• Person: So, who's your favorite superhero?
  • Me: *shrugs* I dunno, it's a tie between all of Batman's kids I guess.
  • Person: Wait, Batman has kids???
  • Friends: Uh oh...
  • Person: What? What did I do??
  • Me: *starts smiling excitedly and shaking*
  • Friends: You shouldn't have done that!
  • *ground trembles and things start falling off the shelves*
  • Person: Wha-what's happening??
  • Me: *Takes a deep breath*
  • Friends: NOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • Me: *pulls out entire binders of notes and ten billion dollars worth of comic books* Have I ever told you about the Batfamily?
  • *world explodes from extreme levels of nerd*
Digitally reconstructed skull and face may reveal Robert the Bruce, king-hero of the Scots

Could this be the face of Robert the Bruce, as it has never been seen before?

Scientists and historians have joined forces to create detailed virtual images of what could be the head of Robert the Bruce, reconstructed from the cast of a human skull held by the Hunterian Museum.

The realistic images are the outcome of a collaboration between historians from the University of Glasgow and craniofacial experts from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).

One image depicts the subject in his prime, a large and powerful male head that would have been supported by a muscular neck and stocky frame – a match for the super-athletes of today. This was a privileged individual who enjoyed the benefits of a first-class diet, and whose physique would have equipped him for the brutal demands of medieval warfare. Read more.


Prompt: Batmom gets turned into a kitten

Words: 400

          “Father is not going to be happy.”

          “Maybe he won’t notice?”

          “Yes Dick, I’m sure Bruce won’t notice that our mother, his wife, has turned into a kitten!” Jason snarls.

          You want to comfort your sons, but all that comes out is this little mew. Dick grins as he picks bends and picks you up. He scratches behind your ears. “She’s pretty adorable though, and her fur is so soft.”

          Damian quickly snatches you from Dick’s hands. He cuddles you close “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from Grayson.” You rub your cheek against his to reassure him that you’re okay.

          A moment later Jason’s hands wrap around you, and he lifts you out of a now glaring Damian’s hands. He scratches your head before going, “Wow, you’re right, she is soft.”

          Tim reaches over and pets you as well. You allow yourself to purr. The boys’ attention becomes so focused on you that they don’t notice Bruce come up behind them.

          “Where’d the cat come from?” He asks.

          Your sons go stiff as a board, and Tim is the first to speak, “Technically she’s a kitten.”

          Bruce just stares at Tim, before his arms crossed against his chest, “What’s going on?”

          Jason smiles, “You’re not going to like the answer.”

          His voice rises a bit in volume, “What is going on?”

          Dick cracks like an egg, “Mom got turned into a kitten.”

          Damian just holds you up for Bruce to see. You meow at him, and wave one paw in the air.

          There’s a moment of silence before his jaw drops, and he takes a step forward, and takes you out of Damian’s hands. “Y/N?” He whispers.

          You meow a yes, and touch a paw to his nose.

          He stares for a moment more before his eyes shift back to the boys, and in his angry voice he asks, “What the hell happened?”

          Tim grimaces, “We don’t exactly know.”

          “But we called Zatara and he’s on his way, with Dr. Fate. We’re hoping they can turn her back into her herself.”

          Bruce’s eye starts twitching, “Well start figuring it out. Now GO!”

          The boys scatter and Bruce holds you up so that you’re at eye level. “We’ll fix this sweetheart I promise.” You rub your cheek against his and purr. He just sinks down in the chair in front of the bat computer, and says, “You are pretty cute though.”

The Picture

Prompt: Alfred manages to get the boys out of the house for a while so Bruce and Batmom can have a night to themselves. We’re talking candlelit dinner. The works. Then after hours the boys come home to find Bruce and Batmom slow dancing in the moonlight::: Requested by-

Requested by: @marvelgirl13

Words: 637

If you would like, Play this in the background while reading

When you step out of the shower to find that little black dress that Bruce loves, lying on the bed, you know something is up. It makes you excited. So you take your time getting ready. You do your hair, go the extra mile on your make-up, slip on the dress, and pull out those heels that kill your feet all while making your legs look fantastic. When you’re done you give a little twirl to the mirror, and giggle as the dress twirls with you. You feel like you’re sixteen, not thirty-six.

          You make your way slowly through the hallway, and down the stairs. You find Bruce there, waiting for you. He’s dressed in one of his nice suits, and holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Stepping off the bottom step you take the bouquet, before pressing them to your nose. Neither of you says anything as you stand there, smiling at each other like loons.

          After a moment Bruce offers you his arm, and you take it. He leads you through the house, whispering sweet things in your ear. It reminds you of your fourth date; the first time he had brought you the manor. He had spent hours showing you around and detailing the history.

          You spend the evening out on the patio. The food is wonderful, the company is sublime, and the atmosphere is about as romantic as it can get. And as the first notes of The Way You Look Tonight start to play, you give into the moment and focus on nothing but Bruce. And when he starts guiding you around the patio in a simple dance while singing the words in your ear, you forget about everything else.

          Love was often times a hard thing for Damian to grasp. He was too young to date, and he didn’t really have any connections to people outside of the family, but as he watched his father and mom dance in the moonlight he couldn’t help but think what they had was special. Unique. That this moment, despite its simplicity was a private one, a memory to cling to when things got difficult or hectic. A moment they could remember when they had to go weeks without seeing each other. In some way it reminded him of the happy ending at the end of a Disney movie. And with that last though he pulled away from the door and allowed his parents their moment. But not before taking a picture, because some part of him needed to save this moment.

          Turning to face his brothers, he found their eyes on him. Setting his mouth in his usual scowl he simply whispers “What?”

          Grayson just grins, “Send that to us.”

          “All of us,” Jason adds.

          Dick tends to take that picture out when he feels discouraged. When he breaks up with someone, or has a bad day on the job. He puts that picture next to a picture of his birth parents and remembers that good things happen.

          Jason looks at that picture when he feels lonely. Typically, when he hasn’t seen his family for several weeks, and he’s craving the contact, … but can’t exactly leave his safe house just yet. It reminds him that he is loved.

          Tim looks at that picture when he’s at his most exhausted. Usually he hasn’t slept for several days, and he’s been surviving on only coffee. When he fears the nightmares will trap him, he looks at the picture until he can fall asleep, and he has only good dreams.

          Alfred look at that picture whenever things seem to go wrong. Whenever he feels like he should have stopped Bruce from becoming Batman, or letting those boys become Robin. He looks at that picture and he remembers the good that has come from everything.