery Shack, papers and coloring books all over the bedspread around her. She had her chin in her hand, her other occupied by a crayon, and she was giving Dipper a scrutinizing once-over.

“What stupid look?” Dipper asked, leaning back in mid-air and crossing his legs, looking for all the world as if he were lounging on someone’s porch in the summer time, “I don’t have a stupid look. You have as stupid look.”

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My body is pear flesh. Or my body is the broken leg of a mare. This is a poem in which I do not know what you are: an incisor, a hand of thumbs, a mosaic of shotguns. What I do know: we touch again for the first time in two years. It’s as i remember, fingers and feathers and bruised skin of saints. Is this what hawks dream of? I am small and boneless as you hold me.