That time Rihanna and Eminem did a song about the Randy Orton / Bray Wyatt WrestleMania feud…

The Gang+ as Gorillaz Songs

Darry: On Melancholy Hill
Soda: Dirty Harry
Pony: Revolving Doors
Johnny: Every Planet We Reach is Dead
Steve: Ancension
Two Bit: DARE
Dally: Demon Days
Curly: Kids With Guns
Tim: Tomorrow Comes Today
Sylvia: Saturnz Barz
Angela: Clint Eastwood
Kathy: We Got the Power
Sandy: Rhinestone Eyes
Evie: O Green World
Bob: All Alone
Randy: Don’t Get Lost in Heaven
Cherry: Feel Good Inc
Marcia: Andromeda

Randy: Look, if life pushes you down, you gotta push back! If you’re dealt a bunch of lemons, you gotta take those lemons and stuff them down somebody’s throat until they see yellow! And if some punk ass kid humiliates you, you gotta do the only thing that’s left to do!

Butters: Yeah!

Stan: Yeah! That was a great speech, dad, that’s the most coherent thing that’s ever come out of your mouth!

Kyle: That was awesome, dude. 

Eric: You usually just ramble on and on…

Kyle: That was like a basketball coach! Alright, so what is it?

Randy:… Huh? 

Stan: What’s the one thing left to do? What is it? 

Randy:… Well… the thing of it is… uh, there’s the lemon stuff… and then you got Cartman who’s a rat. And Butters’ neck brace. And, uh, and that’s the thing of it and… it’s good! 

Kyle: What are you saying?!

(source: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)