OSA’s Bryan Kendall will provide an overview of recent archaeological excavations in Jones County.Bruggeman Cave (13JN12) is a multi-component habitation site overlooking the Maquoketa River. Originally recorded in the 1920s, the site had not been visited by professional archaeologists until 2013 when Jones County Conservation Board acquired the cave as part of the Ebys Mill Wildlife Area. The site had been extensively looted and hundreds of artifacts were observed on the surface. In 2014, the OSA, Jones County Conservation and a team of AmeriCorps volunteers screened all of the looter backdirt piles and restored the cave floor to its original surface. Limited excavation was also conducted to identify portions of the site which are still intact. Thousands of artifacts were recovered including an extensive faunal collection and a variety of Woodland ceramics. Community involvement and education has been central to the archaeological project and avocational archaeologists and school groups have had the opportunity to assist with the study both in the field and in the lab. The artifact collection has been used for research projects by students from the University of Northern Iowa, the University of Iowa and Mount Mercy University. The collaborative project has attempted to recapture some of the information which would have been lost by the vandalism at Bruggeman Cave and aims to foster a sense of stewardship for local cultural resources within the surrounding community. Bryan Kendall is an Assistant Project Archaeologist at the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist. He attended the University of Northern Iowa and received an MA from the University of Iowa. His research interests include landscape-scale archaeology, site formation processes and geoarchaeology. The OSA Brown Bag Series is free and open to the public. Presentations begin at noon. Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch and engage in discussion following the presentation. For more information about attending, please contact Maria Schroeder:; (319) 384-0974.

From homeless to Savior

James Bruggeman was just a kid when he started experimenting with drugs.

A young boy with alcoholic parents, James became addicted to substances that led to a long and tough journey full of darkness.

Like many, James was directionless with no proper role-model to help guide him into a purposeful adulthood. He was on his own.

Even then, he recognized signs but suppressed, that he now understands as his calling to serve others. A calling that he has successfully molded into his reason for living.

Through his agency and thrift store, James is on a mission that is taking Springfield, Missouri by storm.

James and his partner Tennille have given jobs to many homeless, lost and suffering young adults.

Only in existence for 18 months, James’ organizations have successfully obtained full-time employment for several young Springfield area youth. Most of these individuals come from broken homes with parents who are addicts and end up throwing their children out on the streets.

Can you imagine having nowhere to go, no money, no job, nothing?

An avid reader, James also mentors his kids with five main principles and teaches them to turn resentment, anger and hate into love, gratefulness and service.

The 5 principles he practices and shares are:

1. Habits are Key!

Our Habits always succeed. Replacing bad habits with good habits is a key principle we help our youth apply.

2. Integrity & Honesty

Integrity and Honesty is the primary way to gain true self-respect and self-esteem. To love yourself is a necessary ingredient for success and this seems impossible to accomplish without integrity and honesty.

3. Love, Faith & Gratitude

Emotions Rule! Our emotional state directly determines our energies and outcomes. Replacing Fear, Anger and Worry with the Emotions of Love, Faith and Gratitude quickly leads to results. Giving our youth hope.

4. Giving back & Paying it Forward

The Great Secret - “There is more happiness in Giving than in receiving” We encourage our youth to learn this secret early in life. To help others is a healing to the soul. It ignites happiness in the heart. The Pay-it-Forward attitude has blessed many lives :)

5. Take Action!!!

No other Principle can replace action! Did you know the easier softer way in life is simply doing it right the 1st time! Stop wasting your efforts on looking for the easy way out and take action.

Through these 5 principles among other tenants, James and Tennille have saved many local lives and continue to reach out and lend a hand to help many more.

If you would like to learn more about James and the great things he’s doing for the local community, you can visit or

James also made it a point to say that both of his parents were able to control their demons and cease their alcoholic habits.

*The Jeep was donated by Youngblood Auto Group to raise funds to help kick these two awesome charities into high gear!

-tyler mcgauley