We’ve all talked about the scene with Bruce and Diana and the wonderful moment where he takes her arm and she’s just like

“Uh, what the fuck?”

Then she kind of lets it go like “You can’t throw him across the room, Diana. You’ll cause a scene.”

But I haven’t seen people acknowledge the wonderful moment where Bruce grabs her a second time.



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Bro do you have any grumpy old man Bruce headcanons? He's my fave and I never hear any about him

Ok. So, I LOVE old man Bruce okay. Dude.

It’s been absolutely fascinating going right from watching Batman the Animated Series to Batman Beyond because you really get to see Bruce grow up, his character arc is more visible. 

At the start he’s so cold and refuses to reach out emotionally to anyone. He’s basically given up. He probably had a daily routine of stalking hold enemies and making sure they weren’t causing any problems, going through every single police report filed that day, Tbh he seems to look after Ace better than he looks after himself (like he doesn’t cook that well and probably forgets to eat). He was most likely at his worst after Alfred died because he really was completely alone then. Alone, and angry at himself, but too ingrained in his ways to change- and he figures he has little time left on earth anyway. In a lot of ways that Bruce is Batman without the ties to humanity, completely consumed by the cowl, he’s like a robot. 

And then Terry happens, and Bruce comes to back to life. The sass & snark start small, it’s really sweet and entirely heartbreaking. He’s almost… nervous? Like he doesn’t hop straight back into high society. I think Terry gives him the courage to do it, to go reclaim Wayne Powers INC, to actually give a damn again. And it’s fantastic, that in the writing, they kept Bruce’s personality quirks and traits. He may be old, but each episode shows a little more of the Bruce I remember as a kid. He’s snarky, too blunt, NOSY AS ALL HELL, and very much the same little shit who prides himself on foiling any and all bad guy plans. He’s also so excited to share his skills with Terry??? Like my favourite Bruce moments are p much all Bruce being Terry’s tougher Yoda. 

I think age has also humbled Bruce a little. He can’t physically keep up, and that must be horrible for someone once called The Batman. He’s a little softer with Terry’s mentoring, like maybe he’s understanding why Dick, Tim and Babs left, and what the superhero gig can do to a person. He still has his grumpy old man moments but it’s interesting that he’s quicker to yield when Terry bites back, idk he seems more open to change. He’s particularly clear about leaving the door open if Terry ever chose to quite- and in a way I think he hopes Terry WILL walk away before this life consumes him too. 

Terry changes a lot over the course of the series, but Bruce changes just as much if not more. The Bruce at the start of BB is not the same as the Bruce at the end of the series. 

Little Domestic Batjokes headcanons

- J sleeps in a Batman T-shirt he bought off eBay. It amuses Alfred a lot (and Bruce too, but he’ll never admit that)

- J is a huge blanket-hogger. Bruce comes home from patrols and has to wrestle the duvet off of the clown on a nightly basis.

- Bruce eventually gets sick of never getting the blanket, and starts writing half assed insults on J’s forehead whilst he’s asleep.

- J retaliates by using Bruce’s work ties as paper for his shopping lists (Alfred is very confused to find “milk, eggs, gunpowder, tomatoes” listed on Bruce’s favourite tie one week)

- Bruce has a habit of always wearing J’s socks whilst his boyfriend is in Arkham. He doesn’t even notice until someone at work questions his bright purple socks

- The amount of times J has been found asleep in the batcave, using Batman’s cape as a blanket, is ridiculous.

- Bruce can’t cook to save his life.

- J can, and usually helps Alfred making dinner

- No one questions J turning up at the Manor asking for Bruce each time he escapes Arkham. Alfred’s become used to welcoming him with a cup of hot cocoa

- Dick is reaaallly confused the first time he gets into the batmobile to find the Joker in the back seat. Within a month, he always remembers to pick up a tub of ice cream for J to eat whilst he waits in the car during patrols

- Bruce and J being found asleep together in the library at least twice a week