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Hello guys my name is Briana I'm 19 and my grandma is really sick, she doesn't have the money to buy a home. We have no relatives that can help us. My grandpa previously left us and gave us a year before we are kicked out from our home, we have no where to go. I'm currently in community college...

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Hitler standing very close to Anni Rehborn Brandt, who was married to Karl Brandt. Hitler had been friendly with her in the 1920′s and he often married off his favorites to men in his entourage. Hitler is looking at it in an irritated way, isn’t he?

The hulking Brueckner is on the left. This was taken by Eva Braun in September, 1936. 

Bueckeberg, 1934 (this is the verified date from the film reel held at NARA; last time this was posted, the date was disputed). 

This is usually said to have been the first color film of Hitler, but it is not. The first known color footage of Adolf Hitler was taken the evening of January 30, 1933. He’s leaning out of the window of the Old Reich Chancellery.

Goebbels and Brueckner walk behind A.H.