Billboards, 2

Andy Willett is an artist working with text in the form of signs and posters. He produces work for commercial purposes as well as sign-based work for other artists. Stefan Bruggeman produces text-based artworks that are often self-referential while providing some level of institutional critique. These examples demonstrate how an artist can subvert the purpose of a medium – in this case, the…

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It is proven clearly now with all the senical things going on in and around the moon clan, there is, there never was, and there never will be any ligitamitcy to the movement and its surroundings, as there are the Sanctuary Church and the Home Church. It is byound recognition that this criminal arganisations are not brought to justice in a joint legal effort off so many people that have been severly damaged for live, chuch as my and my siblings.

Let’s make a joint effort and make them accountable for there criminal actions.

Walter Bruggeman.

When all you have is a title.

The title of an artwork is an often overlooked element of its construction and meaning. It can subvert the context, guide the viewers reading, and sometimes constitute the work itself, regardless of the work’s physicality. Need Damien Hirst have preserved a shark in formaldehyde in order to present his idea, ‘The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living’? Probably not. Even…

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