• Sportsmaster:We should hang out
  • Deathstroke:...what would we even do, Lawrence?
  • Sportsmaster:Well we could curse redheads and speedsters, beat some people up, sneak in our daughters bedroom windows and intimidate them-
  • Deathstroke:
  • Sportsmaster:-go give Lian some weapons, mess with the sidekicks, shove some people around with my baseball bats-
  • Deathstroke:
  • Deathstroke:
  • Deathstroke:LET'S DO IT

All these beautiful people that I talk to constantly, reblog constantly, or just straight up stalk constantly. 

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Veronica’s Favorite Blogs of 2011!

This is really the year on Tumblr where I’ve met the greatest people and became an active member on Tumblr. The list of amazing blogs seems to be growing by the day, but these take the cake for me. This list is a bit longer than usual, but I wanted to include everyone whom I think deserves to be mentioned. And with this, I bid you all a Happy New Year in hopes that 2012 brings everyone greatness and fantastic new experiences! 

Since the Beginning: These couple blogs have been my friends since the very beginning of me joining Tumblr. Thanks for sticking around! 

oftardisandtimeturners | singmycaresaway |

The Marauder Gang: This is my biggest section. These are the people that are generally on my Follow Friday/Forever lists every single time. We all have a common love for the Marauders and I’m so glad I found each of these blogs. They’re all wonderful people too!

absurdityismylife | acciosexy | albusdumblebro | allrightevansbrucethegirl | dearprongs | itatemyhand | jamesandlilysbroomcloset | jamespotterdidntstrut | jamespotterwasntaseeker | keepoffthedirigibleplums | marauderswagger | mycircleswerecubes | nixievansqueenniffler | saidwinstonchurchill | sunshinedaisieswindmills | thoughtswillechoyournamethricedefied | 

Honorable Mentions: Here are the names of the blogs I love even if we don’t talk as much. I still would never unfollow any of you and you’re all lovely and so are your blogs!

| charlenesmilesformiles | girlwiththeradishearrings |h0gwart-is-my-homejamespotterisawhovian | kloffeeatthelimabean | livingsarandipitously | loganismy-uh-oh-oreo | lovelyssthefishneverlandavenue | not-to-mention-the-pincers | runningforeternity | soapykind | themaraudersareinthetardis | underbrancheslitupbythemoon | watchyourphraseology |

i belong with you, you belong with me: drabble 6

characters: Wally/Artemis

words: ~1000

summary: Imagine Person A of your OTP dragging Person B to a toy store. Person A is trying out all the toys while Person B stands rolling their eyes at them until they finally give in and they both act like big kids playing with all the toys.

author’s note: I blame this on brucethegirl’s tag to this imagineyourotp post and an anon who wanted me to write this crazy idea. And Wally'sthe Flash as of this fic:D

fanfiction link: start from the beginning or read this one.

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brucethegirl  asked:

I love the tv show graphic! As for the shows: Hannibal, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Pushing Daisies, Game of Thrones, Heroes, Vampire Diaries, Smallville, Teen Wolf, Gossip Girl, Glee, Friends, Arrow, Walking Dead, Buffy, Grimm, Supernatural, Charmed, Modern Family, How I met your mother, two broke girls, house of cards, criminal minds, and arrow again. and I'd love to see the full lists of their fave shows!

Awww! Thank yoooooou! And wow that’s amazing! Thank you for guessing but someone got it right before you! Waaaah!

BUT anyway~

Here’s the FULL LIST of their favorite TV shows!

  • Dick- Sherlock/ Doctor Who/ Hannibal/ Elementary/ White Collar
  • Wally- Big Bang Theory/ Breaking Bad/ Fringe/ Castle/ Bones
  • Kaldur- Game of Thrones/ Heroes/ Pushing Daisies/ Vikings/ Rome
  • Kon- Teen Wolf/ Smallville/ Vampire Diaries/ The Originals/ Kyle XY
  • M’gann- Friends/ Glee/ Gossip Girl/ New Girl/ Pretty Little Liars
  • Artemis- Arrow/ Walking Dead/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Scandal/ Angel
  • Zatanna- Supernatural/ Charmed/ Grimm/ Carnivàle/ Penny Dreadful
  • Raquel- How I Met Your Mother/ Modern Family/ 2 Broke Girls/ Sleepy Hollow/ Treme
  • Roy- Arrow/ Criminal Minds/ House of Cards/ The Wire/ Raising Hope

And for the shows the WHOLE team should watch, I kinda placed the ones I think they’d somewhat all enjoy or something someone just told them to watch it because it’s fun. XD

  • C.S.I.

  • NCIS

  • House M.D.

  • American Horror Story

  • Dexter

  • Firefly

  • Star Trek

  • Battlestar Galactica

  • Orange is the New Black

  • Once Upon a Time

  • Community

  • Grey’s Anatomy

  • One Tree Hill

  • Almost Human

  • Lost

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ヮ◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Tell me what you guys think, okay? ( ˘ ³˘)❤


this child is my hero

Rina Lexie Ally Christine Devan Melissa Cariza Mira Kayla Meilany Jules

     Mariana Ji Emily Iva Allie Katie Madison Jenn Brenda Kris Alex

             azka-bam marauders-secret-lover nixievans

Veronica’s Follow Friday

I do apologize to the 3 that didn’t get a gingerbread man. You’ll get something next time. I just love too many blogs. :) Don’t get too offended if you’re a sad face gingerbread man. :D


follow friday – september 30th, 2011

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In no particular order, except in the order that all your names fit without ruining Karen’s hair (: If I don’t have your name and you’d like it on there, message me(: You guys all have amazing blogs / are amazing people that I will never unfollow! don’t mind my mad photoshop non-skills!

quartertonebloom replied to your post: Skittles and Pringles are really upsetting food…

Sour Skittles are the only acceptable Skittles, even if they make my tongue bleed.

ok tbf I’ve never had sour skittles.  I should maybe check them out…maybe…

chanceandsow replied to your post: Skittles and Pringles are really upsetting food…

wow both are amazing. get yr life ashley


brucethegirl replied to your post: Skittles and Pringles are really upsetting food…


that is like asking why I don’t like salted construction paper

agent-355 replied to your post: Skittles and Pringles are really upsetting food…