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Relationship Status: single af

Favorite Color: black

Lipstick or Chapstick: lipsick baby

Last Song You Listened to: “Lover Dearest” by Marianas Trench

Last Movie You Watched: The Hollars

Top Three Characters:

1) Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale)

2) Mac (It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia)

3) Chandler Bing (Friends)

Top Three Ships:

1) Mac/Dennis (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

2) Cheryl/Sabrina (Riverdale) (I’m allowed even though Sabrina doesnt exsit yet)

3) Chandler/Monica (Friends)

Books and Manga You are Currently Reading:
I’ve really only been reading fanfics for the past few years but I haven’t finished Les Misérables yet so that counts

Top 5 Musicals:

1) Les Misérables

2) Mamma Mia

3) Grease

4) The Lion King

5) Hairspray

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OH.MY.GAAD. (Those voices in the background guys…!!!!! )

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Bottle Flip Sucht - Bottle Flip Addiction

Schaut euch den Phil an!! Ich musste so lachen XDD der Kerle hat’s einfach drauf

One of the best german youtubers, I just spit out my drink XDD, check this out

(you don’t  need to understand what he is saying, the video title says it all XD)

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Little girl recites poem for Pachmama in aymara

Qullasuyu marka                               Land of Kollasuyo

Aymaranakan markapa,                      Nation of the Aymaras

wawankamax aruntanixpsmawa.       Your sons are greating you

Inti tata, inti tata,                                 Father Sun, Father Sun

phaxsi mama, warawaranaka,            Mother Moon, Stars

Chuymax qhanatattayapxistawa.        Make my heart happy

Tupak Katari, Bartolina Sisa               Tupak Katari, Bartolina Sisa

Ch’amamay churapxita,                      Give us your strenght

Qullasuyu markaru qhisphiyañataki.  to defend the nation  of Kollasuyo

Pachamama Pachamama                   Mother Earth, Mother Earth

janik jachamti,                                        don’t cry

Aymara wawanakamax                          receive the gifts we offer you

kuka inalmamampiw yupaychanipxsma.    

I’m sharing this with you,

1.) because I love it

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2.) to share a part of culture and the language which survived until today

3.) I hope you can find your love for mother earth just like this little girl did, because nobody owns the world. It owns us. We have to protect it.

More information:

Qulla(=south)suyu (region) is part of the Incan Empire.

Tupac Katari and his wife Bartolina Sisa were both fighting and leading in the rebellion against the Spanish colonists 1781 in Alto-Perú (which later became Bolivia).

They managed to maintain the siege of El Alto in LaPaz nearly 200 hundred days before the spanish troops reclaimed it. Thousands of people died.

He and his wife were both hanged in La Paz.

Before he died, he said the now famous sentence:

“I die but will return tomorrow as thousand thousands.“

What he meant that if you want to surpress the indigenous culture and exterminate the race, you will have to kill every one of them. Because as long as just one is left, he/she will never give up. Never.

And he is right about that.

tupac = snake, serpent Katari= brilliant


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i’ve had this blog a long time now, switched fandoms a lot, met a lot of incredible people and found some great friends. 3333 followers is kind of a cool milestone, so i thought i’d give a lil shoutout to all the people who make my dashboard so nice ✿ 


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Late as usual but here is a list of all the blogs that made my 2015 on tumblr. I want to thank each and every one of you for making my time on here a happy one. This horrible stupid mess of a website means the world to me because when I’m on it I don’t feel so alone and that’s all thanks to the lovely people I follow. 

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