ladies on okc of the greater boston area, this dude is an asshole.
plz excuse any spelling mistakes and /or mistakes in general during my tirade.

This is what dealing with street harassment looks like on the internet. This isn’t even from the beginning of our annoying and awful thread.

let’s clarify some things, shall we? because I no longer want to engage with this dude, I’m going to post what would have been my response here.

  1. Please stop trying to buy me with Bruins tickets and locker room invites, you weirdo.
  2. “If people’s personalities are more important to you then why did you ignore my first attempts to talk in the beginning without giving me a shot?” Answer: Because I looked at your profile and nothing jumped out at me. Just because you messaged me doesn’t make me obligated to message you back, even just to tell you i’m not interested.
  3. “I have nothing but respect for women” Response: That is actually incorrect. Because in this thread, you are not respecting me (ie. a woman) or my wishes. I respectfully told you that I was not interested. However you continue to bombard  me  with messages for not being interested, “I’m super handsome and a fucking rich lawyer. No reason for you not to be interested”
  4. 3. Your friend, who is 30 and attractive, but can’t find a man because she’s 30, attractive and “too picky”. Response: You clearly are not a good friend. Maybe she has high standards and wants to find a man who’s correct for her and suits her needs. She / a woman in general shouldn’t have to settle for a man just because he’s wealthy or just because he’s good looking, you can’t blame her for wanting to find someone who she deems near perfect in her eyes.
  5. “And now she is hitting 30 which is when it gets super hard to find a man because guys want younger girls” Response: lol fuck you. This makes no sense. While yes, I’m sure some men want to date younger women. However not every single man on this planet can be put in that group. Just because a woman turns 30 doesn’t make her undateable / a social pariah. Why the fuck would you even say that… about a friend especially. You clearly are unsupportive and obviously suck as a human being.
  6. “And because I’m handsome and women flirt with me everyday and I busted my ass to become a lawyer means I’m so self centered?” Answer: In general, no that’s not what it means. Being self involved means you find ways to let people know you’re attractive. You go out of your way to tell people know how much money you make. You tell people you’re a lawyer because you want people to have extreme respect for you. Working all these things into a casual conversation when it is warranted does not make you self centered. But again when you say something like “I’m super handsome and a fucking rich lawyer. No reason for you not to be interested” – that is the definition of being self centered. That’s the same thing as saying I’m fucking amazing if you don’t want to date me then you are the problem.

that is all.

PS. There no such thing as having over inflated amount of self worth ladies. Do your fucking thing. Own who you are and be proud of it.