bruins family


I found some pictures of Tuukka, Jasmiina, and Vivien that I hadn’t seen before or slightly less blurry versions of ones I had seen before and oh my god this little girl is so cute I literally adore her and Tuukka and Jasmiina SOOOO much. BUT JUST LOOK AT THE FIRST PICTURE SHE’S LIKE, “Dad wtf.”

When [Brandon] was 14 years old, we came out to Boston. He was playing in a tournament. We had a team dinner at a restaurant called Pagliuca’s. When we were leaving the restaurant, his coach and Brandon and I walked out at the same time, and there was a picture of Chara on the wall. His coach, Angelo, goes, “Brandon, just think. That could be you one day.” Fast forward 6 years and here we are back in Boston, and not only are we experiencing this unbelievable journey, here he is playing with Chara. It’s just come full circle for us.

16.08.2016 // Meant to post this yesterday but I got back really late. I paid a visit to my alma mater since my little brother had orientation. Super excited that there’s another Bruin in the family! :D 

After finishing some work at a nearby Starbucks, I met up with a couple of people, explored a bit of LA, and burnt a hole in my wallet at MUJI. 

Also, I’ll be moving blogs next week - I’ll explain everything very soon. Thanks for your patience, everyone!