‘She is Tony Stark’s daughter,by the way’- PART 2

(Tom\CW!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)


:Tom\CW!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader;Father!Tony x Daughter!Reader
Summary of a one shot:Tony’s daughter,who is almost a copy of her father,comes to NY to live with her dad.On her first day in the new school,Peter ends up embarassing himself in front of her,but then has to work on a project with her,since they end up together in the English class.When it turns out they don’t have enough time to end their project in school,she comes with him to his place,but ends up seeting someone unexpected there.
Warnings:Peter’s dorkiness again ^_^
Y\N-Your name,Y\F\B-Your favorite book
A\N:This one is slightly shorter and is just an idea of a scene that I got last night.Since I got reeeeaaaally inspired and have seen that you guys like it (110+ notes on Part 1,wth guys,thank you so much!),this will take more than just two parts.There were a bit of mistakes in the first part,I’ll try and avoid that in this one.Again,if you want a tag,feel free to message me.

‘This isn’t how I raised you’,Brian was scolding an already enough embarassed Peter in front of their lockers,’”This is my code,but uh um uh um….Uhhhhhh,thi isn’t my locker”’,he reminded him of the very moment,he culdn’t forget anyway,in a mocking tone,’What the hell,Peter?!’,he whisper-yelled at him,leaving him to just stare at his feet in complete regret.He just let out a long sigh before answering,to try and calm down.
‘I don’t know..I got tongue-tied…’,he said frankly and decided to turn away from his friend and get the things he needed out of his locker.
‘Tongue-tied?It didn’t even move enough to end up tied!If it was three words that you said in one take-NO!If it was three words that you said at all,I swear…’,he began,but got cut off.
‘That is kind of what tongue-tied means’,Peter said,matter-of-factly,turning to his friend with narrowed eyes,’You see,maybe you’re right!They should probably change the expression,because you have a point.To get tied,you..’
‘We’re not changing the subject’,Brian stopped him coldly,’Nice try.But it won’t work on me.You have to understand that I’m just trying to help you.’
‘Well,you better stop,because,as I can see,judging the way it’s going,I might not survive the day’,Peter said trying to persuade his friend to give up,’I really want to live longer than this,but it seems that it’s not our mutual wish.So,at least for the rest of the day,we should separate,just to prevent other…’,Peter tried to get out of this mess and make Brian leave him alone,but Brian was more than just pushy.He was determined.
‘Listen,if you think you are the only one who’s had his eyes on her since she came-you are a first class idiot.Actually,you shouldn’t worry about any of them as much as you should worry about the jock…The jock’,Brian pointed out,’If she is the way I persage her to be,I suppose she’ll have no interest in him.But,first of all:maybe she isn’t like that,and second of all:if she is,and that’s most definitely true,she will ignore him,but we both know he’s stubborn and won’t leave her alone.So,go,make things right.If you won’t do it for yourself,at least save her from the dummy’,Brian tried to make Peter try again with Y\N,almost begging.But he was in hesitance.
‘I-I..Ughh,I don’t know.I rather wouldn’t.I mean,what if I hurt more people…I wouldn’t want…’,he was stopped by Brians wide eyes that were staring behind Peter into something he himself couldn’t see,’Wha-what are you looking at?’
‘There she is.Take a chance’,he whispered to him and he turned around to see her looking at her watch.She realised she had anough time to sit on a bench and read a bit of her book.
‘Look,she doesn’t even need to do anything,just sit there….And I’m already done’,Peter said,staring blankly at Y\N.
Brian took out one of his sharpest pencils and pointed it at Peter.
‘Just go,or I’ll use this against you’,he threatened.

Y\N was silently and peacefully sitting and reading,having almost ten more minutes until her next class.Even though she read that book almost ten times so far,it was her favorite and she could re-read it for just as many times in a single day.
So far,she didn’t talk to anyone,feeling kind of shy.She did,sort of,talk to Peter,but she didn’t know whether that even counts.
She was usually a friendly person,but today,so far,she didn’t feel like introducing herself to anyone,but wouldn’t mind if somebody offered a small talk.So someone did.
‘Hi!’,a cheerful female voice next to her greeted,’I’m Cindy.’
‘I’m Y\N’,she happily answered.
‘You must be very nervous on your first day’,Cindy said,looking pretty concerned.
‘No,actually not.Even though I expected it.It’s nice here,I don’t need to feel nervous’,she said honestly.
‘That’s good to hear.I heard you are Tony Stark’s kid,is that true?’,Cindy whispered,as if that was supposed to be left as a secret.
‘Yeah,I am’,Y\N answered with a smile,’But I’m smarter and better looking.’
Cindy and Y\N chuckled slightly at her remark.
‘He is really a genious,he’s inspired many people here’,Cindy added.
‘Me,too’,Y\N answered.
‘I think that’s his best achievement’,Cindy smiled sweetly,noticing her openned book,’What are you reading?’
‘Oh,Y\F\B’,she said showing Cindy the cover,keeping a finger on the place where she paused,’I almost know every word by now,but I never get bored.’
‘Oh,I like that one,too’,Cindy admitted,’By the way,I really have to warn you about something.See that guy over there?’,Cindy pointed at the jock.
‘Yeah,what about him?’,Y\N asked,not so impressed and turned her head back to Cindy.
But as her eyes were going over the hall,she caught Peter staring again.He kept the blank look on his face and his friend held a sharp pencil in his right hand.
At first,she wasn’t really sure what to do,she recognized him as a poor guy who almost broke his coccyx…Waving.
When he realised she was looking back at him,which took him a while,he freaked out a bit and his eyes widdened in fear.He slammed Brian’s left arm as if to alarm him.
Y\N noticed his tension again and sent him a warm smile with a wave,not knowing that it definitely won’t help him.He sheepishly smiled back and than left his head hanging in front of Brian.
Unfortunately,Brian held his pencil too high and Peter poked himself on it.The end of it was very pointy and Peter succeeded in piercing the left corner of his lip.He released a short,though not high,scream in pain,lifting his head up and holding the aching place.
Y\N wasn’t really listening to Cindy anymore,but Cindy wasn’t talking anymore,either.Y\N quickly covered her mouth with her left hand and squeezed her eyes,trying not to laugh.
She exused herself and walked over to the boys who were arguing now.
‘It’s not my fault that you don’t watch where you put your empty head!’,Brian yelled.
‘Hey’,Y\N suddenly appeared next to him looking at Peter,concerned,’Are you alright?’
‘Me?Uh uh..Well,um,it’s not a big deal.I-I’m just bleeding…A little’,Peter barely said the words.
‘What?Let me see’,she asked and gently placed her hands on both sides of his face,caressing his pierced corner of a lip with her thumb,’I’m so sorry.I should probably stop smiling at you,it’s getting lethal.’
She said jockingly,but,partly,she was serious.And right.Who knew she would cause so much trouble just by twitching her lips?
It was starting to get silent,Peter staring blankly again.
Brian really wanted to break the silence.
‘Can I help?’,he asked politely.
‘Actually,if you could bring a piece of toilet paper,it would be nice’,Y\N answered and Brian immediately went to get it.
‘I never knew someone could pierce themself with a pencil hard enough to bleed’,Y\N said waking Peter up from his daydreaming.
‘Oh,what?A,yeah,yeah..Neither-neither did I’,he said releasing the breath he didn’t know he was holding in.
‘I should’ve told your friend to bring some more of that tolitet paper,it looks like it won’t stop bleeding easily’,she added,gently whiping a bit more blood that was coming out,’Maybe we should try some other methods before he comes?Any ideas?’
Peter stood without words wobbling on his feet and thinking.To be true,he wasn’t really thinking about anything,his mind was empty at the moment.
’I don’t really have any alcohole to clean it up right now’,Y\N added and gasped in realisation,making him look at her waiting for her idea,’Oh,no,it’s silly.Only my dad thinks it works’,she said with a disappointed expression.
‘What?’,he asked,actually interested to know.
‘Well,when I was little,I was really clumsy,not that I’m not anymore,but it was worse then.So,whenever I hit my knee or an elbow or make any sort of a cut or bruese,my dad would use this “kiss the pain away” method…As he called it’,she said,making his eyes widden,’I would stop bleeding afterwards,but I’m sure it wasn’t because of that.’
She started thinking of something else already,but Peter was rather trying to think of the way to say what he wanted without making it sound creepy.
‘Well…’,he began,’We-we-we could try it?’,he said,not really sure of how it sounded.
She looked at him in disbelief and hesitated to agree with him,only to keep things from getting awkward…Or more awkward than they already were.
‘Umm…If you are not uncomfortable with it…’,she said,still not feeling sure.
‘Yeah,yeah…I-I-I’m not un-uncomfortable…I don’t mind,I mean…Urrm..Oh,shut up’,he said,making her release a deep breathy chuckle.
She gently put her hands on both sides of his face,leaning in to press her lips onto his little wound.
As soon as her lips touched his skin,he froze.After all,the cut was on the corner of the lips.It was maybe three seconds that she help her lips there before pulling away,frowning.
‘It’s not working’,she said,leaving him to stare at her waiting and breathing heavily.
’Maybe-maybe…Um uuh,maybe you should try it again’,he stuttered,making her smile in amusement.
She leaned in again,kissing the spot a little longer.He was lost in it and how warm her lips were.It wasn’t even a real kiss and he was losing his knees.He got slightly flustered and his cheeks turned a light shade of pink,warming up.
When she pulled away he cleared his troat,trying to shake the feeling away.
‘Oh look,it kind of stopped!I should really get this thing seriously’,she said surprised and pleased.
‘I brought the paper’,Brian said,finally appearing.
‘Took you a while’,Y\N said,taking the pieces of toilet paper from him.
‘Well,yeah..There was a line in the toilet’,Brian lied.He was actually spying on them almost the whole time.
‘It’s okay’,she said,handing Peter the paper,’If it starts bleeding again,use this.But I doubt it will’,she smiled warmly,’I have to go now.See ya.’
Cindy was waiting for her on the passage through the halls and Y\N walked over to her.
‘She kissed me,Brian’,Peter said with a blunt look on his face,staring in the distance,at nothing.
‘I know,I’ve seen it!Well do..’,just when he wanted to congradulate his friend,Brian noticed his face and got worried,’Peter?’,he called for him in concerne.Into no avail.
Peter kept repeating the words in a whisper even when Brian stopped talking or looking at him.
‘Hey,Stark!’,Brian yelled for Y\N and she turned around,’You broke my friend!’
‘Sorry’,she apologized,but had to soon turn around and keep walking.

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