Randy’s Donuts

So, for months I’ve been obsessing over Harry and that Randy’s Donuts sweatshirt. I mean, why on earth would Harry Styles have a sweatshirt from a random donut shop in Inglewood, California? 

I mean, for the most part he knows when he’s going to get papped so why does he keep showing up in that sweatshirt? So today I decided to drive by there since it’s not far from where I live. And what do you think I see LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR? THIS FUCKING RESTAURANT.

Louis. Yeah. Right next door to Randy’s Donuts is a restaurant called Louis. THESE TWO ARE SO FUCKING EXTRA I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I WANT TO DIE. 

Thank you @xabjectlessonsx for being there to let me scream at you when I needed to! LOL!

anonymous asked:

hi i saw your randy's donuts master post - and here's something fun - when we always see harry at the Tesco on hampstead heath st - well guess what's right across from the store - Louis Hungarian Patisserie - lol

STOPPPP! That’s hilarious. I wonder if they sell sweatshirts. 😂

The Brecker Brothers, Kazumi Watanabe and Marcus Miller jamming with an audience of Miles Davis and Chaka Khan [1981]

“After recording sessions with the Kazumi Band for the Talk You All Tight album finished up in 1981, I still had a month remaining in New York City. Michael and Randy Brecker asked me to work with the Brecker Brothers during that period. The same line-up also toured Japan. This was also around the time of Miles Davis’ The Man with the Horn. I heard from Mike Stern that Miles was going to clubs and checking out guitarists, which is how that photo at 7th Avenue South came about. Chaka happened to be with him that night.” -   Kazumi Watanabe

tostwat-iplier  asked:

Goddamn fuckin Dan zoomin in on him touching phil's ass. cheeky shit knows what hes doin.

next step: zooming in on him and phil receiving the keys for their new house. zooming in on him and phil getting a puppy. zooming in on him and phil kissing at their wedding. zooming i