bruh movement

Oscar Wilde:

- a well-known gay

- popularised the aesthetic movement

- wrote a whole book about how it was dumb to get a life-size portrait of yourself … then got a life-size portrait of himself

- went bankrupt bc he put too much effort into a magazine about himself that noone bought

- spent all his money on decorating his college room

- socialist anarchist concerned with wealth gap

- cried once bc he would never be as beautiful as his plates



  • Me: *shaking my hand to keep myself sane at work*
  • Some old white man: why are you waving your hand at me, your nail polish not dry or something?
  • Me, smiling unapologetically: No, I'm autistic so I just do this sometimes
  • SOWM: *uncomfortable face twitches and an awkward nod*
  • I'm not going to apologize or stop just because your sexism AND ableism think I should

Sneaky Qurupeco watching out for you n your sinful blog.

anonymous asked:

the only problem i have with tlg animation is the exaggerated movements because it looks unnatural but it's still better than most children's tv shows I've seen. i'd rather have over exaggerated movements than stiff movements

bruh animation is literally all about exaggerated movements