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I'm all for female superheroes but just don't make female versions of male superheroes or female spin-off characters?

Um, why? In a lot of cases those female versions end up being better than the male versions of characters so…..

the original manhunter, pretty obscure, never really had any great arcs, disappeared in infinite crisis back in the 90s:

kate spencer, badass laywer (in some canon, even the district attorney for gotham) by day and skilled crimefighter by night. also a lesbian btw. and her costume is awesomeeeeeee (srsly i need to cosplay it)

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Either the visor shows his emotions…or the visor has a mind of its own

Look at the first picture he’s pissed that he was defeated and Batman got him.

Now the second picture he’s shocked or terrified that Batman will take this helmet off or is about to beat him to a pulp 

Part 3 of Arkham Knight Adventures 

Part 2

Part 1

Drunk Harley vs Joker
  • Harley:Did you call him Daddy?
  • Joker:What are you blabbering about this time?
  • Harley:When you crawled out of your bath of acid, the day you were born... Did you call him Daddy? Batman. Did you look at him as he fled away? Did you call him Daddy in hope that he would return?
  • Joker:Nope but the scene sure looked familiar.
Drunk Riddler playing Yandere Simulator
  • Riddler:... So I have to kill all the girls who want to confess their feelings to Senpai?
  • Harvey:Yep. Well, your actual rival is the girl near the Sakura Tree but she hasn't been activated yet. The game is still in development but honestly, you're gonna love it.
  • Riddler:If you say so... Wh... Why is this purple haired girl my favorite target...? First I write a suicide note for her. Then I drop a bucket of blood on her head. Then I throw water at her.
  • Harvey:I think the creator of the game said she was everyone's favorite punching ball.
  • Teacher:*grabs Yandered chan and pins her to the ground* Just what do you think you're doing...?
  • Riddler:OH COME ON!!! *tries to kill the teacher again*
  • Harvey:You can't kill the teacher.
  • Teacher:*catches Yandere chan again*
  • Riddler:*singing voice* Dear Teacher. Just because none wants to have kids with you doesn't mean you can turn the lives of other's children into hell. Much love, Yandere chan.
  • Riddler:No, that's not blood, that's marmalade. Come on, why do you choose the worst moment to notice me Senpai??? Who are you? Batman?